San Cruz Garden Furniture

Looking for outdoor furniture that
will last for years to come? I think
I have the solution for you. Check out
Santa Cruz Exotic Garden Furniture at

This outdoor furniture is made of ipe wood.
Ipe is a deep, rich, dark brown color wood
with a fine to medium grain texture. It is
very durable. Ten times better then teak at
less the cost and harder then red oak or redwood.
This ipe wood has a natural resistant to decay,
termites and borers. That alone tells me that it
will stand up against most weather and most any
bug out there!

Not only is it durable to the weather and bugs it
is beautiful furniture and I can say from
experience…comfortable! I have been able to
sit and enjoy several hours of time in a few of
these pieces and I really enjoyed it.

If you have any questions you may contact the
owner via the website above. Prices and pictures
of the items are listed also on the website.
Please stop in and visit, and NO, I am not
getting a kick back on any items sold through
this blog….(unless my nephew deems it a sweet

Thanks for stopping in,


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