Health part 4

Hello again.

Thought I would continue the health blog with
where I left off….FIBROMYALGIA.

Not only do you suffer from pain, and even while
on the meds I still do, but not like before meds. I
have experienced other symptoms, and reading
other blogs, fibro sites and hearing other stories
I have come to realize that not everyone with fibro
will suffer in the same way. Not all will deal with the
feeling that your fingers, hands and ankles feel like
they are swollen. I have, usually when the pain is
mid I notice it the most. Not sure if it is there when
the pain it really bad, or if I just don't notice if cause
I hurt elsewhere. But at times it becomes
uncomfortable to deal with.

There are other things that I have questioned
because at this point I am not sure if some is
from meds or the Fibro. But I usually key in
the info on the net and it usually comes back
as a symptom. At that point I just say, "oh yay,
another one"!

How about the temp? Oh yeah, I can't seem to
take really hot temps anymore. It becomes too
much to bear. As for the cold, I get through it
pretty well since I am at the "flashing" stage of
life also. But seriously I am not sure if my tolerance
to cold is part of all this. I do know that I only wore
a coat once this past winter. But, there is a syndrome
that usually appears in folks with Lupus or Fibro, it
is called Raynaud Syndrome. Apparently the veins
start to narrow in your toes and fingers. I have it in a
couple of my fingers. They will get cold, turn bluish
and hurt so bad. When the color is coming back, along
with the hurt, there comes this throbbing. Not fun at all
and makes typing hard. I have also read that this can
affect your nose also.

How about a rub down or going to the chiropractor? I
have read that some people really do well with this. I
can do the rub down if I am not in major pain and I did
a chiro for 2.5 yrs., with some relief. The issue with the
chiro was that I hurt so bad for a week after an adjustment
but not only that, I could feel what he did working out of
whack the next day. Apparently my muscles did not like
being rearranged with the bones so they would just jerk
them back where they wanted them. I had to stop going.

Back to sleep apnea, if you have sleep apnea you have
done reading on your own and you have found that you fit
a lot of what has been talked about. Like I said at the
beginning I was not told all that sleep apnea could cause,
most I have learned on my own. The internet has been a
great source of info. If you have a symptom that pops up or
 is new, check it out. Don't be afraid to read up on it.

Like I said, the sleep doc is the first that told me I had fibro,
he was also the one that told me that asthma and acid
reflux went hand in hand with sleep apnea. Wow….really?
But they came first, or did they? I think the doc was right
when they told me I had sleep apnea as a child, so
therefore the asthma and acid reflux came after, but since
I was not aware I had the sleep issue, I thought they came first.

Somewhere through all this I started having tummy issues.
Great, another shoe dropped! I was having bad pain in
my upper intestines, on each side under each breast.
You know where I am talking right where the large
intestines bends or curves. Plus there was the soft stools.
Hey, gotta tell it all.

It started all like this~ one day I started to get ill.
My tummy would feel close to being sick every day.
It was like it was rolling and flipping but I never got
physically sick. This went on for a couple of weeks.
It would let up here and there but it was with me more
than not. Next came the actually being sick stage, that
stayed with me for a couple of weeks also. Next came
the pain. Was somewhat happy that they all did not hit
at the same time.

Okay, to the tummy doc I go. All these test were ran. The
scope down the throat to look at the tummy and the upper
part of the intestines showed nothing, the scope up the
"exit only" section of my body showed nothing to be
concerned about. The ultrasound of the gallbladder
working, showed nothing. In between the test, I did some
reading and it sounded like I had IBS, Irritable Bowel
Syndrome. Yep, sounds like a lot of fun. After talking
to the doc, it was determined that is what I had. But
being a doc, he had to rule out anything bad with the test.

Did you know that IBS is also another issue that goes
hand in hand with sleep apnea. No, I didn't either.

Okay, so far we have covered the sleep, the asthma,
the acid, the fibro, and IBS…not to mention migraines.
Next we will look into high blood pressure, high sugar
and heart issues. Stayed tuned!

Thanks for stopping in,



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