Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lamp From the Past

When I was growing up there use
to be two of these lamps in our home.


Now mind you, I really did not think they were
all that pretty as I growing up. But as a young
girl I used the prism's like earrings.
No, I did not put them through my
actual pierced holes but I did hang
them from the inside of my ears.
Boy, I really thought I was cool!

Also, when I was a young girl, a teen or
even in my 20's and 30's I never thought
I would like antiques or old things.
As I aged, my taste did also.
I love the older stuff now.

That includes the lamps.
Actually I would say I was down to
only one since the shade of one got

This shade is a paper like type shade.
Hard to replace...but even
harder now that you can't find the ones
that fit over the bulb since all our
bulbs are changing.

I have this one sitting in my living room by
the TV., mom gave both lamps
to me when I asked whatever happened
to them.

Mom bought these years ago before
I was born, 53 years ago. She got
them at an antique store in Elgin, Illinois.

Whoops...I think I need to dust
the rim of this baby! Play like
you did not see that.
It's the prisms I want you to see..
Aren't they pretty?
Make great earrings, don't you think?

Yes, I noticed one is broken but never fear
mom also gave me a box of those that
she picked up at a yard sale for a little of

These lamps are part of the things my
mom and dad started house with, I
will cherish them.

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tomato (Mater) Sandwich

When I was growing up here in Tennessee
we ate
grilled cheese sandwiches
and PBJ.
But not a tomato sandwich.
I was introduced to those when visiting
my cousin in Georgia.
My cousin Kathy brought them
into my life.
Thanks Kathy.
Course you start them out just like
an sandwich, with bread.
Then you add mayo.
And of course a mater is not a good mater
if you don't add salt and pepper.

But I have recently improved even that
taste by adding Basil.
Tomato and Basil....
great taste.

It's simple, it's good and it makes
for a nice sandwich.
The Basil really helps.
Maybe to add to it a little mozzarella cheese...
sounding good.

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Come again soon.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Just basically writting this post for myself,
all this is beginning to be to much
to keep straight so I
am putting it here.
My health.
In 1992 I developed asthma after
two back to back bouts of
bronchitis. I just could not shake it
so instead of a trip to the walk in
clinic I saw a doc. With x-ray he
determined that I had asthma.
That was at the age of 32.
This was introduced to my life.
In 1998 I developed acid reflux. I was told
this after I had a bad attack and ended up
in the ER and a night in the hospital
with chest pain. Very scary.
Now I have a pill added
to my life.
Before, in between and after those two
things I suffered migraines.
Let me restate that, I suffered from
what I called sick headaches about once
or twice a month. But for 1.5 years I
had a headache everyday. Most days
just on the low end of the scale
But then there were those days
that were 10 and over.
I never talked to my doc about them
because I had them since my 20's
and I wrote them off as allergies.
Finally, I just could not take it any longer
and I mentioned to my doc. I was tagged
as having common migraines. Basically
I was a person that had a headache
That got me sent to nuro doc an dI was put
on preventative migraine meds that
helped for a bit. Then they were
I happened to tell the doc that I was
having them when I woke
and then when I went to bed.
There went the red flag for
my doc.
So from there I sent to a sleep study.
Oh yeah, I had sleep apnea.
At the age of 45 I was told that
I stopped breathing at night and
that I stopped for up to 30 seconds.
can't hold my breathe that long.
Being told that and being told I had to
sleep with one of these
with this on my face for the rest of my
life was a hard hit.

I did not take it easy.
I looked up sleep apnea and learned
a few things but you never
really learn what all it
can do to you until something
new appears in your health and you
look that up.
In 2006 I started aching all over.
Getting up and moving around was hard.
I had to push everyday. I wrote it off as
the weight I had gained since all these
Finally in 2008 talking to the sleep doc,
and telling him I felt like I had the flu
he walked behind me and placed his
hands on my shoulder. I also shot off
the table. He pressed other areas that
were just as painful.
My number had changed on my sleep machine
from an 8 to a 12 and my muscles were
not getting the oxygen they needed.
But it did not go away, it has stayed with me.
I refused meds.
In 2008 I was also hit with some really
bad issues in my intestines. After test
to rule out other stuff I was told
I had something that can't be found on
test (diffcult, thats me).
I  have IBS. Not to the point that
I had to take meds cause over a period
of time, it calmed down, only to have
short bouts every now and again....
Now it was a matter of waiting for the next
shoe to drop and see what would happen
Since then~
High Cholesterol
High Blood Pressure
Yes, did you know that sleep apnea plays a part in
all that?
Not to say that I might not have gotten those but...
who knows.
2010 brought on skin lupus.
Not related to sleep apnea but
it does go hand in hand with Fibro.
This year so far, the year that I was hoping was
going to be turn around has brought me
High Blood Sugar,
actually, its been rising for a couple of years.
But, now I am a diabetic.
With a high heart rate that sent me to
a heart doc to find out that I do indeed have
a blip on my stress test. Could be
just from the rise in sugar or a small blockage.
We are watching that.
I have been having spells of being dizzy
and short of breath.
The dizzy we fixed with a nose spray since
my ears were stopped up also since having
the flu in Jan.
The small pain in my chest and the short of
breath got fixed when I felt my Hiatal Hernia
slide back in place.
During all this I was having an issue with
my legs feeling so heavy. So that brought
on more lab work.
Got a call yesterday from the lab work...
My Vit B level is off. It is within normal
but it is the low end of normal. So there
we add another pill.
Not only that my magnesim is low...yep
you got it, another pill.
Plus a function of my liver is
not working. But apparently
it is a function that is not a biggie so
we are watching that also!
I got the answer, come off all the meds and
go for no more labs!
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful

