Saturday, August 29, 2009

To Newer Friends that Have Come Into My Life

Yesterday I posted about long standing friends
and today I wanted to post
about newer friends. These are friends I have
made in the last few years, some
with the last year. These are the people that
will just drift into my life and be
gone in no time at all, I do believe these will
be friends that will be around for

There is Theresa. She has been in a couple of my
blogs along the way. I met
her almost three years ago when she came to
Photo Services to work (where
I worked before coming to the TBI). Theresa
was a throw back from the older
Photo Services days, this meaning, she was a
photographer that worked there
once before.

She came into that office working with a big staff
of three (3)! It seemed as if
Phil, her and I hit it off really well. We would all
do lunches together and sometimes
there would be a drink or two after work. Theresa
and I have continued to stay in
contact since I left. She lives near me, we have a
lot in common, two of which are
eating and photography! We do dinner maybe
once a week or at least once every other
week and we do festivals with our camera's together.
Glad she has become my friend.

Then there would be Nancy. This is a different kind
of friend, at least to me but maybe
not so different to today's standards. I met Nancy
via the internet and a site dedicated to
mom's, Grandmom's, Dad's, Aunt's, Uncles..etc.. for
sharing pics of their families. This site
closed in December but it was called Clubmom. I have
been able to keep in touch with a lot
of those Mom's by way of Facebook these days. But
Nancy, my cousin, Kathy and I have
shared private email address and phone numbers. I
met her almost two years ago on CM and
she even traveled to TN from Ohio to visit me in May.
That was our first actual meeting.

Nancy, Kathy and I have the photography thing in
common. Kathy being great with photographing
people but mostly kids. Nancy being really good at staging
and set up of shots for greeting cards
and I do nature the best. Nancy is a loving and caring
person that is very dedicated to her family.
She has been a good friend to me in the past two years
and I am lucky to call her my friend.

Then there is Deborah and Cindy. Oh my gosh, these
to two women are a MESS. I met them just
over a year ago when I went to work with the TBI.
These two women excepted me as the third
secretary, their side kick, THE WOMAN, with open
arms. We all have our own kind of humor and
we all play it off each other so well. With the type of
work we do laughter is a must in our office,
these ladies help to bring that much needed laughter
to my job and my laugh. They say laughter is
the best medicine and if that be the case, I will
probably never be ill!

Cindy nicely told me the other day that it was like they
were a puzzle and I was the missing piece.
I came right into the unit and I fit right into that missing
spot! What an awesome compliment! I think
these two women will be in my life for a long time to come.
Thanks ladies, you have proven to be very
caring, loving and there several times for me lately. And
Deborah, thanks for the prayers and the one
you sit in my office and held my hand and said for me
that day! Love you ladies.

These are some of the friends that have recently come
into my life, ones that I feel will be
a part of my life for a while, and for some reason, if they
are not, at least I know each one of
them came for a reason and they touched my life in a
very important way.

Thanks for stopping in,

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friends-The Ones Who Touch Your Life

You know, people come and go through
your life daily, some to stay, and some
just to touch you in one way or another
then to move on. Others just pass by and
you may or may not even notice them.

In my 49 years I have met more people
then I could even begin to remember.
Some of those might have left a memory
in my mind that will pop up from time to
time and others might have stayed a last
memory. Others might have remained in
my life to become long times friends.

I have some friends that are just that, long
time friends. Ones that have been in my
heart and in my life for what seems like
forever. Some that I might not see but once
a year (Julie) and others that I see once a
week (Debbie), the ones that live in the
neighbor behind me and I see from time
to time (Barb)….but with each one of these
long time friends, I know in my heart, if I
needed them, they would be there.

Barb and I go back a long time. I was around
12 when her and I started to hang out together.
She lived down the street and around the
corner. Came from a bigger family then I,
there was five of them where there was only
three of us kids in my family. Each one of
them had a name that started with a “B”.

Barb and I remain friends to this day. I have
been a part of her life, her wedding, the birth
and life of her kids, family events, and her
and her hubby Phil have been there many
times for me, no question’s asked! Just there
…….37 years and true friends!

Debbie and I have been friends since the day
we met living next door to each other one
Halloween about 28 years ago. We have
shared ups and downs together, we have
shared dreams and nightmares. We have
watched our kids and now our grandkids grow
as well as being there when we have lost a loved
one. This also is a friend I know I can always
count on no matter the mood I am in, she will
be there, and has been more then once. I only
hope I have been able to do that for her also.

Debbie is the type of friend that allows me to be
me. She may not agree with me on everything,
she may not agree with my choices, but she will
support me cause they are my choices. I remember
once many years ago that Debbie once told me that
she valued our friendship because I did not tell her
what to do, what choice to make, I did point out the
if, and's and buts about each pro and con of an issue
so she could see both areas. I have carried that with
me and remembered that all these years.
Thanks Debbie.

