The Ending and Beginning

Last year my niece and some friends of hers were going to go to the Opryland Hotel for prom pictures. Actually, her school does not have "proms", it’s a banquet. But as normal, Holly wanted Aunt Pam to shoot the pictures. It was a lot of fun.

Now looking back on those pictures and thinking about this year's banquet that will be coming up soon, I realize that something's have to come to an end. Holly is a senior this year and next year she will be at UT Knoxville.
Holly loved this painting I did..
So for her b-day one yr I gave it
to her..

Photo shoot with Holly

Wow, I remember when she was born. How little and sweet. She is my youngest brother's daughter, his only child. She is very talented in drama, she can play the piano, sing, draw, and so much more. I have watched her grow and I thank her, her mom Kim and my brother for always allowing me to be a special part of her life. For always calling on me and my camera to photograph events for Holly, and to document those events in pictures. It has been a pleasure.

Holly and I use to do a "girls" night out from time to time where we would go to a movie or attend a school play. I was not sure how to handle that when we could no longer do the plays together since I would be sitting in the stands and her on stage. For the last few years I have attended every play, spring and fall that she has been in. In April, I will also attend the last one that she will be in for her school. Another ending but it means new beginnings for her.

Christmas card one yr.

Holly as Alice in Alice and

Holly with her grandma, my mother after
a play.

I have always been a big fan of the Wizard of Oz, my fav movie and it was only natural for that to rub off on my kids, my grandkids and Holly. So much so that about 8 or 9 months ago when I saw that there was to be a new movie, "Oz, the Great and Powerful", I picked up the phone and made a date for a girl's night out. We have been waiting for March 8, to arrive so we could go. Due to a commitment on Holly's part we have to hold off on that and go the next weekend. But that is ok, cause this is something we have to do together.

Change is in the air. Now it is time to watch her
grow into the rest of her life....what she
will learn, what she will see, and
where she will go.

Love you Holly.

Thanks for stopping in,


great pics Pam! I wish all the best for Holly as she embarks on a great new adventure!


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