The Movie!
The movie that I have been waiting
for the last 8 months.
Oz the Great and Powerful!
Saw it today with my niece Holly.
Wait, I am getting ahead of myself.
Holly had to work today till one so
we were going to go to the 3:45 showing
of the movie. But first we had
to have a late lunch.
Per Holly's request we met at
O'Charley's. Had a nice meal while
we talked about school, her up
coming play and college around the
After lunch, off we went to the movies.
Got there a little early so we sat and
watched the "commericals",
you know, the upcoming movies.
Where were our feet?
Waiting along with the rest of us to see
Then it was time!
The movie was starting.

cell phones are great for taking a pic at the movies!
As for the movie. I loved it. I thought it was
really good.
It is full of full lines and funny shots.
It is serious and full of adventure.
But it will never be the classic that the Wizard of
Oz is.
In todays world to make a movie you
would have it made. Everything
is digital and at your finger touch.
But back when the Wizard of Oz was made
it was not that easy. It was not at
your finger tips to produce a
tornado. What was done to make
the classsic movie was amazing, to be
able to do what was done with so little.
To me the Wizard of Oz is the best
classic around. It has black and white,
it has color, it has fantasy but
most of all it has MAGIC!
Oz the Great and Powerful is a great movie.
It tells the story of how the wizard came
to be in the land Oz. How he became
the wizard. The story runs right along
with the original oz, answering questions
that you did not even know you had.
Good movie.
Go and see it.
You will enjoy it.
Thanks for stopping by,
Please come again.

Friday, March 15, 2013

My Favorite Movie

One of my favorite movies……wait, my FAVORITE movie of all times is. The Wizard of Oz. I was drawn to that movie as a child and it has remained my fav since then.

I remember when it came on once a year, course that was before cable. It was the one TV event I waited for all year. I also remember when it was a 2 night movie. Laying in front of the console TV on your tummy and if you wanted to turn it up or down you had to get up to do it cause there was no such thing as a remote control! You all know what I am talking about. Yes, that was the time of year I waited for, it was the movie of all times to me.

Over the years my love for that movie has not changed. I remember when my ex and I got our first VCR, my daughter Amber was a little girl. She had seen the movie, once a year just like her mom. But when we got that VCR and had to go to the movie store to pick out movies to watch, it seemed she always wanted that movie. Time and time again, I sat with her to watch it. But finally I had to put my foot down, it was a classic, a once a year type movie, I was afraid it would be spoiled if I continued to watch it so often.

I taught Amber to see the magic in the movie, than I had a son. I brought him up on that movie also. Both of them like it today, but I think Cory likes it the most. I introduced my nephew Chase, and my nieces Paige and Holly to it. Holly saw the magic and the fantasy of the movie and fell in love with it also. Chase called me about a year ago to see if I was watching it, it was being shown on cable and he was introducing my great nephew Cole to it! Not to mention that I introduced my grandson, Caleb to it….I love it…..


Holly is an actress with a passion and once when she was in New York she saw Wicked, the play. I borrowed the book from her mom, Kim and read it. I was not at all pleased. It seemed to have lost all the magic and the fantasy when telling about how the Wicked Witch became how she was. But about 8 months ago I heard that there was a new movie coming out, Oz, The Great and Powerful. I watched the trailer and I was hooked. I called Holly (who is now 17) and told her about it. Her and I decided that on March 8th, when it came out, we would be there to see it, together. That did not work the way we planned cause Holly had to be out of town with school when it opened. But……we will be seeing it tomorrow afternoon.

Now what is funny about this is, my son Cory beat me to it. He saw it last week, but that is ok, I know the magic is still there for him. He has done really well with only telling me that it was good and not telling me about the movie itself.

I know it will be different than the Wizard of Oz, TV has changed in 70 something years! But it still looks great and I can't wait.


