Tuesday, February 28, 2017

GIfts of Love and Friendship

Recovery from surgery is never
easy but my recovery is going
Keep in mind, mom kidnapped
me and will not me return
home till Thursday.
Bless her heart and I am
very grateful to her but
here I don't have anything
but my laptop and a book.
At home I have so
much more I could be
passing time with.

So with that, I decided
I needed to blog.

do I really need a reason?

Wanted to share this arrangement
with you.
From my brother and sis in law
Just realized that I did not have
a pic of the cup and saucer the
arrangement came in.
Will have to post that another time.

My mom also had me some flowers
when I got to her house.
My fav color.

This is very special.
Years ago I was on a
website called

Each day on this site you
would have calendar and on
that day you could post
a pic. Mostly it was our kids,
or grandkids but basically
you could post anything.

On that site I connected
with some really sweet,
caring and loving ladies.

I only joined Facebook
after it closed down and that
was in 2009.

I have a lot of those
ladies from
CM on FB now.
Gail is one of them.

She lives in Massachusetts.

She was talking about walking
on the beach so I asked that
when the weather was better would
she look for me some
sea glass while
walking around.

Couple days after surgery,
mom ran me by the house to
pick up some things and
there was this package
waiting on me.

It was from Gail.
She mentioned to her hubby
about me wanting some
sea glass and
upon walking on the beach
he handed her this and
said, "for your friend"!
My first piece!!

But with that there was this whole
bag of it!

Isn't it beautiful!

There was also included a journal for
me to keep notes on
my journey with
my weight loss.

So sweet!

Nice note written to me from Gail.

Such a special gift.
But this next is always another
special gift cause who
it is from.

My sis in law went to her
grandsons auction at
school and purchased this
for me.

The pink pearl is for Health.
Not sure that she knew that.
But it is in a sterling steal setting.

I have watched these pearl parties on
facebook so it is neat to
have one.

Thank you Lori.

Let me also go back to the
Clubmom site mention.

I met another lovely lady on that site
years ago and her and I have
become best friends over the
years. Nancy lives in Ohio.
She is an amazing sweet and
beautiful woman. She is always
thoughtful and sends me some
of the most fantastic things.
Her hubby travels and he
sends me keyrings since
I collect them.

I have amazing frineds and
family. Here and away.
I love you all.

Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, February 27, 2017

Post Surgery Photos Ops

Stilling healing.
Mom kidnapped me and will
not let me go home till
I have my week follow-up
with the doc.
(which should be tomorrow...but)
That will be this Thursday.
Ready to go home.

I did venture out around moms
yard with my camera this
afternoon and this is
what I saw.

Dakota and Klohe decided
to play.

Klohe posing.
(Klohe is one of moms dogs)

The clothes line....
love it in black and white.

Gotta love the dog.
My brother made this for my
mom several years ago.

And this is what I call one of
my funny shots...
Cartoon slanted eyes!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Photo of the Day

my 16 yr
old grandson
just reaches up and touches
the ceiling.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Surgery Went Well

Usually I can't sleep before
But for some reason
I was able to do that
Monday night.
Even set the alarm on
good thing I stayed at moms
cause she work me up.
Yep, kind of hard to
get up and moving when you
set the alarm
for  4:45 PM and
not AM!

Surgery went well.
Two nights in
the hospital.
And home today...
oops...I mean
home to mom's.

Thanks for stopping in,

Monday, February 20, 2017

Health in a Nutshell Part 2 - The EYE

Well tomorrow is the day.
Gastric By Pass.
I have had nothing but clear
liquids for two days.

I thought clear liquids were
well, clear! But
apparently that means
liquids that light shows
through. So I have
been able to have my unsweet,
decaf tea, beef broth and
even Jello.
The list of things I can
have goes on and on...but
I am limiting those items
because of the artificial
sweetener in them.
Fibromyalgia is affect
by those things.
The Jello I am using has
Aspartame in it but
it is less then 2% so I
am trying that.

Anyway....I will be at the
hospital at 6am in the morning.
And with that my new life
will be here!

I was afraid that I might have
to cancel the surgery.


