Day 150 - August 22, 2010- The Birthday Celebration

Last night I had so much fun going out with one of my
oldest and dearest friends to help her celebrate her
50th (oops...I meant 40th) birthday.

Thanks Julie for the invite to join you and
your other friends to enjoy this night out
on the town to bring in your special day.

Julie and I

Julie and I met.....oh so many years ago.
We were in the 7th grade, around 12 years old or
so. Both of us being bused from our neighborhood
schools to an older, crowded school. Julie loves to
tell the story of how we became friends and yes,
she was telling it again last night.

In this school we attended together the crowds were
so thick when changing classes that you hoped your
next class was in the direction that the crowds moved in.....
and there were fights almost everytime you stepped out
of the door.

Julie being meek and mild she says she looked around
for about a week to find someone that she could hang
that was a tad big tougher then her. She picked me!
Decided after watching that I was one person that
would not allow anyone to mess with me.

And the friendship began.....38 years ago.

Last night, Julie's hubby treated her to a girls night
out on the town along with a limo and a driver for
the night......oh my gosh, so much fun. Eleven women
in a limo headed to downtown Nashville for the night.

shot of the inside of the limo

We started our night with dinner at Ru Sam's.


and this was part of my dinner...soup and salad

and my chicken teriyaki. Yes, it was as good as it looks.

This is a shot of Laurie (Julie's sister), Julie and I.

After dinner we headed to Broadway to take in some of the sights.
Julie's daughter (23) and her best friend were in charge of
getting us to the some of the hipper places to visit. I am
so out of the loop on all this stuff now.
First place we went in...Saddles. Country music but
we did not stay probably 20 minutes, they were playing
slow music and we wanted something with more beat.

2nd stop....Tootsies Orchid Lounge. Man, I have never been in such
a crowd before. It was crazy. Got to point where I got tired of
saving "Excue me". I think I rubbed buns, boobs and every part
of my body (accidently) with everyone I past in that place. PACKED!

Walking on Broadway Julie found someone whose music we
cold relate to...ELIVS.

Now this was the 3rd place. A rock band place that we attended.
I had to click this shot since I could not tell you the last time
I was carded......and here I am 50 years old and sporting
a head full of gray hair. I loved it.

We had a blast! I got in way past my bedtime (1:30am). Another
time that I can't tell you the last time I have done that either!
When being dropped at Julie's house by our great limo driver,
Will, I thought to take a shot of the limo. Sorry, a bit to dark to
see well. It was large enough to hold 11 giggling women and still
have room to be comfortable.

Sorry also on another note. I am not posting pics of the ladies
in the limo with drinks in our hands because "what happens
in the limo, stays in the limo"

Thanks Julie for hand picking me to be one of your friends to
go a long and celebrate your special day! I loved it and I loved
being able to get to know some of your other friends.
In attendence was:
The woman of the hour ~ Julie
Her lovely sister ~ Laurie
Her beautiful and talented daughter ~ Lauren
Lauren's sweet and adorable best friend ~ Mallrey
Julie's two sister in laws ~ Michelle and Taylor
and Susie, Pam, Gayle and Jane ~ Julies other friends
and Me.......
Thanks for stopping in.


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