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The Goof Off Crew and a Wedding

 Memorial Day  wedding with the goof off crew..... I mean the I Do Dream Team. Beautiful red roses. Son walking mom down to the Reflection Pond. LOVE the sun ray that a cell phone shows. What better shot of a wedding taking place while featuring the  LOVE shack. Or even better, the LOVE Shack and Ole Blue. Or a shot through the window of Ole Blue. The brides boys loved Ole Blue. HAHA...too cute. Hoping that you all had a great Memorial Day with family or friends. Pam

Cash, Sun Setting, Tea and Tires

My heart is breaking this evening. Little Cash, just  a couple of days after his  8th birthday left this world Monday  evening.  I understand he went peacefully and not in  a lot of pain.  Holding his family close to my heart tonight. Not sure how a mother, father or two brothers say  goodbye to the youngest in the family.  Sunday evening at the house as the  sun is setting. Spent the afternoon at a cookout at my brothers house with his in laws. Niece's hubs cooked amazing burgers, and hotdogs. He is a  manage cook at Ellingston Place in downtown Nashville. Had tater salad, macaroni salad, slaw, strawberry pie, caramel pie and watermelon! YUM. The other day at  Caitlin's baby shower I had some Lemon Loaf tea... its a dessert all in its  own.  Nashville can't seem to get through a winter with ice and snow that doesn't mess up our roads.  For the last five months we have dealt with holes, bumps and cracks in our roads. A statement made a couple months back was that Nashvi

Baby Shower Gift and Ballgame

 Here is a pic of  Paula and I at her daughter, Caitlin's baby shower.  Caitlin is doing the baby's room in these type of roses...with gray. So I painted this for her. After the shower I was blessed with my body having a  good day and I  was able to drive to Lyles (1.3) hours down the road for  Braden's ballgame. Here is B getting ready for the hit. See the ball? And there goes the ball. Slammed that baby. This was actually the second hit he got. Slammed both of them. Both times he made it to third base after other batters but never was able to get home before the 3rd out. Not that he did not try. There was a lot of teasing from 3rd to  home, and they never caught this fast dude! Because they have such a  large team and the team  they were going to play forfeited, they played their other half. Split the team to have a game. Here they all are being silly. Here they all are after trophy's. B running up to get his trophy. Got it and so excited. A little playing  after all

The First Meeting

 Oh, I am so glad I did not stay away from  blogland  for long,  cause I have some sweet pics to share. I met Felicity Rose for the first time  Saturday. Me with my great grandbaby, our first pic together. Braden is so gentle  and has the most loving and caring heart. He wanted to hold his niece.  Here is our 4th generation pic. Me, Amber, Caleb and Felicity. Had such a great time visiting with the family and esp with Felicity. Emmy Lou wanted to get in on  the pics also.  She looks so much like Amber did. Amber was getting way too much loving so shortly after this pic, I had to take Felicity  away from her. Trinity (Felicity's mom) and Felicity. I am so in love with this sweet little baby girl. Pam

Not Afraid, Felicity, Hummingbird, Storm and Monkeys

 We are not afraid of no ghost!!   Hops Ville is 45 mins away and this was on the local news cause one of the  news reporter lives there. Too funny. Got to facetime with  Felicity the  other night. I think Felicity  favors her  granny, Amber. This is a pic of Amber at around two months. I have been enjoying watching the hummingbirds now that I know about the  time they come around. Prob with being out on the deck or in the yard don't happen often. The POLLEN has been a killer the  last few days.  I was out for 20 mins one evening and I had to go in and  take a bath. Thursday I went to  town to work... as I left I was trying my best to beat this mess as it came in. As it was, I got home, five mins later it came a down pour for about 10 mins. No thunder or lightening....just rain. FYI.. there are four monkey's now.   lol. Pam

Go Fund Me, Cards, Drink, Butterfly and the Bloom

 I missed you guys!! I am not a big fan of Go Fund Me Accounts... but in this case I  know for sure that this family is taking everyday they can to be with Cash. Help Me, Help the Hicks Family If you can it will go to a good cause. thank you. Also, Cash rec'd over 300 cards.  Thank you. I am still struggling and  dealing with the issues that caused me to bail on you folks. But I also found that blogging helps. Had dinner with Theresa  the other night. I love Los Amigos and  their sangria is amazing. Not only taste great but it looks so  pretty!! Last week I  went to a craft sale that my friend Krystal  was in.  I purchased this for my daughter to put back for Christmas.  Krystal