Julie, the lovely and talented woman. Julie
and I met in high school, 7th grade, so
very long ago! Julie loves to tell the story
of why she hand picked me as her friend,
because the school we went to was a rough
one and she saw me as a tough one that
would not take anything from anyone…
she felt she would be safe! I was also a part
of Julies wedding to Roger and have remained
a part of their life all these years. We may see
each other once a year but I am proud to call
these two my friends. Proud of the bakery
they started a couple of years ago also and
how well they have done with it! You two
are great!

These are some of my long standing friends.
And there are stories I could tell on each one
of them, stories I could tell on each one of them
and I together...but I will not bore you, or cause
you to pee your pants laughing right now! These
friends are just some that have touched my life
in some really neat ways. In ways that I will
always remember and always hold dear…..but
then there are those friends that have come into
my life in the last few years that have also just
begun to touch my life, tomorrow I would love to
share them with you….

Thanks for stopping in,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Memories - My Granddaddy

I did a blog for my Granny yesterday so I wanted to
be sure and do one for my Granddaddy also.

That man was bigger then life to me and

I loved him so much. Granddaddy left us
when I was in either the 7th or 8th grade
(that would be about 36 years ago or so).
He had lung cancer. That was my first dealings
with that wicked disease, later in life I lost
several close family members to it in some form
or another. To hear that my Granddaddy had this
was scary; to know that we would probably
lose him was hard to take. If I remember
correctly, six months after hearing that
news, he was gone.

Like my Granny, I have memories of him.

He worked at the local drive in (that was
when there were still a lot around). He
ran the projector at night and cleaned t
he parking lot during the day. When we
visited we always went a long to help out.
To us, my brothers and my cousins and I,
it was not a job because we always seemed
to have so much fun doing it.

We would each have a burlap sack that was

as big as each one of us and we go around
the lot, roll for roll picking up paper and
trash. When we had our sacks full we
would ride on the top of the car or in
the trunk to the end of the lot where the
dumpster was to empty our sacks and
then we started out again.

I remember a time that my Granddaddy

let my oldest brother, my uncle (who
was younger then my brother), my cousin
and I ride home from the drive in, in the
trunk of his car. We had to hold the trunk
lid barely opened so we could have air but
we could not let it close on us. Oh my gosh,
as a Mom and a Grandmother myself now
I would have a fit to know my child was
riding like that!

Above the snack area at this drive in

and right outside where the projector
was there was a patio type area with
outdoor seating, that is where my cousin,
Kathy and I saw the movie “Gone with the
Wind”. My first time to ever see it.

When I was in elementary school I grew

fast, shot right up there, and I was tall
for my age. Problem with that is, I did
all my growing then, only to stop and
have everyone pass me up for me to
remain in my adult life….short! But
as a child I was tall and skinny (that is
a thing of the past also). One of my
memories of Granddaddy was that he
always called me String Bean. Not a
nickname I really wanted or thought
was the neatest one to have, but it did
not bother me that he called me that. I
felt special. Then there was a song that
he always sang when I was around “Hey,
hey, good looking, what you got cooking”.
For all I know, he could have sang this to
my cousin’s also, but in my mind, he was
singing that to just me. I so loved that man.

My Granddaddy had a side job also, he

raised worms! Yes, you read that one
right. He raised worms and people would
come by to buy up worms for fishing.
Those were some big, fat, juicy, creepy,
crawly (are you reading this Kathy?)…worms.
I was never afraid of those things but
my Mom (Granddaddy’s daughter is).
He fed these worms lettuce, cabbage
and tomatoes. He may have fed them
other things but that is what I remember
seeing thrown on the worm beds.

Granddaddy was a gentle man, a man

of few words, tall and dark and once
again, I wished I had thought to sit and
listen to his life as a child. I am sure that
those are stories I would have carried
with me and shared with my grandkids.

Thanks for stopping in. Please your

comment and a memory of your Granddad.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Memories - My Granny

This is my Granny. Wasn't she a pretty lady?

My Grandmother has been gone now for
twenty two years, this past February. I
was twenty seven years old when I lost
her and to this day I still miss her. Even
at that age I was young and to dumb even
though I was expecting my second child to
realize how important she was and how much
history she carried with her. I wished I had sit
with her and recorded events in her life, her
childhood, her life as a married woman and her
life as she raised seven children. I wished I had
the wisdom to have done that.

Granny, me and my daughter, Amber

My Granny was not a hugging sort of person, but
you knew she loved you, you knew it with every
little thing she did for you. I lived out of town and
do not have the daily memories my cousin’s have
but I have some really special ones that I will carry
with me always.

One memory, if we happen to be making a trip to
Georgia around my birthday she would want to know
what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday. I
remember telling her once I wanted a chocolate
pie, and it was there waiting for me when I got there.
Or the banana sandwiches she would make for me.
For some reason, hers was always the best, made
with that special ingredient, love, I guess.

My biggest memory is the Sunday afternoon dinners.
Wow, that woman could put on a spread. Always had
a ton of food for all my aunts, uncles and cousins that
came over after church. It was all so great.

