Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Monday thur Wednesday

I live with pain daily....
I have Fibromyalgia.
Right now my everyday pain
is under control and I am not flaring...
But to help with that I started wearing
Hermite (gem stone) on my ankle at the
first of May. The other night I purchased
these to items, in hopes that it will
help to combat pain also.
a healing stone for pain

Check this out...July
has been usual with the temps.
Amazing morning.

But even though the temps were so
nice when I stepped out the morning had
already gotten off on a wrong foot.
I was running late.
Then as I was coming down the porch
steps something landed on me.
I thought it was a spider at first
and I started dancing and moving..
It was not a spider, it was
one of these.

A Yellow Jacket.
And yes, he got me.
Right above the heart.
The worry was that I had never been
stung by one so I was not sure
if I was allergic or not, I am
allergic to everything else.
But I got it the car and headed to work,
I am still breathing so I am not allergic!
Ignore the flaking skin from the sunburn I got.

When I got the Yellow Jacket to let go of my
shirt I looked up and saw this~
And all I could think of was they were
laughing their butts off at me.
Watching me do the dance trying to
get the Yellow Jacket off me.
While they looked on I am sure they
were remembering stories that
were handed down from generation
to generation about another dance
I did involving one of their long
distance relatives....
Right Mark?
I will leave that story for another time!
The reddness of the sting is gone but
now there is a puss looking spot where
the Yellow Jacket got me.
Anyway, I made it to work after stopping
to get some of this at Walgreens....
And now I sat at my desk trying to stay awake.
I will be glad when this day is over.
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Monday, July 28, 2014

This, That and the Other

 Caught this pic of momma deer on the
way to Chris' house the day.
I saw the baby also but did not
get a pic.
Isn't it late in the year for fawns
to still have their spots?
The baby did.
Love what East Nashville has done with
this area at the corner of Riverside
and McGavock.
Cool little places to eat and shop.

Sat I worked on Christmas ornaments. Yes, I
know it is still 5 months till Christmas...
What only 5 months, I really need to get busy!

Went to Cato's Sat....
Got a couple of bohemian hippie
type skirts. Love them...
The red one was marked down from
24.99 to 11.99 the teal one was
24.99 marked to 17.99.

More clothes! Yay...
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Friday, July 25, 2014

My Week

Early Friday morning I heard a
noise, and you know how your
mind will work it into your dream?
Can't remember the dream but
somehow that noise became
money spilling out on the floor.
I WOKE to the sound of
soemthing running and
this is what I saw....
Apparently a blade fell off and the
others chopped it up as then fell.
Yep, a fan with no blades is not
good at cooling!
Threw blade pieces all over the place.

Even on top of me as I slept.
This is what I found on the sheet.

When I bent to start the shower, pieces fell
from my hair!
Can't sleep without a fan so last
night I put my new one together.
An American Gold Finch.
They are so color and pretty.

Clover was born March 17. I have enjoyed
watching her turn from the tan sort of
color she was to this beautiful chestnut

Lenords nose!

Sunday sitting out on Chris' deck
I was bombed by June bugs in July.
There were thousands of them.
I remember tying string to them
as a child and letting them fly around!

My Braden....the dare devil.

DJ - running a fever and not
feeling well.

Did not see Caleb, he was out and about.
Sitting enjoying deck time before the sun
bears down.

I was given to go carts from a friend....
good thing that Chris repairs motors
and mowers on the side. They both
need work but he got my go cart up
and running! lol

CJ sitting on a recliner....
in the middle of the burn pile.
Silly boys.

My baby, Dakota, THE KING
likes Chris!

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Wicked Painting / Post Card

A few years ago I read the book
I was totally not impressed.
Being a Wizard of Oz fan I
felt that it brought hate and darkness
to OZ.
But back a few months ago I attended
the play with my two sis in laws
and two of my nieces.
I loved it.
The play was different than the
Anyway my niece who is majoring
in Drama loves it and has
seen it several times.
I wanted to give her something
to hang in her new apartment at
college this fall....
The starting of Holly's painting.
The most of it. I have
more work to do but I think she
will love it.

Speaking of Holly I have to share this....

My talented, lovely niece brought me
this card back from Fla. I am a bigger
size woman so I had to laugh but
I had to mess with Holly.
I texted her and wanted to know what
she was saying by giving me that card.
She text back saying that she meant nothing
and she thought I would find it funny.
I then had to admit, I laughed my
rear off!
That girl is mess.
Love you Holly.
Thanks for stopping in,

Maternity Pics - Chelesa and Dustin

Been so busy and I just realized
I forgot to put more of the maternity
shoot I did with Chelsea.
Maternity shoots when I was younger
were a snap shot by a family member
or a friend.
Times have changed.
Dustin and Chelsea

Glad I caught this silly shot!

Introducing Aubree.

Thanks for stopping in,

Sample of Senior Photo Session with Bradley

Seventeen years old and starting
his senior year.
I think I remember that feeling!
Great hair and beautiful smile.

This is just a sample of our shoot.
More to come later.
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Friday, July 18, 2014

Sample of Maternity Pics for Chelsea

Just a sample
of maternity pics of
Chelsea, including

Cute huh?
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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Couple of EASY put together projects

Quick and simple....
You might have seen this in
one of the blogs about my yard but
I thought I would show you just
how simple these projects were.
Candle iron holder.
$2.99 at Goodwill
I actually thought I would
afix a dish in there for a birdfeeder,
but then another thought came to me.
Using the light part of a solar light from
the yard I used my E6000 glue and
attached that to the candle holder.
Hung on a shepards hook and
there you go.

a bird cage picked up at Goodwill for
less than 3.00 and all I did was
sat a pot of plants in it.
The ivy and creeping Jenny
has really grown and looks
so cute.

I love it.
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day of Fun

Well you already must know that
my days of fun usually include the
Just shooting odds and ends
at Chris' house.

Then his grandson came over and they played
in the pool.
This is Syler.

Syler and Brain

with the biggest kid of all.

Chris' son Nick and Brian about
to go for a spin.

After all the fun and the go cart acted up,
Syler was pouting cause
he wanted to ride again.

But the real fun was watching the OLDER kids
race lawn mowers.
SORRY no pics.
Thanks for stopping in,