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Groom Runs Away

  Darla M Sands   commented on   " Neat Shoots from Wedding "   My groom was supposed to be ready to bolt while his best man  held him. They weren't convincing. lol Darla, I have done several shots  with the groom trying to get away. I l love those types of shots but you have to have a feel of your couple to see if that is something they will want to do.  I love using the hook on the wrecker for a prop but there are many ways to do those shots.  When my son got married I took this shot. And this one.... Cory was going to go, Brit was going to hit him and best man was holding her back. This one, she was letting him know right off that he was going through with the wedding. Course this one she grabbed him to pull him back. This one, he tried a  set of wheels for a get away. HAHA.... A one point James had a boat at the venue and I used  that as a prop...with the fishing pole and hook. You can also find the  groom trying to get  away on the cake. Moving on....I stubbled on t

Challenges of Being a Single Mom of Two Cats - Part 2

 One challenge that I  had in the beginning with two cats was the smell.  I tried all sorts of litter to help kill the smell. Even put  baking soda in with it. The smell was horrible and  my thinking was that it was just having two cats since I had no issue with just one. Then it hit me.... like a brick falling on  my head. It was not the cats per say, it was the scent I was using. I tried a diff one. Same issue. After keeping headaches with the smell I  realized it was that I was using scents.  When I realized that, I went to  unscented. Wow, that made a big difference. I never have an issue with smells anymore.  Just took me figuring out that it was the pee on the scents that was giving me headaches and  causing the house to smell. Pam

Challenges of Being Single Mom Raising Two Cats - Part 1

   With any pet there is always challenges. With my felines there has been a couple of issues, mostly over litter. My biggest issue now is Misty raising up  when she pees.  So when I went to Calif, I sat up five boxes. Two like the one below (which is what I normally have sat up). Then I sat up  two without the lids and to  be sure they had enough bathroom boxes I put the  tall sided bin in there.  I did not want T to have to clean out boxes.  My problem with Misty and the ones with the lids is, she goes in but don't turn around so she raises up and shoots out the door opening. There are flaps that go there but my cats would not  go in with them.  However, that is not the only issue with the lidded ones is,  if Misty turns any little bit she is not shooting out the door but the pee runs between the top and bottom, going outside the unit. That is the reason that there is plastic down.  Since I was putting ones in  with no lids, to protect the walls and keep everything on the plastic

Roaring 20's in the Past and Upcoming Fab 50s

  Last Thursday was the  first anniversary of this couple.  And one yr. ago the  I DO DREAM TEAM was rocking the  Roaring 20's! Weren't we so neat? In Oct. James, Julie and I have friends that will be renewing their vows. It was scheduled for 2020 but  COVID put a cramp in that so we will be doing that at their 23rd anniversary. I will be photographing that event. This will be a  50's theme. I was not going to dress the part since I will be busy  with the camera but I am rethinking it. Thought I would do a dress, skirt or whatever but for shooting I decided against the dress and decided on   jeans.  I actually have a pair of jeans, dark like this and when I fold up the bottoms .... BAM... I got it. I also have a top that is made like that on the  top, so thinking if I tuck in the pants I  might be able to pull this  look off. Pair of cheap ballet type shoes should have that look down. As for the hair, I will not be cutting the front for  this look but I might be able to pul

Replies to Comments and More Blooms

 Thanks everyone on the  Dream Team's pic. We have done several  pics around Ole Blue but I thought it would be so cute to do one in the bed. Julie's shoulder was bothering her so we let her sit! Darla over at said my creative shots of the wedding are  amazing. Aw, thanks Darla.  Sheri over at commented that she never got the hang of chop sticks either. its run to watch me. Ann over at stated that she never saw the original  Hocus Pocus.... you need to watch that. Its funny.  My tall plants, can't remember the name looks like it is about to bloom. Although, if I remember correctly, it can take a couple weeks before it actually blooms. My hummingbird vine has been drawing the hummingbirds.   And the Crepe Myrtle has busted out in bloom. Tuesday I notice my surprise lily has popped up and bloomed.... SURPRISE. It was not there the day before.  I have heard th

Fave Wedding and Pics from the Sky

I was scrolling through older pics I posted  on FB and thought I would  share some of my faves with you. I used to shoot large weddings, but due to my Fibro getting worse each year  I stopped. I was not doing weddings for several years till I stumbled on  TN Tiny Weddings. Perfect for a photographer, less stress and more fun. The most beautiful wedding I think I ever photographed  was my sons in Calif.  Red, black and white turned out to be amazing colors to use in a wedding.   They married in  Temecula, Calif.  in wine country.  I played mom of the groom then I grabbed the camera.  Another one of my fave pics of that wedding day. I moved on to my album for clouds, sunsets and sunrises. I used to carry my camera everywhere when  I first started in  photograph.  This was taken  Jan 2012 off the edge of my deck at the old house. Wild looking moon. I took this from the  top of one of the hills going to take Dakota to moms while I went to  work.  Sept 2012 Next, off the hill near the TBI b