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Christmas Ornaments / Baking

I have been wanting to do... create for weeks while dealing with this fatique issue but not having the ump to do it... But last night I decided I needed to do something and since I still have ornaments to make for the family I decided to work  on them. I had done one for my brother Ray but decided I did not like it so I did another one... and somehow loading it on fb I ended up labeling it this way..haha  Made my great nephews also. Yesterday I also got a wild hair  and decided to bake. Tomato Basil Bread. And orange flavored choc chip cookies. Bread is good. It called for crushed pepper flakes to be added.. 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon and I added a WHOLE, filled 1/4 teaspoon... The cookies were a flop as far as I am concerned. Too cakey and not cookie like. Can't really get  the orange taste either. Back to yesterdays post...this is cute. More than I would do but cute just the same.

Thinking Outside the Box

Sandee over at had this question thingy on her blog. I love doing these things. My answers are in bold. Here are this weeks questions: 1 – My furbabes_ ___ brings out the best in me. 2 – Uncontrollable pain_ ____makes me grumpier than Grumpy Cat. 3 – If money grew on trees, I would _____ _grow a backyard full ___. 4 – I have a fear of ___ SPIDERS. Do you think outside the box when it comes to the inside of your home? I do a bit...okay...haha, maybe more than a bit. I love for ways to store things, display things that I want to enjoy in my house. I hung these two signs a few yrs ago and of course they had to go above the doors.... why? Cause there is unused space above doors and windows! Also many years ago when I redid the kitche I took an idea from Cracker Barrel~ a shelve above the pantry door. Hung upside down also since the wooded brackets would not fit over the door opening.  Found this cute little

Lilys Stool

Months and months....probably a yr ago I picked up this arrow back chair on the side of the road.  I got it home I realized that one the the back pieces was busted. You know me well enough to know that I thought I would fix it... haha... and that did not get done.  But the chair stayed in the kitchen  because Lily used that as her stool to eat her meal on.  About a month ago I removed the backing  of the chair and I had decided that it would be fixed up for Lily. It was a dirty white color so I painted it a cream color. I decided that I would get some contact paper and cover the top. It would be great for feeding, I could wash it down. HAHA...but apparently contact paper is not used that often anymore. My run (first time out of the house in  days...days...) to Wally World proofed that their section of contact paper, if that is what you want to call it, was horrible. So not wanting to go anywhere else I tried to d

Nothing Happening

 Shout out to Billie Jo at for the sweet gift I won over at her blog.     Smells great. I have not used any yet but I will be soon. Took my car to my brothers house a week ago Tuesday.  Having issues with the window not wanting to go up. Thought it would be a fast fix but the bolt that holds whatever that operates the window must have fallen all the way out so my brother is seeing if he can order one so that he can get me fixed up. Luck has it that Mark has several autos so I am driving one of his older BMWs...and I feel so  out of place in it!! My heart goes out to my oldest brother and sis in law. Their Chocolate Lab Moose had to be put down on Tuesday.  He had a big tumor and  was in a lot of pain. I know that making that decision was not easy, it never is but Moose is no longer in pain. I have not house sat for them in awhile  but I know that when I go

Hair Cutting / Hummers

This evening my youngest grandson Braden decided to take my oldest grandsons beard  clippers to his head. Thank goodness that my daughter had some hair clippers so that she could clean this mess up..  I had forgotten that about 2 weeks ago I took some pics of the birds visiting the Crepe Myrtle in front of the deck.  Mrs. Cardnial.        But then I got stuck on the hummingbird. Hoping you had a great weekend