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Monday, March 11, 2013

Some of My Treasures

I know that we all have something that
we kept for some reason or another.
Me- I have a lot I kept for some reason
or the other! At times I wonder why
that reason is and why I have kept
so much!
Here is a wooden cradle that my youngest brother
Mark made for my daughter Amber when she was
really little.
Amber has three boys and no reason to
need this cradle so it has remained
at my home.
Inside this cradle holds some of those
things, treasures that I have kept.

This was not really mine to keep but
I thought it special. My mother use to sew
a lot and this is something she made
for Amber.
A jointed dog.

But now this, was mine. My mother sent off
labels or box tops or stamps or something
to get this. He had a big bow around his
neck at one time. I never named
him cause I got this when I was in
my teens. But he sat at the head
of my bed and he has remained with
me all this time.

This...wow, the memories. I dated
a guy the last two years of my high
school years....Larry Sisco and why I
kept this from all he gave me I don't
know...but I do remember
he gave me this when we had
been dating 8 months.
And NO, I do not remember the actual

Here is another one I saved for Amber.
Mom made this for her also. I don't
care for PINK....but I love
the patch work look.

Now, this is special to me. This is Little
Miss Peep. She squeeks and peeps.
I got this doll when I was in kindergarten
for Christmas. Can't remember what
she wore but I do knwo she was wrapped
in a soft pink blanket with a pink bow
around her. I no longer have
the dress, but somewhere around here I
have the blanket.
My mom made this dress for her.

Another old doll of mine. Don't
remember when I got her and I can't
remember if I named her but I still
have her!
Her eyes have frosted over and she
no longer wears the dress she
arrived in but she wears a pretty
one my mom made her.
She was also made by Vogue.
My daughter and my nieces were
never really allowed to play with
these dolls although I remember
that my niece Paige really loved Ms. Peep.

My bunny.
When I was growing up my mom
made most all I wore. She even made
the shirts my brothers wore. But there
was never anytime for making
crafts until we were all grown.
She made me this when I was older
and Amber was a little girl.

This is very special. It was given to
me for my B-day, Feb. 14, 2006 by
my daughter, Amber and my 1st born
grandson, Caleb.
Just a shot of the beautiful cradle that Mark
made.....isn't it great.

And lets not forget my Homemade Cabbage Patch
doll my mom made. I have to laugh about how
I got this. Mom was always making her 1st
born grandchild, Amber things and I
had to voice my thoughts on the fact
that she needed to make me something....
and here she is!

In a very beautiful highchair that Mark made
also. He does great work. This also
belongs to Amber but what would she
do with it since she has a house full of boys?
Just a side story about this chair....
Don't put little toddlers in it!
My nephew who is a few yrs younger
than Amber was at the house playing one
day when Amber came running in to tell me
that Chase was stuck.
Yes, very stuck, in this chair.
I tried to pull him out.
He was not moving.
I had to lay the chair flat on its back
and wiggle, and pull, and slide
poor Chase from this chair!
Those were the days.
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Monday, March 4, 2013

The Ending and Beginning

Last year my niece and some friends of hers were going to go to the Opryland Hotel for prom pictures. Actually, her school does not have "proms", it’s a banquet. But as normal, Holly wanted Aunt Pam to shoot the pictures. It was a lot of fun.

Now looking back on those pictures and thinking about this year's banquet that will be coming up soon, I realize that something's have to come to an end. Holly is a senior this year and next year she will be at UT Knoxville.
Holly loved this painting I did..
So for her b-day one yr I gave it
to her..

Photo shoot with Holly

Wow, I remember when she was born. How little and sweet. She is my youngest brother's daughter, his only child. She is very talented in drama, she can play the piano, sing, draw, and so much more. I have watched her grow and I thank her, her mom Kim and my brother for always allowing me to be a special part of her life. For always calling on me and my camera to photograph events for Holly, and to document those events in pictures. It has been a pleasure.

Holly and I use to do a "girls" night out from time to time where we would go to a movie or attend a school play. I was not sure how to handle that when we could no longer do the plays together since I would be sitting in the stands and her on stage. For the last few years I have attended every play, spring and fall that she has been in. In April, I will also attend the last one that she will be in for her school. Another ending but it means new beginnings for her.

Christmas card one yr.

Holly as Alice in Alice and

Holly with her grandma, my mother after
a play.

I have always been a big fan of the Wizard of Oz, my fav movie and it was only natural for that to rub off on my kids, my grandkids and Holly. So much so that about 8 or 9 months ago when I saw that there was to be a new movie, "Oz, the Great and Powerful", I picked up the phone and made a date for a girl's night out. We have been waiting for March 8, to arrive so we could go. Due to a commitment on Holly's part we have to hold off on that and go the next weekend. But that is ok, cause this is something we have to do together.

Change is in the air. Now it is time to watch her
grow into the rest of her life....what she
will learn, what she will see, and
where she will go.

Love you Holly.

Thanks for stopping in,