My Granny was an easy going woman, I can’t
remember a time that I heard her raise her voice
to any of us. She always had tea and coke at her
house. And when we lost her she had her seven
children, 19 grandchildren and without me doing
research I can’t tell you how many great grandkids
at the time. I know my daughter was 6 at the time,
and I know there were more. Granddaddy had left
us several years before that, I was in high school when
he died of lung cancer. I am lucky to have had my
Granny as long as I did but like I said, I only wished
I had written down some of her history. She saw so
much change in her life and all I needed to do was sit
and share that time with her.

I also remember my Granny’s house. She had the
neatest porch out front. Okay, it was no better then
any other porch but to me it was special. It was
covered, had those old metal chairs and a glider on
it. The house was white and at one point there was
ivy that grew up and over the entrance of the porch.
It always stayed cool on that porch even when it was
so hot. And for the longest time, it was cooler to be
out doors because Granny had no air conditioning.
I could not even think about sleeping these days without
That is Ivy growing up over the entrance

My cousin, Kathy and I sat on this porch a many a days
and played the car game. Sitting right there on that
glider. She got points for cars that came from her
side, I got them from cars that came from my side.
Kids games to pass the day. But, when Kathy could
not be around, Laddie and I spent time on that porch.
Laddie being a reddish color outside dog that
Granddaddy and Granny had. I would just sit and
rub him and talk with him. You see there were no
kids to play with around there and Granny’s house
sit on a 2 lane highway. The airport owned the
property across the street. Recently my cousin
drove down Sullivan Road to find that the highway
had changed and the curves and route was not the
same, and my Granny’s home was no longer there.
A piece of my history gone, a sad thought but I
know that I carry my memories with me just the

Memories, we need to hold them dear and near to
us, but we also need to make as many as we can
with the ones we love before they leave us.

Thanks for stopping in and sharing my memories.
Please leave a comment with your memories.

This is my Granny's house that was taken in 94,
years after sheleft us. The house was painted green
then and was being used as storage from the
builder next door. Just seeing it in a different
color changes the way I remember it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trash to Treasure/Second Time Around Tuesday

This iron yard art that sets under my tree in
my front yard was a trash find. My brother found
this one years ago while walking through is
neighborhood the evening before trash pick up day.
Mark is a recycling person and he just could not
leave this to go to the landfill. He collects metal
a lot of times and then takes it down to the locate
recycling place when he has a truck load. I am sure
he thought this piece would also make it to the back
of the truck but for some reason it ended up at my
Mother's yard sale. I took a liking to it for its strange
shape and cause it was just different, so I ended up with it.
One mans trash, became a yard art treasure for me.

This plant holder was one of my Goodwill finds.
I gave $1.00 for it. I was not sure at the time if I would
keep it or do something else with it but as soon as I
got out of the car with it, it was set on my porch steps and
there is where it has remained. Just adds a little extra to
my steps with a plant sitting in it during the summer months.

Now this one was a great bargain! Free....I so love FREE!
This was in a tree at a friends house. She had moved in
to the house not long before that. We were out front
talking about plants when I looked up into this tree
beside the porch and asked what was in there, it was
well hidden by branches and leaves. She reached up and
pulled this out. Then handed it to me asking me did I
want it. She knows I have birdhouses on my porch and
in my tree's so this was great.
This FREE item (did I tell you that I love FREE?) sits
on a wire type bakers rack on my porch along with
some plants and some other birdhouses. I adds a
welcoming effect when you step onto the porch.

Thanks Theresa for my birdhouse...looks great with my
new paint job on the house!
Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, August 24, 2009


This post is for my friend Pam D and fellow blogger

Pam and I go back to elementary school, 2nd
grade actually, and that would be right around 42
years. Now we were not best friends, go each
other's house friends and then there was the years
after high school till just recently that we had no
contact.....but I consider her my friend. Our
high school, which no longer exist as a senior high,
has its own website. It has to be one of the best high
school websites I have ran across. Pam and reconnected
through this site a couple of years ago and then she got
me into this blogging thing...thanks Pam, I do enjoy it.

Anyway, from the past to the future. Pam and I share
the school website, the blogging, facebook and emails.
She is well aware of my battle this past winter with
squirrels in my attic. To go along with the RODENTS that
moved into my attic, they partied at night, right above my
head while I tried to sleep. Now, that is bad enough, but I
suffer from sleep apnea which makes that a double slam to
my sleep issues. Then there was the removal of the critters
and the freak'n cost to remove them.

It was a down hill slide with these things. Nights of no sleep or
a restless sleep with the dog and I on the couch. The $900.00
something dollars it cost me right after Christmas to have them
trapped and removed. I guess that was cheaper then me buying
a shotgun and shotting up through the ceiling in my bedroom and
then having to repair all that! On top of the removal, there was the
spraying of the attic to kill the body oils, any after birth (if any) to
avoid any other critters from moving in, having the hole they chewed
in the eve of the house covered up till I could have it fixed and the
trimming of trees. With this cost I learned so fast to develop a lasting
HATE for these freak'n critters/rodents.

