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COVID and Delta Variant

It just seems to be never ending. COVID Delta Variant. Right now at 14 days and Evie still seems to be fine. Yes, her whole family came down with it, all 11 living in  the home.  Thank goodness they all seem to be getting on their way.  Amber's (daughter) hubs has it. Postive test on Friday. Then Amber found out on  Sunday that one of the boys on the football team has it, so DJ is quaranteed from football and school.  A few schools around our area is closed till after Labor Day due to it.  On top of that, my oldest brother Ray was admitted to  the hospital early Saturday  morn. Fluid on the lungs. He started out with congestion and thought he was getting better but it got him. Neg for COVID. He also has COPD. But he was allowed to go home to heal this afternoon. MASK UP folks.   VACCINATED also. Pam  

Dinner, Project and Hummingbird Vine

Do you ever feel like everything that can go wrong will go wrong.... all at the same time? That is how I am feeling right now.  I have to take my SUV in early morn on  Monday. The battery was not all the issue so now it has to be checked out to  see what is up... Then I work Saturday  morning and realized that although air was blowing from my air conditioner in  the house, it was not cool. Stepped out on the deck and  realized the unit was not running. I went to the breaker and pulled the fuses, plugged  them back up and it started  running, but still was not blowing cool air. 150.00 bucks later... I have air.  I then decided to cook. I made a chicken casserole that my granny and my mom used to make. 2 cups boiled chicken chopped 1/2 cup mayo 1/2 cup milk 1/2 celery can of cream of chicken soup salt and pepper. Top with potato chips and bake at 350 for 20 mins.  Here is yet one more project I made. The center is chalkboard  peel and stick.  Check out my monkey grass. And my Cypress Vin

Wake up Call and Nap time

Image caught me sleeping, after I woke her at 5 am cause I wanted to play  laser light.  You can tell she woke me taking this pic. No problem, I went back to sleep! Lily

Carfting Pumpkins and Christmas Trees, and Dinner

 Having space in the  craft room to work is AMAZING! Wooden pumpkins. Wooden Christmas Trees. My thoughts were to have a bunch of stuff made up for a vendor show in  Oct. Not sure I will get there. I have my Christmas card drawn off and hope to  start painting  on it soon. I also have a big painting drawn off (about a yr) for my bedroom that I  want to start on. With that said, I  have something that I  am going to do for Evie for Christmas. Gotta get busy!! Dinner Friday. My meat came in this. The aspargus came  in a package that you just throw in the  micro and nuke it. It steams in the package. And I cooked the Jasmine rice. Update on the car. I  took it in last Friday. They tested the  battery and  that was the issue. It had  been in since 2014. Had it replaced  and hoped that was my issue.  Had no problems since.  Took it  off on the three hour ride up the interstate  with  no problem, got  off the  interstate and it started jerking and acting nuts.  When it does that it decreases

Stuffed and Stacked Pumpkins

  I think I mentioned some time ago that I was making pumpkins. I finally got some of  them put together. Still have a few more to stack and decorate. I have a wooden dowel in the center then each pumpkin is also hot glued together.  Which on do  you like the  best? Pam

FLying By and Walking

 Barbara Eden On Aug. 23 she turned 90 yrs of age.  Wow, I feel like the years have flown by so fast.  Wasn't she a beautiful  woman? Still beautiful. Talking about time flying by....check this out. Oh my I feel so old!! On Tuesday, guess who decided it was time to  WALK? YAY! We are so happy for her. She just took off and to  my understanding she is still going! Pam

Me and Sis In Law, Lunch, Office, Property and Air B&Bs

 Seems like I go days without getting out and taking pics then all of a sudden I have  several post to do at one time and I get behind.  This is Kim, my sis in law. We had lunch at the  Party Fowl on Monday. Kim wanted to treat me to lunch since I went to town with her to clean out her office. Kim has been working from home since lockdown in  March of 2020 but next week she retires.  I did not get a pic of  the office before but this is after the pack up. Kim used to travel with  her job and she had lots of things from each country. We packed up four large bins. I have been behind of some other pics also. I shot the FIRST bday party for Winston, son of Emily that works with us at the venue. It was held at her in laws place.  What a beautiful place. This is the field next to the yard. Next to the barn. In the yard. And this is an Air B&B they run on the property.  Yep, its in a silo. Here is a pic that is posted on line. You can also check out the inside here

Fur Sitting, Litter Box Containment and the Fall Trip

 I was driving down the interstate yesterday and took a pic of this sign since I have a friend that lives in  Jamestown. Sent it to him to let him know I was up  his way. Have you noticed I can take a pic and make a story about anything!!??? The cats are good left alone for the day but DOGS... not so much. So my niece came over since she works from home and stayed with the furs. She got there about noon and let Chey out, hung till about six, letting Chey out one more time before leaving.  Through the day I got  a few pics. I told her about leaving the door cracked so the cats could go in and out. So she set the babes up for the same reason. Lily chilling. One text I got was asking me where Misty hides. She came out when Holly got there and then ran  and hid. After asking me that question she sent me this  pic below letting me know she reappeared.  Hide? Misty never hides from me! haha. But in my reading up on  Russian Blues I have  learned they don't like strangers and they will  h