My Week

Early Friday morning I heard a
noise, and you know how your
mind will work it into your dream?
Can't remember the dream but
somehow that noise became
money spilling out on the floor.
I WOKE to the sound of
soemthing running and
this is what I saw....
Apparently a blade fell off and the
others chopped it up as then fell.
Yep, a fan with no blades is not
good at cooling!
Threw blade pieces all over the place.

Even on top of me as I slept.
This is what I found on the sheet.

When I bent to start the shower, pieces fell
from my hair!
Can't sleep without a fan so last
night I put my new one together.
An American Gold Finch.
They are so color and pretty.

Clover was born March 17. I have enjoyed
watching her turn from the tan sort of
color she was to this beautiful chestnut

Lenords nose!

Sunday sitting out on Chris' deck
I was bombed by June bugs in July.
There were thousands of them.
I remember tying string to them
as a child and letting them fly around!

My Braden....the dare devil.

DJ - running a fever and not
feeling well.

Did not see Caleb, he was out and about.
Sitting enjoying deck time before the sun
bears down.

I was given to go carts from a friend....
good thing that Chris repairs motors
and mowers on the side. They both
need work but he got my go cart up
and running! lol

CJ sitting on a recliner....
in the middle of the burn pile.
Silly boys.

My baby, Dakota, THE KING
likes Chris!

Thanks for stopping in,


Gail Wilson said…
isn't it funny how we incorporate the real into our dreams.... Hoping you find some money falling somewhere! :)

I always love looking at your pictures. Me, just using my phone, I don't get such pretty pics.
hope you're enjoying your weekend Pam


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