Recently I have had to put of more money to have the hole actually
repaired. It was covered with a piece of metal flashing till recently.
That was another cost. Freak'n rodents.........

Anyway, Pam kids me about my dislike for these critters and I am
sure she gets a laugh or two when I mention that my car aims for
them.....but the reason why this blog is donated to her is because I
needed to share that I have a new rodent that is on my list now.

This morning while looking in my pantry and pulling a breakfast
bar out of the box I realized I have a freak'n mouse! CRAP!
You know, squirrels and mice are closely related......
Anyway, Pam I am on a new adventure now, I have not had
a mouse in this house EVER, and I have lived here for 16 years.
So, this is the first time in a lot of years I have had to deal with
these nasty, sneaky, little rodents......but, the decon has been
put out. Hopefully this adventure will not cost me near as much
as the squirrels.

Theres my blog to you Pam....enjoy the laugh I hear coming
up from the Georgia way!


Since then I have had to re

Another Joke on the Neighbor

My neighbor is a firm believer that Miracle
Grow works wonders. I for one have to
agree, but I don’t mix it up and use it on
a regular basis like she did. I could look
outside and she would be carrying milk
jugs all over the backyard with this mixture
watering all the various plants here and
there, spreading the liquid love.

I worked with friend that had a lot of little
trees, maple and red buds that were about
2 to 3 feet high. She dug them up and brought
them to me to plant in my backyard since there
are not a lot of trees except on the outer edge. I
shared with my neighbor.

We planted a maple one about mid way between
the decks in the center of the backyard. Not sure
if it’s on her side, my side or in the middle. But
she took to mixing the liquid love and applying it
to this tree at least once a week.

Once again, I had a brain storm and I included my
side kick, my son. There was also a maple tree that
was growing on the side bank of the creek on the
side of my yard next to my drive. I knew that it was
not a good place for this tree to be left growing. It
just so happened that it was a lot bigger then the 3
foot size one that was being looked after by the
neighbor, maybe twice as big.

It was early one morning, Cory and I dug the tree
at the creek up, went around back and checked
her back door to be sure that she was not up and
on the deck. Then we dug the little tree up and
replaced it with the bigger tree!

My neighbor and I would do coffee on either her
deck or mine on Saturday or Sunday’s so I figured
it was coffee time. I knocked on the door. She came
to the door and I asked was she ready for coffee,
then I proceeded to tell her that the Miracle Grow
really was a MIRACLE. She looked at me and asked
what I meant, I stepped out of the way so that she
could view the tree. Her mouth dropped open and
she stumbled with her words before she saw the
look on my face and knew I done something!

Needless to say, we had a good laugh. The tree as
grown a lot in the last few years and is not so little

Thanks for stopping in,

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Rubber Snake Joke

If you have read any of my back issues of my blog,
like the one’s titled “Can this be the reason I
am not married anymore”, then you probably
have learned one important thing~~ I am a
jokester! I love a good laugh, especially if I
have managed to pull one over on someone
else. But there again, I am good at telling
things on myself that also bring in a laugh
or two, I believe in sharing the laughter!

There have been a couple of ‘jokes” that
involved a neighbor I had. I live in a zero
lot line home, which basically is a townhouse
duplex. I own my half, the neighbor owned
hers. She lived alone, I lived with my two kids.

My neighbor and I spent time either on her
deck or mine on Saturday or Sunday enjoying
a cup or two of coffee, we did the garden/flower
shopping thing together, dinners and things like
that. With that said, she became the subject to a
few of my “jokes”.

Normally in the evenings you could find us both
out at the same time watering our plants and
flowers, so with this knowledge I worked up my
plan. My neighbor was not to fond of snakes and
with us living on a creek it was not to uncommon
for us to run across one here and there. Now my
plan came into play mostly cause a week or two
before my neighbor was in the back messing in
her garden when she yells for me…..SNAKE! I
take my shovel up and chop him into.

The plan begins to form………my son, a lot like I,
work together on this plan. I decide that we need
to take his rubber snake (those things look so real)
and “plant” it in her garden near her deck. She had
a couple of clay pots laying on the side with plants
spilling out of them, perfect place! Push that rubber
snake up in there and have just the head sticking
out, then wait.

Evening rolls around, watering time. I grab my hose
and go to my flower bed at the deck and begin to
water. Neighbor comes out, starts to water her bed
at her deck. Cory and I are out there just talking to
each other, waiting, watching. When I hear the
sudden intake of air and then “Pam, there’s a snake
in my garden”. We walk over carefully, looking and
straining our necks as we look, trying to locate the
said snake. After asking where, she points it out. My
son starts to walk up to the bed and she warns him
back telling him to back off and be careful, no telling
what kind it is……just then Cory grabs it! Yep…talk
about fright! I thought I would have to pick her up
off the ground, then I thought someone would have
to pick me up off the ground where I fell laughing
so hard.