Because Friday evening I
noticed that my left eye
was really red. Thinking that it
was maybe allergies from
all in bloom. But come
Saturday when I went to the kitchen
sink with the beautiful sun
shining in, and had a terrible
pain shoot through my eye
to the back of my head....I
thought maybe I needed to
treat it.
I went and got some Opcon A.
(not my eye but this is what it looked like)

Well, Sunday morning was terrible.
Pain shooting through my eye
went light hits it. I walked around
the house keeping it closed and
trying to stay away from bright light.
Then it got to the point that light
going in the good eye made the
bad eye hurt.

Mom picked me up and we
headed to Walgreen Walk In,
or what we called a DOC in the BOX
when I worked for the TBI.
They were not seeing anymore patients.
Riding in the car with my mom
I had a wash cloth
folded up and placed on the eye,
held in place by my sunglasses.

The sun was so bright and it was
making for some bad pain.
But I had to have relief so
I decided I had to go to the ER...
after all it was Sunday where
else was I to go?

They were amazing in the ER.
Had the best young pregnant doc
looking after me and she seemed
to have a great knowledge of the eye.
She said that it appeared I had


Yep, leave it to me to have something I
never heard of.
So what is it?
It is an inflammation of
the iris.
What causes it?
Being sleep deprived

Well, with that said, I usually have
at least one night every other
week or so where I can't sleep.
Last week I was up for 36
Oh lets see, my grandson has been
living with me since Aug.
My daughter moved in
in Dec.
I found out in July that I had
the liver issues.
I have jumped through hoops
to get to the point of
surgery and lets not
forget the

And people wonder why I laugh
through this sort of stuff.
But apparently my body processes
the stress when I act like there
is none, or shall I say this time
my eye did this time.

Surgery is still on.
Had this been an infection I
would have had to cancel.

Now to the really funny part of all
Sitting in the ER I get a text from
my niece who is 4  hours away.
This pic was attached.

and the text said,
"is that your sweater on your head"?

So I felt the total confusion
that I am sure was all over my
face. How did Holly get a pic
of me in granny's car with
my head covered up?

I had to ask....and I found out
that Holly's friend that she
went to school with and who
knows my mom and her car pulled
up next to us and took this pic!
Being confused about why someone
was sitting with a sweater on their
head, she sent the text to Holly...

Never know who is watching!

Thanks for stopping in,

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Free Art Movement Find

Totally forgot to do this update.
A couple weeks ago I did
a post about
Free Art Movement in Nashville.

Here is a pic that was posted
on the Free Art Movement page
in Facebook.

They found it as they
were going into CICI
pizza for dinner.


Thanks for stopping in,


Yesterday Dakota went
to mom's
for a couple of hours
I ran some errands.
It was such a pretty
day that
he was able to hang
out in the
back yard with the girls
(mom's dogs).

My daughter was headed
to the house
so I asked if her
to run to
mom's and pick up
Dakota up.

I get a text along
with this
pic that says, "I have
son, for a $1000 ransom,
you can
have him back"!

I went back with, "you
keep him
long enough and I
bet you
will pay me $1000
to take him back"!

I got him back and NO
cash past hands!

Thanks for stopping in,

Friday, February 17, 2017

Silly Phil - Spring is Here

Well it appears that Silly
Phil was wrong when I comes
to Nashville TN weather.

Six more weeks of winter.
We have not even had a
winter so far.

And it don't look like
we are having six more
weeks with 70 degree
temps today and
this in bloom.

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Photo of the Day - Caleb

My handsome
 16 yr old grandson.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tuesday, Wed. and Today

I don't go out like I used to.
I don't socialize like I once did.
I am not always on the go or
always doing like I always have

The Fibromyalgia takes
a lot out of me.

Tuesday I was at the hospital
morning till 1:30 doing a class
on my surgery and pre op.
Then dinner at a friends
Out late playing games.

Last night dinner with other friends.
Two of which I went to school with.
One I met a few years ago and
the son of one.

Today it caught up with me.
I slept good last night but
felt so worn out when
I got up and started moving.
Then around 1 it hit.
Pure fatigue.
Could not keep my eyes
open. So .....
I slept the better part of the
day away. Around 1 till 7:30...
and yes, I will sleep again tonight.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.
Things to be done before next

Do you know anyone with Fibro?
How do they deal with life
on days like today was for me?

Thanks for stopping in,