GIfts of Love and Friendship

Recovery from surgery is never
easy but my recovery is going
Keep in mind, mom kidnapped
me and will not me return
home till Thursday.
Bless her heart and I am
very grateful to her but
here I don't have anything
but my laptop and a book.
At home I have so
much more I could be
passing time with.

So with that, I decided
I needed to blog.

do I really need a reason?

Wanted to share this arrangement
with you.
From my brother and sis in law
Just realized that I did not have
a pic of the cup and saucer the
arrangement came in.
Will have to post that another time.

My mom also had me some flowers
when I got to her house.
My fav color.

This is very special.
Years ago I was on a
website called

Each day on this site you
would have calendar and on
that day you could post
a pic. Mostly it was our kids,
or grandkids but basically
you could post anything.

On that site I connected
with some really sweet,
caring and loving ladies.

I only joined Facebook
after it closed down and that
was in 2009.

I have a lot of those
ladies from
CM on FB now.
Gail is one of them.

She lives in Massachusetts.

She was talking about walking
on the beach so I asked that
when the weather was better would
she look for me some
sea glass while
walking around.

Couple days after surgery,
mom ran me by the house to
pick up some things and
there was this package
waiting on me.

It was from Gail.
She mentioned to her hubby
about me wanting some
sea glass and
upon walking on the beach
he handed her this and
said, "for your friend"!
My first piece!!

But with that there was this whole
bag of it!

Isn't it beautiful!

There was also included a journal for
me to keep notes on
my journey with
my weight loss.

So sweet!

Nice note written to me from Gail.

Such a special gift.
But this next is always another
special gift cause who
it is from.

My sis in law went to her
grandsons auction at
school and purchased this
for me.

The pink pearl is for Health.
Not sure that she knew that.
But it is in a sterling steal setting.

I have watched these pearl parties on
facebook so it is neat to
have one.

Thank you Lori.

Let me also go back to the
Clubmom site mention.

I met another lovely lady on that site
years ago and her and I have
become best friends over the
years. Nancy lives in Ohio.
She is an amazing sweet and
beautiful woman. She is always
thoughtful and sends me some
of the most fantastic things.
Her hubby travels and he
sends me keyrings since
I collect them.

I have amazing frineds and
family. Here and away.
I love you all.

Thanks for stopping in,


S. J. Qualls said…
Beautiful flowers!
Such nice friends, I have made a few myself, since I got my computer.
What a lovely gift, what are you going to do with the sea glass?
You sound good, I imagine you will be happy to get home and have more to do.
Continue getting better!
Liz A. said…
Love the sea glass.
Sandra said…
so happy for you that the surgery went well, I have dear friends in blogville that I have followed for years.. your friend did well with the gift. I am attempting to lose weight now, have lost 14 pounds since Jan 26, but for the past week not one ounce.. wishing you well.
Julia said…
Hi Pam, thanks for stopping by my blog to leave comments. i much appreciate it.

You have some generous and caring friends to look after you and give you gifts. I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery. Your dogs will be happy to have you come back home. There is no place like home.

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