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Sectional, Table, Bench, Curtains, Girls Room, and Misty

  I gave away my living room chair and  couch, sold my end tables and gave away lamps.  Less to move plus I wanted new.  For two weeks before the move I brought my glider in the house.  I covered the seat part with throws and blankets for  comfy effect.  Once I moved here, I moved  the glider in again. I went one day to check out furniture and waited  till after Christmas to actually make up my mind. I have always wanted a sectional.  Started to get one with the chaise on the side but decided against it. The I looked around for a table. I did not find anything really that  I wanted but then off to the left of the store I noticed some  small tables. There were three different  ones, the only difference was the drawers. I am not a big,  matchey sort of person, I like my tables, and lamps to be different so I settled on just one table. Oh my gosh, then I saw this! Not something I set out to get, but I wanted this bench. So, I got this bench! Isn't it pretty? I love it!! Now finally wi

Mornings, Noisey, Sweatshirt, and the Toe

  This is how the mornings start… 6am- low growling meow from Lily. I get up and I fill bowls. Back to bed. 30 m ! ins later the same meow with Lily being ugly to Misty. Misty jumping up on the night stand to get away, knocking crap all over then jumping on window sill and pulling down sheers. I yell at both, close my eyes and neighbor that is moving out next door throws something up in his truck and I jump up to the sound of that cause it sounds like gun shot! Damn , up I am. Shower and coffee then at 8 I go in the bedroom to this site! What the heck!!!! See Lily tucked back up near the hearboard? BRAT! Although, these two still have issues, Lily's Tortie side needs to stay hidden, I find them laying close more and more often... cooler temps I guess! Heard a noise in the kitchen the other night and looked in to see Ms. Prissy checking out the top of the cabinets, from the top of the fridge. Lily is the cat that checks things out, jumping up there is not a biggie to her.

Santa, Opps No, and Felicity and Boog,

 Not sure if I have ever posted a pic of my oldest brother, Ray but that is him in the pic below....not Santa! That is him with his grandkids. All boys except for the  baby he is holding, This pic was taken on the  22nd. We were supposed to go  there for the evening but with  Amber having Covid and me having been around her, I did  not think I needed to chance  going around so many, esp Ray. Apparently, I did not need to worry with that, Sat. morning he wokenot feeling well   and on Christmas Eve he was admitted to the hospital with the flu and  pneumonia. He has a weak heart so  the best place to be was in  the hospital.  I was going to see him on  Christmas Day but he had not slept the night before and  I felt he needed to rest, plus, Amber was fussing at me about going up there and catching something, even though I  have had the flu shot. I have been in contact with him daily, he  is better, however Lori, his wife is home with the flu.  Best for me to stay home. I spent Christmas Da

Christmas Eve Buddy, Lily, Front Door, Tree, Me and the Dog, Mailbox, Sunset and Cup

With all I have been dealing with  all this year and then the sudden, "Okay,  I don't want to lose that house"!  Moving craze, I am still unpacking,  and then here came Christmas! Taking time to rush around and  pick up gifts for the boys,  the GFs of the boys, finishing up Hodge Podge gifts and picking up things for the house, there  are a few things put on the  back burner... living room furniture! 2.5 weeks before the move,  I gave away my couch and chair,  sold my end tables,  and gave away lamps, so with that said, I have been making use of my deck glider. Can't do placement of things on the wall till I get the furniture cause I don't want to put lots of holes in the wall if I hang then don't like it there after I get furniture. So, I have my glider patted with lots of throws and think blankets. I like how big the room appears though without! lol Anyway, with that said, I was  sitting up Christmas Eve, watching,  Christmas movies but I had a friend with m