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WHAT? 30 years REALLY?

A month ago I got an email from the HR Department here at work they were asking what gift I would like for my 30 years of service. WHAT? 30 years? I knew it was this year, I knew it was coming but I had not put a lot of thought into it but when I read the email, there is was, in black and white. I could not avoid it any longer. 30 years, where did they go? I went to work for the state of Tennessee at the age of 18. I had graduated in June with no plans at all. I had taken Graphic Arts my last two years of high school and I loved it. But going into that was a passing thought. I had actually worked at a small family run printing company at 16 and that is what started it. Through the summer of my graduation year I worked at the Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson, in Hermitage Tn. I had worked there the summer before, on holidays and weekends for a while. I enjoy meeting people so I really liked this job. But it was not one I could just stay at, I needed a profession. I w

The Long Weekend - Memorial Day Weekend

The end of May is right on us and the heat of summer will be here before we know it. I have to say that I can't remember a spring that has lasted this long in years. If it was not for the pollen I could enjoy it more. I stopped taking allergy shots in 2006 and although this year has been worse than the last few, it is still not as bad as the years before allergy shots! Even with all the stuff out in the air it did not stop me from being out on this past Memorial Day weekend. Saturday the boys (my 3 grandsons) came to visit for a bit. Caleb will soon be 13 and he is into girls now. Oh lord, help me! DJ is 4.5 and Braden is 2.5. Hands full for sure. We took them out to play in the yard but they did not seem to want to mind much, and they running around like chickens with their heads cut off.                                                      Caleb and DJ messing around Caleb went under the deck and of course the other two have to follow. He found a family of lizards. B


I am so falling behind on my blogging. I try but there are just some days that you just can't get to it. Course with spring things pick up and you never seem to have all the time you need in a given day. Last weekend I was hoping all over the place with graduations. No thank goodness I did not have any to graduate! But I was there to support my niece and my nephew that are finally out of school…..for now, at least till college starts. Friday night my nephew Cobi graduated from Mt. Juliet Christian and on Saturday morning my niece Holly graduated from Donelson Christian. They both looked so happy. Course Holly looked nervous when she went up on stage. Found that so funny since she is the actress in the family and has been on stage so many times. Thinking of these kids starting out on a different journey of life brought back memories. I for one just kept saying, "I am out, I made it, it's over"! There were no college plans waiting to be made, I did not li

What Have I Been Up Too?

  Oh....not much! The title got your attention didn't it?   Okay, so maybe I have been doing somethings. I was in my first Art Crawl on the 4th, Wow that was fun. I had a blast. I had a showing for my paintings back in 2009 but this was more fun.   I met some really neat folks. Made some new friends. Saw some great art work. Heard fantastic music. Sold a painting.   Not to bad. Staci was a young artist of pen and ink, and watercolor. Beautiful stuff. Sorry no time for pics. And Tom was a great artist into reverse acrylics. The band was two men playing hand crafted flutes, beautiful Indian music. Mike one of the players was full blooded Apache. Amazing talent in that room.   Here is one pic of some of my paintings hanging in the yoya room where our art was displayed.   There will be another crawl in the fall so I plan on being a part of that only this time I think I will display for sell some photos.   The boys, meaning

Health part 5

Whoops, before I leave the fibro discussion let me also tell you of another issue that goes with fibro…it is called fibro fog. You are in that fog when you can't remember what you are saying, what you just did, you can think straight, concentrate, focus on anything and just find yourself staring into space. Those fogs can go on for days. There is one other thing and I really don't know if it is related to the fibro or some meds but there is the, "I can't find the right word" problems. I will be talking, knowing what I want to say but it comes out all wrong. My words just don't make senses a lot of times. Like there is a block there, or a fog maybe! Since I am not yet finished with the fibro let me throw in there also that in 2010 I had a spot come up on my cheek, no matter how I treated it, it just would not get better. Off to the dermo doc to discover that I have skin lupus. Now, like I said, that is a host of things that go hand in hand with these issue