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Hoboish/ Quilts/Spring

HAHA.... someone (oops can't remember who) made a comment about me really loving my lace! SO TRUE. But you know your taste changes often and this is a change that came to me just a couple years ago.  LOVE this skirt. Cute top. And adorable dress. However....I do not wear sleeveless clothes unless just hanging at the house. WHY? OLD FLABBY SKIN, plus the added sag that goes with losing 70 lbs and then scars on my upper  arms and shoulders. What? What is that about... well, apparently in my sleep sometimes stress comes out with me scratching at my upper arms and shoulders,  oh and upper back. This goes back years! The pic below is  ME... 2006. Cruise with sis in law Lori. I had been through some  term oil in my life that yr and add lost 30 lbs. Still over weight but I bought this skirt for my cruise. I loved it. Although it has NO LACE, it has layers. I still have this skirt and 

Shirts, Skirts and Snow

Tennessee is still feeling like this in a lot of areas with more rain coming in tonight.  But hey, we are doing fine! Some of you ladies commented on my last post about the HOBO skirts and not looking good in them  due to weight.  I saw this and your comments came to mind! Here are some HOBO type shirt that  I LOVE! And more LACE. You would not believe the  skirts I found! BEAUTIFUL.   A few post back I was posting cool ideas you could use baby bed springs for, this is  one of the pics. I did not however notice at the time how the curtains  were hung! INTERESTING.  Took pic of this at the quilt show..... can someone tell me what this would be used for? HAHA... when setting up passwords before I have run into issues where it will tell me its used by someone else or not strong enough. You would not believe the passwords I end up putting in then! This is cute.  I have

BOHO Look/Crochet Throw

When it comes to fashion I am all about being  COMFY! Never been a need to have this brand sort of  person. With my fibro I can't stand having close that binding on me. Well, let me retell that statement. On my legs having leggings that are tight yet give with stretch feels  good, sort like I guess a weighted blanket would feel.  However on the upper part of my body, I can't be restricted. I have to have loose. A lot of my fibro pain in in the chest, upper back, mid back and  shoulders are the worst.  With all that said, in the winter I want soft, warm, comfy stuff on. And in the summer a lot of days  I replace those loose fitting  stretch jean shorts I opt for  summer flowing dresses or skirts. Now in the past you have learned (if you were paying attention) that I LOVE lace, and bling. More the lace then the bling... but I like ruffles also, and the  layered look. I LOVE the B O H O look. While scrollin