The Printing Tray / The Free Art Drop and String Art

When I was 16 I went to work at 
a small family owned printing business. 

I guess it got in my system.
When I went back to school after
that summer, I was going into the 11th
grade I signed up for a printing/Graphic
Arts class. I learned to set type the old
fashion way, worked in the dark room, 
learned to operate the camera, and I learned
to run a press. 

I always heard that once you have printing
ink on you, it's in the blood. It must have been 
cause I went back into that class, actually taking
two classes of it for my 12th grade year. 

From there, I went to work for the state of 
Tennessee in their printing division for 
21 yrs. 

Years ago while still in school I picked up
a printing tray, this is where metal type
is stored, the old fashion way of typesetting. 
I filled it with miniature items. At some
point in my married life I got rid of that 
tray but years later only to have the want
for another one. 

This is that second one.

Not filled so much with cute little miniatures but I 
have stuck some little stuff in there. If you notice
the very top, first item on the left is a piece of
type. Its a little girl holding a book. This was given
to me by one of my bosses in the printing division. 

There are pewter clowns, brass items
and the State of Tn pins that you wear.
A few hot air balloon items and a 
leather coin purse my brother made
many, many years ago.  The pins on 
the bottom are pins that the Governor
gave out to all that attended his
Christmas parties. 

These are just a few of the
things that I hold dear and I wanted
to keep. This is a safe place for them
to be seen and me to not lose! LOL.

It has been a laid back sort of day today.

Yesterday I spent cleaning and sorting
through some things, so today I rested, 
my body just could not go the two days.
Still more to do, more things to go
through. I have given things away
to family, I have sent things to 
Goodwill, I have 7 bags (tall
kitchen bags) full of clothes I
can no longer wear going to the 
mission....I have move things here
and there....and today I spent the 
day with my babies by my side.

Aren't they so adorable!

Ragweed is kicking in the state of TN this past few
days. Even poor Dakota feels it in his eyes. They
water so bad. I have to give him Benadryl.

While cleaning and clearing out things
I came across some potholders
I made of scrap yarn. Today I dropped
two off at the Sonic down the street 
for Free Art Movement in Nashville.

Sorry for the bad pic. 

I left them on the tray when I left.

Yesterday I went to Big Lots and started to 
get this for my daughter. It was only 
4.80 but decided to take a pic instead
cause the crafter in me decided that I 
wanted to make it instead. Will be my
first time to do string art.  Wish me luck.

Thanks for stopping in, 


Darla M Sands said…
Nice photos. And I'm envious you found something (somewhat?) enjoyable through which to pay the bills. As for me, following my mother's memorial service yesterday I managed to shut one cat in a closet and let the other outside. Oops. Luckily neither has resulted in divorce proceedings. Be well!
Sandra said…
great story of how you chose your job, or maybe it chose you. and good to know there are some who love what they do for a living. I can see why you were good at it, because of the creavtive talents that will create string art..
Ann said…
I like the printing tray. A nice way to showcase small items. I remember doing string art way back. I think it was in 6th grade. I can't remember what class it was that we did it in
Jeanie said…
Love the printing tray and all within. Yes, 7th grade graphic arts. I loved printing and I was the messiest! My teacher said, "She's the messiest kid in the class but she always aces the tests! I have kids in here who will make their lives printing but she gets better grades!" Who knew that 30 years later I would be the one making printing decisions for my company, doing press checks, prepping things! Life is funny.

Loved your story of how you started and then that was your work!
Rhodesia said…
I have two printers trays, one is an original but the other is not. Still love them both though. Diane
Liz A. said…
Yeah, you can totally make that string art thing. I find that sometimes these things are great for launching a new project.

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