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Class Reunion of 1980/81 - Young Whipper Snappers

Hanging outside the  Hermitage Golf Course  club house.  I am gong to spare you by not  posting a lot of pics of folks you will not  even know but I will post some. But first the most important pics is of  FOOD! This was the Mac and Cheese bar. I did not try that but only cause after eating a bite of this and that, I could not hold it. Looks amazing though. Roast. YUM. This was a ham and  biscuit. Spinach cheese dip. Now, this would take more work than I would  be willing to give but that is a slice of potatoe wrapped in bacon. IT WAS AMAZING! And the cheese plate speaks for itself. This is Mike. He grew up, up the  street from me. He took over the family buisness of  plumbing. I posted this pic to tell you that although the name tag says  Ken Overby, that is not KEN. This is Ken and his tag says Mike Gregory. Boys will be boys. This is the class of 80... the ones that came. My brother is a class of 80 but he didn't wish to attend the 40th. Not the best pic cause where they wanted

THE WOMAN, and Game #2 All Stars

Many, many years ago I had this stuck on  my computer at work. This was when I was at the TBI. Cindy, my  co worker left it there. That was shortly before I left that unit. I brought it home and stuck it on the corner of my TV. When that went out I finally  removed the note. Yep,  it stayed stuck there all these yrs cause I left MFC Unit in 2013. Well, I had to post this on FB~ Cindy posted this comment: I miss all the fun we had and the daily antics! A bit later I noticed that my old supervisior during that time said: There is no telling what y’all got into that nobody  else knows about .  I then replied that it was our secert..but all he had to do  was listen for my laugh  Doug then said: Oh there were times I heard it and would smile  and shake my head...but didn’t dare walk over. Ha. HAHA....When I was leaving that unit  and not by choice and not by choice of my bosses Doug told me that he would always smile when he heard me bust out laughing. He knew something had taken place. You

Tags, Bunny, Shopping Bag, Shoes and OUCH

Leaving work today I noticed the color of the car... so bright, caught my attention for sure. Then I noticed the tag!!! Another plate the same day. Walking out of the building and to my car I looked down and noticed a bunny! Do you see it? So I decided to go through my cedar chest that I  moved over full last year. There were things  in there that needed to go. I also found this t-shirt that I wore years ago, and still can't wear now so I  decided to make a shopping bag with it.   Cutting the bottom in the slits and then tying them together, and cutting off the sleeves, and the neck wider. I now have another shopping bag that can go in the wash. Saturday night I photographed DuPonts (my high school)  1980/81 reunion. 1980 could not have  their 40th last yr to COVID, so they went in with 81 to  celebrate this yr. Just a couple of cute  shots for now. Check out my cute shoes I picked up at Ross. I hardly ever find anything in there but I saw these and  for 20 bucks I had to have. How

Different Birds and State Symbols

 I decided to do this post after reading Sheri's post and she mentioned quail that pass through her yard. She spoke of them havind a feather that sticks out in the top of their head. That made me think that ours do not have that. Here is a Bobwhile Quail that lives in Tennessee. This is a Red Quail that also lives in Tennessee. No feather on the top of the head. And here is a quail from California. Interesting!!! The difference in those birds reminded me of when I was in the  Palomar Mt in  California in  2018. At that time I saw the funniest  looking blue bird. I asked Cory about it and  he told me it was a  Blue Jay. WOW... not anything like a Tennessee Blue Jay. Sheri also mentioned that  the quail was Calif state bird so that gave me this idea. How about you all  fill me in on what your state symbols are. Tennessee State bird is the Mockingbird. Our state flower is the iris. Our state wildflower is the Passion Flower. State Tree is  the Tulip Poplar The flowers on a Tulip Popla