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Health part 4

Hello again. Thought I would continue the health blog with where I left off….FIBROMYALGIA. Not only do you suffer from pain, and even while on the meds I still do, but not like before meds. I have experienced other symptoms, and reading other blogs, fibro sites and hearing other stories I have come to realize that not everyone with fibro will suffer in the same way. Not all will deal with the feeling that your fingers, hands and ankles feel like they are swollen. I have, usually when the pain is mid I notice it the most. Not sure if it is there when the pain it really bad, or if I just don't notice if cause I hurt elsewhere. But at times it becomes uncomfortable to deal with. There are other things that I have questioned because at this point I am not sure if some is from meds or the Fibro. But I usually key in the info on the net and it usually comes back as a symptom. At that point I just say, "oh yay, another one"! How about the temp? Oh yeah,

The Last High School Play

I knew that when I took Holly's prom pics a couple of weeks ago that the time would fly by and before she knew it, high school would be over. Friday night she performed in her next to the last high school play, and Saturday night, the one I attended, was the last. In the fall her school, Donelson Christian puts on a Drama but in the spring they put on a musical. The musical this year was Fiddler on the Roof. As always, DCA put on a fantastic show. The students do an amazing job. The acting, the singing, the stage props, the back stage workers……all amazing! Holly's part this last play was Golde, the leading female part! The leading guy and Holly did a great job together. They even shared a bed in the dream part of the play! Something I don't think I will let Holly forget! My sis in law, Lori could not make it, her and my brother Ray were really sick. But Chase (nephew), his wife Susan and my great nephew Cole were there, along with Lori's mom and dad who drove in f

Health Part 3

I am back...... So I left you off at what illness' and issues can come just from having sleep apnea. Keep in mind that these issues are things I have ran across......okay, that I developed from having sleep apnea. Whenever something would come up with me or my body that did not makes sense, that hung around or really became a pain, I pulled it up on the internet. I have been totally amazed at what you can develope from just not sleeping, or your breathe being cut off when you do sleep. I also want to state that although these are things I have learned as I have lived with my sleep issue, my sleep is under control. I was told that with my snoring issue as a teen and later into adulthood, it appears that I have had sleep apnea since I was child. Oh yay, how much fun has this been. Even though my sleep is under control with the aid of a CPAP machine, I have to admit that I don't use it when taking naps, and the fact that the damage had been done. Years of sle

Health Part 2

Oh my gosh, where did I leave you guys hanging yesterday with the first health blog? You forgot, funny I have that same issue. I think some of my meds do that to me also, and age I am sure does not help. The light went off, I remembered! It was the last removal of the knot on the gland. I have had several surgeries since then for this that or the other. But those are things I really don't feel like going into, this is more about illnesses. I developed asthma from two bouts of bronchitis. I had some really bad issues getting that under control but I have not had an issue in about 15 yrs. Not sure I really have it or ever had it. In 1998 I started chewing tums like mad. Heartburn every time I ate. Then there came another issue with sleep, waking with this burning in my esophagus. To the doc I went, was being treated by over the counter meds. One night while reading to my son I had a really bad bout of something. My brother came and got me and my son and took me to the hospital

My Health

My blog, "Life Through My Eyes" is just that, a blog about things I see, or better yet the things I live through or with and the things that are a major part of my life. I blog about my kids, grandkids, things or projects I make or start…..sometimes finishing, my brothers, The KING (my dog) and so much more. I try to keep things positive and upbeat but sometimes there are just those days that you wish to share that might not be so upbeat or so positive. We all have those days we have all lived through them at some point in our life. I want to share this blog with you in hopes that if there is someone out there that does not understand, maybe it will help them. Someone out there that might not realize that some of this stuff is happening to them and they were not sure what it could be, maybe this will answer some of those questions. Plus, as I get older it becomes hard to keep up with all this and the order...this will be for my memory also. Keep in mind what I blog abou

The Car Show

This last Saturday after my prom shoot I went by the Chick-a-fila for a car show. This time a year they start having one almost every Saturday. My friend Brian has a corvette that he took up there to be in the show. He had a pretty red one and sold it but recently got him a burgundy 2003 - 50th Anniversary one. After walking around to view some of the cars and trucks we pulled out the chairs and sat with a friend of his that has a 1963 black corvette. Brian's   1963 LOL Check out this big guy! I think I might post a few more tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Prom Shoot - Chelsea and Josephine

Last year I photographed Chelsea for her prom. We did those shots at the lake below the house. We also did extra pics of her, her date and her family plus a friend and her date. This year I was honored when I was asked to do her prom pics again. Chelsea mentioned to me that she wanted to do her shots this year around a barn. So glad that she mentioned that cause a barn I could give her. My brother has a nice barn on his property and thankfully he has told me I can do any shoots I need to out there. Thanks Ray so much, it is an awesome place to shoot. I photographed Chelsea this year with her friend Josephine and Josephine's boyfriend. Two shoots combined into one, works great. The barn was a great setting for those pretty dresses. Thank goodness it had not rained the day before that would not have worked out to well. It was a beautiful sunny day and the girls looked great.    This is Josephine's date Christian And this is the lovely Chelsea Me

Critters......Critters......and More Critters

What is it with me and critters….outdoor critters? Do I have a sign on my back that says come on over and live with me? Back several years ago I started hearing this noise on my roof, at least that is what I thought. It is noise you hear as squirrels run across your roof. You know that sound, the sound of pitter patter on the roof top! I found it really odd that I would hear them at night. Don't squirrels sleep at night. NO! NO! NO! They party above your head while you try to sleep. Cute little rodents that they are, they chewed a hole in a spot on the side of my house and proceeded to move it. It was a week before Christmas and colder than a witches…… oh never mind, let's just say it was COLD. So the morning after they partied, running back and forth above my head, I went out to look. Oh yeah, there was a nice round hole, big enough for these RODENTS to move in. But I could not have that, they had to go. I called a pest company and they came

To Catch A Drop

My niece's good friend, Alexis! So funny and comical. I asked her to hold out her hand to catch the water..... She played right along! Thanks for stopping in and please come again, Pam

DCA Banquet - Holly

Where do I begin? Shall I begin with Holly as a baby? As a small child or just start with the other night when she attended her Senior Banquet? Yes, maybe that is the best place to start. April 13, 2013, she is all grown, looks like woman which I am sure was hard on my brother and Holly's mom. Beautiful, no other way to say it. I first saw her ready for her Banquet at Gaylord Opryland Hotel where her and some other girls were coming for me to photograph them. They were all just stunning, but for now I want to just make this blog about Holly, my niece. She appeared in a black and white dress, make up done and that fantastic smile of hers. She has so much going for her but I am not sure she knows that yet. All though Holly appears very self-confident, she is nervous, just like every time she steps on stage at school for a play, and every time, it all comes out perfect! All the girls~ These beautiful ladies did not have dates for the banquet, but that is ok, cause they all