We all ended the day with a good laugh. Neighbor
accusing me of almost giving her a heart attack and
later that night me ending up in the ER thinking that
was exactly what I was having. Thank goodness those
chest pains turned out to be a wicked case of acid
reflux but I really thought I was being paid back!

Thanks for stopping in and come back tomorrow to
read another neighbor joke,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Virus Protection...Beware

No, I am not talking from the Swine Flu Virus,
I am talking for your computer. You see, I
had protection on my computer but I still got
hit. So beware out there.

This past weekend my grandson was playing
games on my computer, which today I found
out that is an easy way to bring a virus into
your computer. While he was playing he put
the game on pause so that he could eat breakfast.
I looked over at the computer to see a virus
warning had popped up. Not reading it and
thinking that it was from my protection, I did
not close it out, I clicked for it to scan. MISTAKE.
By doing this I allowed a company by the name of
Personal Antivirus to attack and attach itself to
my computer, apparently bringing with it a host
of viruses. It did it’s little scan to come back and
tell me that I had 950 something treats and
viruses. YIKES.

What was I to do? So I started by trying to go
onto the computer and finding a free virus
removal tool to remove all this crap, only to
find out that every time I tried to key into a
site I was blocked with a warning. Every site,
including my blog, facebook…everything. The
only was I could see to remove this “crap” was
to purchase the package it offered for cleaning
up the problems it brought in at a cost of $59.95.
No way was I being sucked into that, bad enough
I was stupid enough to click on the scan to begin

I tried going into my add and remove section to
remove this crap but it was not listed, the only
thing I could do, per my Mothers suggestion was
to go in and restore my computer back two weeks.
That removed the Personal Antivirus but…the
viruses remained. Great!

I played with the computer all day Sunday,
cleaning, scanning and removing to think that
I finally had it done only to try and reload my
antivirus protection back on and have it pop up
that I have a bug still in a program on the computer
and it will not allow me to load this protection.
Great….so now what?

Okay, brain storm thanks to Sharon at work, ask
a guy I work with that does this for our department.
This is his job and he helps friends out of the side fixing
and repairing computers.

Bless you Keith. He had to keep my computer over
night and I was a bit lost last night without that connection
but thanks to him I should be ready to hook it up and
go this evening when I get home. YES!

It is so nice to have friends in different areas that do
side jobs for a little extra side money and I am so happy
that Sharon reminded me that she thought Keith did this.
So happy that Keith was willing to do it and it did not
cost me an arm or a leg….not so sure what I will do without
my hand….but hey!!! Just kidding Keith! I feel I got a steal
…..Thank you once again.

So this is a warning out there to everyone, be careful. I
have heard this happening to several other people since
I have mentioned it. If something like pops up, close it
out right then or you will be sorry.

As for the swine flu virus or the H1N1 virus…..wash
your hands! Keep them clean!

Thanks for stopping in,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Julia and Julie Movie

I would say for a woman this would be a
must see movie but then again if you
don’t see it, it’s not like you missed the
masterpiece of the century. Honestly,
I liked it a lot. It was a funny and entertaining
movie. So glad I took the time to go see it.

Meryl Streep who I think is a fantastic and
talented actress did a wonderful job playing
Julia Child in movie. Meryl Streep is very
talented in her ability to perform a variety
of different characters. I have enjoyed watching
her over the years and this performance was no
different. Well done.

Amy Adam’s played Julie Powell and she did a
really good job also. I don’t feel that she is the
actress that Meryl is but then again, she has not
been at it as long as Meryl has either. She played
her part in this movie well and added her humor to it.

The only thing I could say that I see wrong with
this movie is that if Julie Powell had actually cooked
(or if I had) all that rich, French style food and ate
it for 365 days…she would not have retained that
small tiny waist line that she started with! If she
did…wow, more power to her!

My friend Theresa and I took in the morning showing
of the movie a week ago, then we did lunch. For a
girls day out I recommend taking a friend and
seeing the movie, taking in lunch or dinner…or
maybe shopping.

Enjoy it and stop back by to let me know that
you thought of it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Story Tuesday -My Red Car

In 1987 right after my son was born I bought
a new car. First new car I have ever owned.
It was a fire engine red Ford Tempo, 5 speed,
4 doors (gotta have when you have two kids).

I have some long time friends (Barb and I have
been friends for 37 or more years, her hubby, Phil, a
bit less). Let me add here that Phil is not the same
Phil that I hit when I totalled my car. Anyway,
as the story goes, Barb and Phil lived on a very
busy two lane road. They
made a turn around at the end of their drive
way which made things a lot better, no more
backing out onto the main road. When you
pulled into their drive it was set up in such a
way that they pulled over and parked side by
side in front of the garage door. If anyone came
to visit they could just pull straight in and park
at the end of the drive. This would allow Phil to
still get his Ford Bronco out if need be.

