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Leaving work today
I noticed the color
of the car...
so bright, caught my attention
for sure.

Then I noticed the tag!!!

Another plate the same day.

Walking out of the building and
to my car I looked
down and noticed a bunny!

Do you see it?

So I decided to go through
my cedar chest that I 
moved over full last
year. There were things 
in there that needed to go.

I also found this t-shirt
that I wore years ago,
and still can't wear now
so I  decided to make
a shopping bag with it.

Cutting the bottom in the slits
and then tying them together,

and cutting off the sleeves,
and the neck wider.
I now have another shopping bag
that can go in the wash.

Saturday night I photographed
DuPonts (my high school) 
1980/81 reunion.
1980 could not have 
their 40th last yr to COVID,
so they went in with 81 to 
celebrate this yr.

Just a couple of cute 
shots for now.

Check out my cute shoes
I picked up at Ross.
I hardly ever find anything
in there but I saw these and 
for 20 bucks I had to have.

However, NEVER wear new 
shoes to an event where
you will be on your feet
for hours. 

The other toe on the other
foot looked just like
this one. 

I am getting so behind.
I have reunion pics
to post, wedding pics 
from Chris and Renee's
wedding a few weeks ago,
and Braden's 2nd All Star
ballgame. Plus,
my daily stuff I share.

Hang in there, I will bore
you all with all that 
soon enough,




Liz A. said…
When you get a backlog of stuff, just remember that there'll be a time when you have little to do and nothing going on. That's when you get all caught up :)
Darla M Sands said…
Your toes look so sore. Just what you needed. :( Be well, my dear, and don't stress about posting on your blog.
Ann said…
Fun plates and I do see the bunny.
Cool idea with the t-shirt.
Love those shoes. I would have bought them for $20 too.
Brian said…
Those license plates are pretty funny and the reunion photos sure are nice!
Jeanie said…
Those are REALLY cute shoes! And I love your happy color car. There aren't enough of them.
Christine said…
oops on the sore toes.
I like your new shoes but oh dear ... your poor toes do look sore.
Hope they heal soon.

All the best Jan

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