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Deck Verses Not Deck Time, End Tables, and Class Reunion

 Tuesday morning I started coffee on the deck, however, it was a tad cooler than I prefer, so Lily and I came in.  Lily and I curled up, with  a throw, laptop and TV. Don't we look so comfy? The past few days have been easy on me, after my time fighting the ivy vines.  Day after that, I washed up some dishes, and hung out on the deck for a bit. Dude came and cut the yard, so I did have to get out and pick up some limbs and branches I was planning on  getting done. I was to worn out after the ivy, I planned on doing it the next day anyway, but was going to wait till later cause I thought that Dude would come later in the week. I was wrong, heard the mower start which made me have to run out and do it, barefooted, which was not a good idea, I was on the back of the fenced yard where pinecones and needles are. OUCH.....I stepped on a pinecone and bruised the bottom  of my foot. Anyway, yard looks good.  Next day, I got some laundry done. some clothes hung up, Floors vac'd. Living

Nashville's Heart is Breaking

 I just don't understand it!! School shooting at a church/school in Nashville. Seven dead including three nine year old children. What the hell is wrong with people? 28 yr old transgender (female) was once a student at the  school, which since it's a elementary  school, it had to be forever ago. You can read here. ⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊ Seven dead, including three children at The Covenant School on Monday ( According to the news, there were plans in the house as how to carry out the shooting at this targeted school.  My heart goes out to everyone involved. This was posted by a dear friends daughter that I watched grow up. Sarah Andrews, Sumner County School Board-District 4 1h    ·  I have recently learned that today’s tragedy hits close to home for the Shackle Island community. Chad Scruggs, a Beech High graduate, is the pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church and his daughter is one of the victims from today’s shooting. Please pray specifically for this family as they navi

Video and Facetime, Fighting DEAD Ivy, Lily and Misty, Bees and Dead Nettle

 Sunday was a special day. I got a video from Felicity  and facetimed with Evie. How perfect is that? Sunday I tried to finish up what I started weeks ago, clearing the  dead ivy. BEFORE AFTER the first attempt I worked on removing all the stems, branches and  what knot from my side of the fence. SUNDAY This took my  Reciprocating saw with a new blade and some  strength. This is what I was dealing with. Maybe two hours the first go around and an hour this time, with an hour of sitting out  with the burn pile. That one hour of work put a  hurting on me. So far on  Monday, I have not done much.  I sure miss the old Pam before Fibro. Question now is~ do I do the other side? You see, technically, that tiny small section is mine. Not the  neighbors. However, I am wanting to  take out that portion of the  fence since it was damaged by a  storm taking the tree down on  top of it, which the ivy hid the  damage. But I want to replace that part with privacy fencing.  So much I want to do, can

Quiet or Not, The Furs, Bees and Birds

 haha... This is pretty correct! I remember a first date with my first love. In the car going to the movie Larry stated that I needed to  talk.  Months later he told me, "I know I told you to talk, now I am not sure how to make you stop!" lol And yes, when I am pissed, hurt or over something, I don't talk. People need to worry! Since I am not getting out and about much lately I don't have much to blog about... haha... that is so  crazy, I know. Anyway, I do have pics of the furs. Friday I was laying on the couch and Misty, wanting to be near, laid on the back of the couch and snoozed! Lily was tucked behind the  knees.  Then on Sunday morning, I went from the bed to the couch. It was too cold to open the back door for the furs to go out on the deck. Lily curled up behind the knees while I slept. At some point I flipped to my tummy, something I don't  usually do. I work and felt something heavy on my legs. Apparently, when I flipped, Lily went with the flip. Course