My ex and I had gone over to spend an evening
with the Ware’s, the kids were playing, all was
well. Phil and my ex decided that they needed to
run to the store. So as Barb and I cleaned up the
kitchen, they left, only to return in a matter of

Phil walked into the house and told Barb that they
would need to call the insurance company first thing
Monday morning. We had been having storms around
lately and I figure that maybe as they were pulling
out he saw some loose shingles or something. No…
not that. Phil had backed into my car.

As they had walked back to get in his truck, talking,
apparently it had failed to register with Phil that my
car was parked on the end. So, he jumps in and being
that the Bronco sit a bit higher then my car, he puts
it in reverse, cuts the wheel to turn the truck around
and SLAM!

I don’t remember the exact amount of damage that
was done but it involved my drivers rear side back
light and the metal area around that. Pretty nasty
looking. Barb was so worried that I would be mad
since I had not had the car that long but, it was an
accident and it happens.

Jump forward into the future 7 years. I am divorced.
Sold my home and I have bought another one. I am
about to go sign the papers this one night but I
needed someone to watch my son. Barb said she
would. So the real estate lady thought that would
work great, she would pick me up there and we
would ride together.

Here’s the set up….same as before. I pull into the
drive, I have a feeling of being there like this before!
I pull into my parking spot at the end of the drive
and I look over, Phil Bronco (yes, the same) is in
the same spot, Barb’s car (yes, the same) is in the
same spot! I go into the house and my first thought
is to tell Phil to be careful pulling out, I am behind
him. He is taking a nap. Okay, so I tell Barb then
I am out of there.

I get back, they ask how it goes then tells me to
sit down. My first thought is, “what has Cory done”!
No, it was not him……yes, you got it, Phil hit my car
again. Same set up, same cars, same type of damage,
same area! Damage was not near as bad this time so
I had replace the light, push out the dent and all was
well. But I knew in my heart that heart target had to go!

True story. I have laughed so hard over this for years.
Not once, but twice, same car each time!

Thanks for stopping in.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New School Year- 3rd Grade

My grandson Caleb entered the 3rd grade last Friday.
They attended for a 1/2 day. Tomorrow he will be
going all day long. He likes his teacher. Says she is really

Caleb ended last year with A's and B's and reading at
a 4th grade level. He loves learning and always has.

He told me just a couple of weeks ago that he wished
school had started earlier, he was ready to learn
some new things. I love it!

He will also come out with things that I had no clue
he knew. When I ask him where he gets these things
he tells me that he learns them on Animal Planet,
Discovery Channel or in class. He has also let me
know that he has read things in books that he checks
out from the library.

I am hoping that this is a smooth and good year for
Caleb. It's always nice when a child loves to learns
and when they soak it in and retain it so easy and

Here's to wishing Caleb a fantastic year!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Can Dogs Tell Time?


Dakota looking out

Animals, esp. dogs are a lot smarter then people tend to
think they are.

I can remember as a child our dog Sam rushing to the door
when it was time for my Dad to get home from work. Dad
drove an old Rambler that made some noise but we just figured
that Sam heard time coming blocks away. Now...I wonder.

There are several things that make me wonder about this.
My Mom now has a beagle for Sam is long gone from this
world. As hard as training this hard headed beagle, Daisy, to
just stay out of the bedroom trash can was, she seems to have
found her calling.....or would that be howling?
It seems to be that at 2:00 each day, which is feeding time,
Daisy will let my Mom know that its time to be fed. This
started a few months back, while Mom sat in the recliner
in her room and Daisy came into the room made a small whine,
or two, looked and Mom and walked back down the hall. Mom
apparently did not move fast enough so in a few minutes Daisy
went and got her again, after a couple of times, and a few days
of this, Mom realized Daisy knew it was lunch time.

The funny part about all this is that dry dog food use to be left
down all the time for the dogs. But between the dry dog food
and the fact that once a day these dogs get fed a nice, human
meal they were packing on some pounds. Diet time! Daisy was
not adjusting to well to this diet and other then midnight raids
where she would open the cabinet door and steal and eat half of
packs of crackers or single services of moist and meaty dog food,
she decided she needed to get vocal for her meals. That getting vocal
for her meals went from a whine to a loud, whiney,
moaning type bark to get everyones attention.

In June we were all (house full) at Mom's for my brother's birthday and
Father's Day combo when in the mist of us playing a game, this noise
is heard. Everyone looks up, Chase (nephew) looks at me and wants to
know what is going on. At that time Mom yells from the kitchen, "Pam,
you know what time it is"? Of course, I explained it to the
was 2:00....lunch time.

Problem is Daisy will continue this moaning bark until Mom has the meal
cut up and served so it gets a bit nerve racking. At the same time I think
it is a back up warning where she is telling the others to back off until its
ready. You see, Mom has her 3 dogs, one adopted that my youngest brother
left there 3 three years ago, then if we are all there Mark brings Thumper and
everyday, 5 days a week my dog goes over there to Granny's Doggie Day Care!
So at any given time there can be 5 to 6 dogs there, if not more depending
on if Ray brings one of his or Paige shows with one of hers.

