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ET and The Tree

  Time really flies! Elliott, Gertie and Michael reunited after 40 years #ET I love to grab the laptop when I am watching a movie or show, or in times like this when I want to check out the cast.  Elliott who was played by Henry Thomas is  now 51 yrs old. His two latest preformances have been a TV series called The Haunting of Hill House in 2018 and a follow up series called The Haunting of Bly Manor in  2020. I am always amazed at how many times stars are married, this one has 3 under his belt. Course if you ever watched ET you know that Gertie was played by Drew Barrymore. Drew is now 47. Married 3 times and living  with someone now. Then the oldest brother  was played by Robert MacNaughton who is now 56. I could only find one marriage on him.  And mom was played by Dee Wallace who is also a well known actress and been in  a lot of things like The Hills Have Eyes The Howling and Cujo. She is 73 yrs old and been married twice. How old were you in 1982 when ET came out? I was 22. Chec

Skeletons, Skin Color and Tree Color

This couple could not wait till Halloween to announce their upcoming event!   HAHA.... Can you imagine a tan on top of that color skin? Talking about color... The trees in Tim's backyard are popping.  If I was Tim, this would be a view I would miss each fall. We are making headway on the packing up his house. He finally did decide that he is renting instead of selling. That gives  us more time to get things done.  The woman he talked to about maybe selling it wanted him to have the house ready to show come this Friday. Just to two of us, it was not happening.  Oh well, my brother is in the hospital so  I am getting ready to  go visit. Hoping you all have a great Sunday. Pam

Trim, Dresses, Seatbelts, and Oz

Time for a trim!   Couple more dresses.... The skirt on this one does not stand out but its full just the same. I like that.  Cute party dresses! Yes, I like them both! Speaking of fashion, I scrolled down through FB the other day, and saw this!! WTH! And the price on them was almost 700. bucks! That is just UGLY! You know the witching day is coming up... You ladies need to  get your brooms  tuned up!! Maybe have a seatbelt installed? A friend of mine lives in Massachusetts and she sent me this of a school there. Everyone thinks of me when they see something from  Oz. Isn't that amazing? Okay, gotta get out of  here in a few.  Do you folks remember about a yr ago I told you I was seeing a guy named Tim. Well, that ended up just friends hanging together. He retired from the Blind School back in the spring. He is a veteran and also retired from the National Guard.  And he decided he wanted a change! He moved to the  Philippines. He is loving it there. But needed to make a decision on

Dresses, Makeup, Elliston Place Soda Shop and Family

In looking at the  older dresses I  realized what I like and don't like... not a fan of the slim trim tight fitting,  and I like    the full skirts like the one below. I also like the dresses that don't hug the neck. I know some guys are not fans of their women/wives wearing makeup, but the difference is amazing! I think it just helps to bring the  natural beauty out more. Wed. morning my sis in law, Kim, picked me up and we headed to downtown to Elliston Place Soda Shop. We were going for an early breakfast and meeting family that was in town from Georgia.  It was early when we entered, not many folks there.  I just love this place. I had coffee while  waiting on family. This is my family. Left to right.. Kenny, he is married to my cousin, Kathy. Great guy. Kimmy, my sis in law. Terry, married to my other cousin. In front of  Terry is his wife and  my cousin Tammy  (two yrs younger than me), my uncle Jerry (83 yrs old), me of course acting  nuts and playing like I am singing i

Dress, Trees, Car, and Town

The dress I posted yesterday and this one today came from a FB page called For the Love of Old Homes. From time to time they post old cars and  dresses. This one is really nice too....the large flower would have to go though. I love the fluffy stand out skirts.   Crape Myrtle bush across the street. So pretty.  Rain came through this afternoon so a lot of  the leaves have prob fallen off. But this morning the  leaves were still on the trees, not as vibrant as before but still pops of color. Saw this on the way to town this morning. I love the one about  stupid people!! Flags were flying this morning on the TN Tower. Sheraton. The top turns. I set my purse down ones and almost lost it as the floor turned but the window seal did not. More of town. For as many years as I  can remember this  was the Acme Feed store.  It is a restaurant now.  The Acme Feed stands on  this corner of Broadway and  First Ave. Broadway was a street that you really did not want to be caught walking down. When I