Fur Sitting, Litter Box Containment and the Fall Trip

 I was driving down
the interstate yesterday and took
a pic of this sign since I have
a friend that lives in 
Sent it to him to let
him know I was up 
his way.
Have you noticed I can take
a pic and make a story
about anything!!???

The cats are good left
alone for the day but
not so much.
So my niece came over
since she works from home
and stayed with the furs.
She got there about noon
and let Chey out, hung till
about six, letting Chey
out one more time
before leaving. 

Through the day I got 
a few pics.
I told her about leaving
the door cracked so
the cats could go in and out.
So she set the babes
up for the same reason.

Lily chilling.

One text I got was asking
me where Misty hides.
She came out when Holly
got there and then ran 
and hid. After asking me that
question she sent me this 
pic below letting me
know she reappeared. 
Hide? Misty never hides
from me! haha.
But in my reading up on 
Russian Blues I have 
learned they don't like
strangers and they will 
hide. Misty don't remember
Holly I guess. 

When I got home Misty 
acting strange and looked
like she was looking around...
I guess to see if Holly
showed up again. 

Little girl. 
Lily on the other hand will 
not hide, she will check 
you out and then walk off
to do her own thing.

I was tagged on FB with these
next pics. 

I hate litter being dug
all over the place and the
two girls seem too
track it. I am going to 
try this. 

Monday I was in 
Hobby Lobby and 
right as I came in the 
door I saw this fall

If I did not want to store
all that stuff I would put one
up. I have enough Christmas
stuff so I don't need to 
add fall stuff to the mix.

I love Hobby Lobby!!
I actually got some papers
for some projects I 
want to get done. 

Wanting to share my day
with y'all I decided to 
blog about the furs on 
this page today.



Marie Smith said…
Pet behaviour when someone other than than usual is around is always interesting.
Brian said…
One cat in hiding and one not is pretty good. Good luck with the litter containment system, Simon would take that as a challenge. We often "end up" at Hobby Lobby if we're out n' about too.
Jeanie said…
Lizzie is very transactional. If she's hungry and you come in she'll stick around! But these days she's hiding -- I'm sure she thinks I'll snatch and put her in the carrier so after eating she goes down under.
Sandee said…
Aw on the kitties. So precious.

Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the furbabes and my best to your mom. ♥
Ann said…
I was thinking about it the other day and if I were to go away for an entire day or longer I would have to board Gibbs because I don't have anyone that could dog sit.
That's a cool idea with the litter box
Christine said…
Pictures are a good starting point for a post sometimes.
Liz A. said…
Clever idea for the litter box. And isn't that the point of a blog: to write about whatever is going on around you?
Darla M Sands said…
I've read that enclosed litter boxes are repulsive to cats because they don't like the smells, either. Heh... Tracked litter is disgusting, though. And I never found a mat that they wouldn't just jump over. ~sigh~ My brother walled off a litter box room, a sort of floor to ceiling closet with a flap door for the cats to go in and out. I want one!

As for Misty, I must say that cats can change behavior without warning. Jezebel met our pet sitters early on but gradually hid from them through the years. Felines are anything but predictable.


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