Anyway, this story gets better. A few weeks ago my dog started the 2:00
feeding thing. Now he is not as bad as Daisy by any means but he will do is
best to get your attention to let you know. He is very persistent.

I was off a couple of weeks ago for a couple of days and Dakota came up to me
while I was on the computer. He starts stratching at my leg, then he jumps up
on the side of the chair and goes at my arm. I asked did he need to go out and
he did not run to the door like normal. Okay, so whats up? He backed off for a
minuted or two then he was back at it. I looked at the clock on the computer, it
was 15 till 2. Okay, so he was a little off, but he is getting there, he's young yet!

Yesterday while at work, Mom calls at 20 till 2 to tell me that she was laying
down and Dakota came to get her up with the let her know that
it was feeding time! Around the same time he started this he also started something
else, Mom says that started going to the door and looking for something at about 4:25
everyday. I get to Mom's house at 4:30 daily unless I stop.

Now my question once again is, can dogs tell time?
Think about it...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Work Around the House

Laundry room doors I hung

I learned back sometime ago when I was a newly married
woman and mom (yes, it was really a long time ago),
and money was always short that when things needed
doing you could not always hire them to be done.
I married at the young age of 20, had my first child
at 20 and I knew how to basically boil water, not much
more then that. Over the years of marriage, two kids
and a divorce I taught myself to cook, clean and tackle
a lot of other things, like home repairs. Now keep in
mind, there are some things I will not or can not take
on, but for the most part if my back will allow, I will try it.

When I left home I had never yielded a paint brush to
a wall before, I soon got over that and I could not tell
you the many walls and ceiling I have painted in the
years since. But as those years went on I tackled cabinets,
with the sander, primer and paint. I have laid floor, hung
wallpaper, stripped wallpaper, changed washers, hung
doors and even changed out a faucet. Although I do not
mess with electricity though. I caulk, I saw, I sand, I
drill, I hammer…..

Some of this may not be near what some of you
women do, some of it may be a lot more then what
some of you women do. But…as I sit here and think
back on what I have taught myself since I left home…
I am proud. While I am at it lets throw in there,
changing the oil in the car and my own plugs! I don’t
do those things anymore, I can now afford to have it
done, but there was a time where I could not.

I tell you these things just because I needed to write a
blog today and I could not really come up with anything
to write about, so I thought…why not this.

You see, my daughter and grandson lived with me for
over 5 years. In those 5 years I let a lot of things go that
needed doing but I refused to do them since they really
did not take care of my home. When they moved out, I
proceeded to get going and going things.

I painted the kitchen. I laid a new floor, I took up carpet
in the hall and laid the same floor in there that led to the
bath downstairs, I even took it into the bath. I had someone
come in and lay carpet in the living room. I primed all doors,
door facing and jams as well as baseboards and I painted
them all white. I painted the whole downstairs. I then
painted the horror area of the stairwell!

The problem came with the carpet on the stairs. I really
could not afford to have new stairs put in but I wanted
the carpet gone. So…I took it off, stained part of the steps,
painted part and I found a product, peel and stick strips that
I could apply to the top part of the steps. It worked great!

finished stairs

in the process

to begin with

working my way up

With that done, it was time to move it all upstairs. With my
health and sleep issues things started to move slower at this
time. I have only gotten the bath upstairs done at this time.
I still need to prime baseboards and paint 3 bedrooms and a
hall. I have carpet for one room to lay and a floor for the craft
room to lay. But I did get the bathroom done in May.

I primed and painted it. Did the cabinet also. Did some
repairs, laid a floor. I still need some help with getting a
new faucet and sink in, I can’t seem to get the old faucet
off. Yikes….Looks like this will be a hire job.
Next room that I need to work on will be my grandson’s
room. I have been promising to paint it and I really need
to get that done for him. But all in good time. Rate I am
moving though, I will probably get it done and it will be
time to start all over again! NO WAY!

Bathroom floor

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Actress In the Family

My niece Holly....

I have written entries in this blog about Holly
and her acting before, this is just one more added addition.

Isn't she just so pretty!???

Holly is entering her freshman year of school.

This “little” girl is growing up all so fast!

Holly has also entertained us at family events, around the house, and also in a local community play. But the biggies come from the school events. For two summers she has been a part of the schools summer drama camp. This is a week long camp that takes any student from the school that wishes to be a part, lets them try out for a place in the play and at the end of that week of hard practicing and work, they put of a play.

