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Day 158 - August 30, 2010- An Apple A Day


Day 157 - August 29, 2010 - Good Morning Sky

Shot from my hotel room Sunday morning before heading
out into The Smokey Mountains.

Day 156 - August 28, 2010- Sunrise

Saturday morning on my way out of town to shoot
a wedding, 3 hours away, so I had to get an early

Day 155 - August 27, 2010 - The Bead

Caught this shot at the Wilson Co. Fair in TN. two years ago.

Day 154- August 26, 2010- Laying in Wait

My friend Barb's cat. Laying in the flower bed between
driftwood and plants......laying in wait.

Day 153 - August 25, 2010 - The Crystal


Day 152 - August 24, 2010 - Open House

Tuesday night I attended Caleb's open house at
school. He is always so proud to show off his rooms, his
desk and this year his locker.

He can't wait to introduce you to his teachers and to show
you what he has already done his first week of school.

This was the picture he drew and the question sheet
he answered.

On the question sheet it asked his favorite subject...he replied
Math. When asked what he wanted to learn the most in school
this year...he replied Math. When he asked what question he
wanted to ask the teacher this year...he replied what 12x13
is! I love it....course Nana's favorite subject was NOT MATH!

And here is his clean locker.
Wonder how long this will look like this......

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Day 151 - August 23, 2010 - Where Our Feet Have Been

The LADIES after our night out on the town.....

Day 150 - August 22, 2010- The Birthday Celebration

Last night I had so much fun going out with one of my
oldest and dearest friends to help her celebrate her
50th (oops...I meant 40th) birthday.

Thanks Julie for the invite to join you and
your other friends to enjoy this night out
on the town to bring in your special day.

Julie and I

Julie and I met.....oh so many years ago.
We were in the 7th grade, around 12 years old or
so. Both of us being bused from our neighborhood
schools to an older, crowded school. Julie loves to
tell the story of how we became friends and yes,
she was telling it again last night.

In this school we attended together the crowds were
so thick when changing classes that you hoped your
next class was in the direction that the crowds moved in.....
and there were fights almost everytime you stepped out
of the door.

Julie being meek and mild she says she looked around
for about a week to find someone that she could hang
that was a tad big tougher then her. She picked me!

Day 149- August 21, 2010 - Drinks

Girls night out on the town....Happy Birthday Julie

Day 148 - August 20, 2010 - Carolina


Day 147 - August 19, 2010- Critters


Day 146- August 18, 2010- Bridged Together

Pulling from some old shots. Took these
by in November, actually on Thanksgiving Eve.

My nephew and I took our cameras to
downtown Nashville on one of the coldest
days of the year, after dark to photograph.

These are some I came up with.

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Day 145- August 17, 2010 - Style with Red

Monday night I decided that I needed to make
a pair of earrings and necklace in red to match my
red shirt that I planned to wear the next day....

This is what I turned out.

Love the earring drops but just was not really liking the
necklace after I wore it on Tuesday.

So I played around with it a little more.

Like this one so much better.

Then tonight I wanted to work on another project.
I had stopped in at Hobby Lobby earlier and got a pair
of flip flops. Regular price $2.99, but wearable art was
marked at 50% off. Then I got these strips of things that
were marked $3.99 and being that it was also considered
wearable art, I got it for $2.00.

For $3.00 I have a cute pair of flip flops to finish
off the summer in ......

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Day 148 - August 16, 2010 - For Winter Warmth

I really dislike wearing coats in the winter time but
you need something so I will wear a jacket and
usually a scarf to keep the cold from going
down the back.

I have a fav jacket that is warm but I needed
a matching scarf. So I went through my yarn
and came up with this....

Worked on it for several hours and this is where I got....
still working

and I had to get some close up shots of me working on it.
actually I was just showing off my ring, here is another pic of me working on the project.

and here is the jacket I wanted to match too.

The project with the jacket....pretty close in color.
The little bit of ivory color picks up the inside of the jacket, which by the way, can be reversed.

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