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Seaglass, Fave Wedding Pic of the Day, and The Conversation

 I do wished I lived around an ocean. I would to be able to get out and walk up and down, hunting for seaglass. I have a little seaglass myself, sent to me by a friend in Massachusetts.  She was on the beach and started  picking me up some.  I have all the thoughts of making some necklaces  from these pieces. Sorry, I mixed in some rocks with my glass by accident once. I was watching a movie that prompted this post. They were talking about what the colors of seaglass meant.  I think the white is actually clear. Sea glass symbolizes: Renewal, Healing, Transformation, and Personal Growth Sea glass colors and the attributes associated with them: Clear – Universal Healing, Peace, Spirituality, Purity, Sincerity Green – Abundance, Prosperity, Hope, Growth, Emotional Stability Blue – Creativity, Self-Expression, Intuition, Peace, Joy, Tranquility Yellow – Personal Power, Abundance, Courage, Self-Confidence, Wisdom Pink – Universal Love, Friendship, Harmony, Inner Peace Brown – Comfo

Those Days, Spring Colors, Shot, Mailbox and Furs

Today three years ago, TORNADOS.. Today, 3-3-2023 possible tornados. Woke to a watch already,  meaning that the elements are set to possibly turning into a tornado.  In the words of Dorothy, Wizard of Oz, "I don't think we are in  Kansas anymore"! I know, I have these days for sure!! Four mornings in a row I have awoken to wet roads, meaning rain through the night or wee hours of the morn.  Four Freak'n mornings, my body is not happy! Course we are going into  spring around here that always means rain. What about the northern states,  and eastern states? Snow,  lots of snow. Speaking of snow, blizzard warnings in Southern California? Global warming? Climate change? It's crazy. I was in Dollar General  (DG) the other day when  I looked over to see these  colors. What? For Spring? I look at these colors and I  see fall colors, not spring. Pretty though. I like the  diluted colors.  I don't really do a lot of  seasonal or holiday decor. Like, spring, I might thro

Conversation, Fog, Words, Transposing, and Pain

 Morning... Today I am going to open up  my mind to all of you. HAHA.... thank goodness you can leave that my track of thoughts whenever you want too.  I however, can not. Most days are not all that bad but pain changes that. When I hit a five or over on the pain scale with the pain, other things are affected.  Being in a conversation with  me can actually be a challenge. I can either shutdown  or I can talk your ears off. Problem with that, my conversation will jump all over the place. One friend that has been around me more than most is my boss Theresa, AKA T. She noticed it years ago, when out to dinner, we were talking.  On one conversation I was deep  into, then I jumped to something non- related to what we were talking about (prob just popped in my head), then without warning prob giving T whiplash, I went right back to what we were talking about without a thought or hesitation.  I realized I was doing it, pointed it out and said I was sorry, when she said, I know, I saw it, I ha