I was blown away with the first one I attended, Annie. Most of these kids had never been a part of anything like that before but each and every one of them did the most awesome and amazing job. They took what they signed up to do seriously and to heart, giving it their all. With the help of some really great parents the stage is put together from building, to painting, hanging curtains to moving things around. My brother being one of these parents that jumps right in and gives his all. I know they love him!

singing her heart out!
As normal….I jumped off the subject with where I was going! Anyway, Holly was Ms. Hannigan in Annie, and a better Ms. Hannigan they could not have had. The expressions that she pulled off with each line, each part of the play, had me laughing and in stitches in my seat! That is when I was sure a star was born.
What a frown!
The expressions she has! AwesomeThe next summer camp that Holly took place in

was the next year where she tried out
for Alice in Alice and Wonderland.
She jumps right in there and goes for
the lead parts!
Go girl….and yes, she
was Alice that year. She rocked that part also.

Alice pouting.

Alice singing.
At Holly’s school you can not be a drama student
in the actual drama class until you are a freshman.
You can do that summer
drama camps and that is what Holly has done.
This year, entering as a
freshman, she will also be entering the drama
class for the first time. Last
week, try outs for the fall play took place………..

The fall play will be the Mouse Trap this year. There
are two leading parts in this play. Beating out two seniors,
Holly took one of those leading parts! For a freshman
entering the drama class over
students that have been in this class for
several years…that is fantastic!
YIPPEE girl!!! Your aunt Pam is so proud of you.

I will not be at all surprised to see your name in
lights one day!

Friday, August 7, 2009

San Cruz Garden Furniture

Looking for outdoor furniture that
will last for years to come? I think
I have the solution for you. Check out
Santa Cruz Exotic Garden Furniture at

This outdoor furniture is made of ipe wood.
Ipe is a deep, rich, dark brown color wood
with a fine to medium grain texture. It is
very durable. Ten times better then teak at
less the cost and harder then red oak or redwood.
This ipe wood has a natural resistant to decay,
termites and borers. That alone tells me that it
will stand up against most weather and most any
bug out there!

Not only is it durable to the weather and bugs it
is beautiful furniture and I can say from
experience…comfortable! I have been able to
sit and enjoy several hours of time in a few of
these pieces and I really enjoyed it.

If you have any questions you may contact the
owner via the website above. Prices and pictures
of the items are listed also on the website.
Please stop in and visit, and NO, I am not
getting a kick back on any items sold through
this blog….(unless my nephew deems it a sweet

Thanks for stopping in,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Santa Cruz Garden Furniture

Monday, August 3, 2009

Home Depot Kids Projects

I was not aware that Home Depot offered
projects once a month for kids until
last month. My daughter started working
for Home Depot and she told me about it
because she wanted Caleb to be able to
attend but she had to work that Saturday.
In my area these projects are held on the
first Saturday of every month.

The class for these projects start at 9
and go till noon. You can come at anytime
during those hours.

You go in and at a long table they have kits
sat out around the table. You pick a spot to
sit and just proceed. The kit has directions
on the project that you are working on. Each
child has the same project, and that project
changes each month.

When you enter and pick a place to sit, you
are given an official looking orange Home
Depot apron to put on and wear. You write
your name across the top. You take this
home with you. Caleb and I took this back
for his second project, he really don’t need
more then one!

In July Caleb made a caddy. The kit consisted
of the cut wooden pieces, nails in a package,
and the directions. There was glue, safety
glasses and a hammer at each seat for the
children to use.

Caleb sat right down and ripped into his kit,
laying his pieces out to see if they matched
what was on the directions. Then following
the directions and the pictures on those
directions, he proceeds to put his caddy
together, with a little help from Nana.
The Home Depot helpers are there for help
if you need them. First came the gluing of
the sides before you nail them together.
Nana was a big help here cause she could
help hold together those sides as Caleb
put the first nail in… brave was I?
Actually, Caleb does really well with a
hammer and screwdriver since his Nana has
been letting him help her with projects
since he was a little bitty thing.

Anyway, project under way! These kits contain
all the kids will need to complete the projects
and they do not take anytime at all. After the
project is finished the child gets a certificate
with their name written on it, a pin to attach
to their apron with that project featured on it,
a sticker, their apron and their finished project
to take home and parents the best part about
this is… cost nothing.

You get to spend some good old fashion building
project time with your kids or grandkids, they
learn something new, they have the pride of
taking home something they made and finished.
The look of pride on their face alone is the best reward.

This past Saturday was Home Depot Kids Project
Day again. Caleb and Nana went again also. This
time Caleb made a message board. No gluing this
time, but there was hammering again and this
time a screwdriver was used.

Check out the pride on this little guys face
at what he has turned out! I love it. These
could be used for Home Depot ads!

Every year I try to come up with a project that
Caleb can make for his Mom and his Great Granny
for their birthdays and Christmas. These projects
are things that we will work on together in my
craft room. I have done this since Caleb was a
little bitty boy. It is time well spent together,
it gives him the pride of making these items,
the pride of giving the items he makes and they
are special gifts that Mom and Granny can always
have. These Home Depot projects are helping me
out this year with the birthdays (both that fall
in December) and the Christmas gifts. Thanks
Home Depot!

Thanks for stopping in