What Have I Been Up Too?

Oh....not much!
The title got your attention didn't it?
Okay, so maybe I have been doing somethings.
I was in my first Art Crawl on the 4th,
Wow that was fun. I had a blast.
I had a showing for my paintings
back in 2009 but this was more fun.
I met some really neat folks. Made some
new friends. Saw some great art work.
Heard fantastic music. Sold a painting.
Not to bad. Staci was a young artist of pen and
ink, and watercolor. Beautiful stuff. Sorry no time for
pics. And Tom was a great artist into reverse acrylics.
The band was two men playing hand crafted flutes,
beautiful Indian music. Mike one of the players
was full blooded Apache.
Amazing talent in that room.
Here is one pic of some of my paintings
hanging in the yoya room where our
art was displayed.
There will be another crawl in the fall so I plan
on being a part of that only this time I think
I will display for sell some photos.
The boys, meaning my grandson's came
for a visit....lol, they just live about
10 minutes away. But the two little ones
4 and 2 like to be in charge. DJ, the four
year old got mad cause Braden the 2 yr old
had something he wanted. He yelled, kicked
my laundry closet door and off the
rail it came. I went to put it back up
and I noticed he broke a plastic
piece that slips into the end of the
track. Lowes, I need to visti you but
I keep forgetting. Time to make a list.
 Great news....Adam Smith, my niece Paige's
boyfriend graduated from Western Ky, was
signed as a free agent to play football for
Tampa Bay.
Way to go Adam. 
(disclaimer- I did not take this pic)
I have been busy for months looking for
objects that look like letters.
I think I have at least one for
all the letters.
So I sat down to do a pic for me...

I love this stuff. I think it is so neat looking.
I have decided that I want some iris'. I had
some but all mine were purple and taking
over the little bed I had them in. I want
to make a big bed in the front yard and
plant lots of different kinds.
I love this one.
Shot this in Watertown TN.
Rode around out there last weekend
and was amazed at all the different kinds
there were. I wanted to stop at each door
and ask could I have one of each. That
town, small town had more than I have
seen in one place.

While riding around with my camera
last Saturday, I needed a camera day so
I ran away from all the stuff I needed to
be at home doing to take pics of
things like this.

That would be called the stare down.
Loved this shot, but I do need to go
back and take the wires out. I stopped to shot this
guy on the hill when I noticed that if I just
moved the camera a hair I could also get
a pic of the bird on the twig.
Two birds (not really) one stone (donkey)..lol

This guy was in the same fenced in area and he
was so pretty, but he just would not look my way.
Riding around and seeing things, stopping at
a moments (sometimes not even there) I catch a
lot of awesome pics.
Like this one.
Mom cleaning the baby's ear.
There is place not but about 35 minutes from me, a
cute little town that times seems to have
past by. It has the most amazing small town feel.
Watertown TN.
There have been many music videos filmed that.
I sat and talked with the local chairman and
antique store owner to find out that Big and Rich
filmed one there about 3 months ago, I could
not find it on line so I am thinking it has
not been released yet.
On the side of an existing building this was put up.

Watertown decided to just leave it up. I think it is
so cool looking and it is right down an alley
way where you can walk and take pics.
As the gentleman was telling me about
these artist, I tried to remember the names
but due to getting older I tend to forget
more then I take in! I do remember he
talked about Justin Beaver doing one so
I pulled it up and watched it so I could
see the town.
While reading about Watertown I
learned that a movie called,
Dark Harvest 3-Scarecrow was
filmed there, as well as a
Dr. Pepper commerical done
by Garth Brooks.
Taylor Swift filmed Safe and
Sound there adn Kellie Pickler
filmed some of her video Red
High Heels on the football field in
Then lets not forget Tom T Hall
who wrote a song called,
"Watertown Tn."
Check them out of line.

check out the saloon door handles at
Western alley...so neat. I love
the old rustic rusty look.


Well, thanks for stopping in and
please feel free to return.
Oh yeah....while you are at it check out the video by
Chris Young. If you will look over the red car that
pulls in, across the street you will see a two story
brick building. This was the Gallery of the
Mad Housewife, and the gallery where I
had my showing in 2009.
Really cool to see that.
check it out.



that is a packed blog post! :)

love the animal pics. Those letter pictures have always intrigued me too. I made one for jamie and andy when they got married. I used items from around my yard, the home where jamie grew up. :)

congrats on the show! how fabulous is that!

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