Groom Runs Away

 Darla M Sands commented on "Neat Shoots from Wedding"

  My groom was supposed to be ready to bolt while his best man
 held him. They weren't convincing. lol

Darla, I have done several shots 
with the groom trying to get
away. I l love those types of
shots but you have to have a feel of
your couple to see if that is something
they will want to do. 
I love using the hook on the wrecker
for a prop but there are many
ways to do those shots. 

When my son got married
I took this shot.

And this one....
Cory was going to go,
Brit was going to hit
him and best man was
holding her back.

This one, she was letting
him know right off
that he was going through
with the wedding.

Course this one she
grabbed him to pull
him back.

This one, he tried a 
set of wheels for a
get away.


A one point James had a boat
at the venue and I used 
that as a prop...with the fishing
pole and hook.

You can also find the 
groom trying to get 
away on
the cake.

Moving on....I stubbled on this one while
looking for ones of the groom
running off...

Not used the frame in a while,
prob should pull that out again.

Scrolling through the pics
I ran across some of
my faves.

Going to share a few

I drove to Mississippi 
to shoot this 

The one in Mississippi
was a large wedding
that I did when I first
started out. 

I finally had to stop 
doing those, rough work.



Marie Smith said…
Great photos, Pam. Love the fun everyone had with the photos!
Christine said…
Some fun shots
Sandee said…
How fun. A wedding should be fun.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to the furbabes. ♥
Liz A. said…
You know what you should do? Instead of groom being held onto, you should do the bride. Turnabout. Might be fun.
Darla M Sands said…
You're so sweet mentioning my comment. :D You're so talented, my dear.
Ann said…
I took pictures for one wedding. I had the groom sitting on the floor while the bride had a hold of his collar and looked like she was dragging him up the aisle while he was screaming.
Darla M Sands said…
Weddings make for a long day. I don't even care to attend many, let alone work at one. So I'm glad you recognized your limits. ~hugs~ To his credit, 'Dad' R was not a wedding photographer and specialized in wildlife photography. Like you, he had more natural skill than training and also took our engagement photos. All at no charge. What a mensch. When I last visited him and 'Mom' R, his new home's office wall displayed my thank you gift of original wildlife art. Be well!
Sally said…
You are so talented! Photography, crafts, lots that you do. Good job, young lady!

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