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Emily and the Song, Hermitage Hills Hillbillies, The Girl Doll and Sleep

UPDATE~ since posting this post I have realized that the link below does not work if you click on it.. I copied it and used it  that way and it came up.   Emily, me, Julie and Autumn. Part of the I Do Crew at  TN Tiny Weddings. Emily is new to our group.  But she is doing an awesome job. Emily is also one of  Nashville's local singer/songwriter and we are so proud to have her assisting and playing at the venue.  Just this Friday Emily, a co-writer on a song to our service men and women released this song. (below) I sort of took it easy, to say the  least today.....I basically slept all day except around two when I went out to get  some lunch.  I spotted this when I went out. A CAR...not a truck loaded down in front of Hermitage Hills (subdivision) ....looks like  Hermitage Hills Hillbillies! Once I posted on FB... Aric, a friend, posted this. Him and James from the venue were out and s

Wedding Number 2 for the Holiday Weekend

  Wedding number 2 for  the holiday weekend.  On Friday the wedding was wet,  but warm. Saturdays wedding however was COLD. I pulled out a weather dress.  BURRRR... Now, back to Friday.  It was raining so hard that  morning I was sweating it... but my buckets were  running over. It would rain for 15 to 20 mins. and  stop. About five mins later here it would come again. That was the way the morning went. I left the house at noon to head to the venue and it was not raining, BAM, on  the way there, it started again. The bride and groom had  luck on their side cause it  stopped for the wedding and pics. YAY... Saturday, there was nothing we could do with the cold. But it all went great like normal. I did some behind the scenes shots. The bride and her father. James taking pics. This is some of the  I Do Team minus me since I am shooting the pic. Emily was set up to play for the guest while pics were being taken of the bride and groom. The dance. The dance with the brides son. Pam

New Props and the Wedding - Bill and Becky

⇮⇮⇮⇮⇮⇮⇮ Check it out!!! I shot a wedding yesterday for the  bride and groom and got to use my new prop. After the wedding Julie, Emily and I tried out the frame. Perfect height for Julie and it was for the bride and groom,  however, it was hanging a tad  high for us short folks. Emily and I. But the height was  PERFECT  for the couple. Becky and Bill. The bride carried a pic of her mom on  her flowers. They married May 28th. Emily helping the groom. The back of the dress. The plan for the past month was the couple were getting married at the Reflection Pond... the problem with outdoor weddings and planning is  the weather. Yesterday was a rainy day from the minute I got up. It was pouring rain all morning, and even on  my drive to the venue.  The bride and groom got there and during the getting ready phase, the rain let up.  We were able to do the  wedding at the pond and do pics. At one point it started to sprinkle a little. But true to form, the venue was prepared with umbrellas. And

Red, White and Blue with Stars Wreath

 A few blogs back I shared this with you. ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ Lily seemed to like it. I stopped in Wally World yesterday to see if they had some wooden stars I could paint. I had to go in there cause my glasses were ready for pick up so I  thought if they had the  stars I killed to birds with one stone. If they did not have then I would have to make a stop to Hobby Lobby. They did not have the wooden stars but they had some foam ones. I think they worked just  perfect. I applies them with  E6000 glue.  My front door gets a  lot of the evening sun  so I hope my fave glue can handle that. Once the glue dries I will take a pic of it hanging on the door.  Are you crafting anything  right now? What are you are you crafting or creating  right now? Pam