Video and Facetime, Fighting DEAD Ivy, Lily and Misty, Bees and Dead Nettle

 Sunday was a special day.
I got a video from Felicity 
and facetimed with Evie.

How perfect is that?

Sunday I tried to finish up what
I started weeks ago, clearing the 
dead ivy.


AFTER the first attempt

I worked on removing all
the stems, branches and 
what knot from my
side of the fence.


This took my Reciprocating saw
with a new blade and some 

This is what I was dealing with.

Maybe two hours the first go
around and an hour this time,
with an hour of sitting out 
with the burn pile.
That one hour of work put a 
hurting on me. So far on 
Monday, I have not done much.
 I sure miss the old
Pam before Fibro.

Question now is~ do I do the other
side? You see, technically, that tiny
small section is mine. Not the 
neighbors. However, I am wanting to 
take out that portion of the 
fence since it was damaged by a 
storm taking the tree down on 
top of it, which the ivy hid the 
damage. But I want to replace
that part with privacy fencing. 
So much I want to do, can't do
for myself anymore and can't 
afford to hire done...

However, while I worked these
two did 
earn their keep!

But they were waiting for me when
I came back up on the deck!
Lily even perched on the arm of 
my chair to be close.

I did notice that it is time to 
put the bee bath out. I did get the
stand out but the bowl is still
stored. I sort of want to get a 
stepping stone to place this on
so that I don't have to move
it when dude cuts the yard and he can just
weed around the stone.
That is my hold up for
getting it out.

My yard is full of this stuff 
and until now I did not
know the name. 
But my friend Wendy, the
one I had lunch with post this
on FB so I borrowed it.

Don't mow your Dead Nettle!
You probably have this in your yard or nearby. It’s Purple Dead Nettle(doesn’t sting)
One benefit of purple dead-nettle is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory.
It’s also food source. Purple dead-nettle is wild, edible leaves. You can even eat the entire plant. The flavor is mild, slightly grassy, somewhat floral.
It’s an antioxidant. It can improve your immune system and thus, help fight infection.
It’s an anti-bacterial. It interferes with the growth and reproduction of bacteria.
It’s an antifungal.
It’s an astringent. Purple dead-nettle can be beneficial for toning the digestive tract, or used as a skin treatment.
It’s a diaphoretic. Purple dead-nettle helps the body fight against fever and chills, cools the skin and eliminates toxins.
It’s high in iron, vital to the proper function of hemoglobin, which helps transport oxygen in the blood.
It’s high in vitamins and fiber!
So, the part that caught my attention
was that it is an anti-inflammatory!
Before my dude comes to mow for the
first time this week, I am going out
and roll around in the
Purple Dead Nettle!!!
Not sure if that will help, and I might
need to yell for a neighbor to help me
up, but its worth a try!! I go, to roll in the
Dead Nettle...
Aka Lamium and there are about
30 species of this stuff.
Do you have it in your area?
Here at the base of my hill in the
back yard where to rain rolls down
to, it is really thick and the bees love it.



BeachGypsy said…
Pam please save me a spot in the purple Nettle--- I am on my way!!! I'll bring pillows and iced tea!!!
Sandee said…
Aw on Felicity. What a cutie pie.

I don't even want talk about our yard full of weeds. We aren't good at taking care of the outside of our home. Lawn wise that is.

Have a fabulous day, Pam. Scritches to the kitties. ♥
Liz A. said…
I imagine getting rid of all that is going to take a few days of work. No reason to push yourself to do it all at once. Just take it a bit at a time. Hopefully you can get someone to put up the privacy fencing for you. Do you have a friend who'd be willing to help you out (rather than hiring out to get it done)?
Bill said…
Getting all that growth off the fence looks very intensive. You did a wonderful job cleaning off the one side. The cats were there to lend support to you knowing that you worked very hard and maybe you had a treat for them. :)
Ann said…
That looks like a lot of work on that ivy. I can't imagine trying to get that all out of the fence.
I have that dead nettle all over in my yard. Maybe I should go out and roll around in mine too. I'm going to wait until it warms up first though :)
Dearest Pam,
Oh, what a gigantic task to remove that ivy! Yes, those vines can become quite woody and strong.
It is time consuming and almost impossible to have someone else do it for you.
Such are the blessings of having your own property...
Yes, our kitties get by with a royal life style and we're just their SERVANTS.
But with LOVE.
Great photos of the Dead Nettle.
You sure had some fun chats with those sweeties. That fence mess was sure something, that's hard clearing up. Howdy Lily, howdy Misty!
Jeanie said…
I might have that in my yard. Or maybe something else. But who knew more?!

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