Hoboish/ Quilts/Spring

someone (oops can't remember
who) made a comment about me
really loving my lace!
But you know your taste
changes often and this is a change
that came to me just a couple
years ago. 


Cute top.

And adorable dress.

However....I do not wear sleeveless
clothes unless just hanging at the house.
the added sag that goes with losing
70 lbs and then scars on my upper 
arms and shoulders.
What? What is that about...
well, apparently in my sleep sometimes
stress comes out with me scratching
at my upper arms and shoulders, 
oh and upper back.
This goes back years!

The pic below is 
Cruise with sis in law Lori.

I had been through some 
term oil in my life that yr
and add lost 30 lbs. Still
over weight but I bought this
skirt for my cruise.
I loved it. Although it has
it has layers.
I still have this skirt and 
instead of buying a HOBO
type outfit for my
nieces wedding I 
have decided to wear this.
I try to match outfits to
the theme color of the 
wedding but I don't 
own a sage green, blush
or lavender skirt HOBOish
so cream will work
just perfect. I will 
need to locate some
sandals and a top. This
top I recently gave up cause
it was TOO BIG.... :)

Saturday I went to the Quiltcon 
in Nashville.
Here are just a few samples today.

I am not a quilter so I am not sure
about terms or whatever but the
below quilt add the stitch that is done
to attach the backing to the quilted piece
is so tight in being close together. I realized
then that you can use that backing stitch
in so many different forms.

These are contest quilts and I am guessing
that the quilter had to use certain colors.
I was drawn to the PURPLE in all of them.


Will share more later. I was 
amazed. Being an artist I looked at
these quilts as Works of ART. 
I however, not being a quilter was
taken back at the work that goes
into these quilts.

These next two pics were taking
yesterday in mom's yard.

Bradford Pear below.

Jump over to the furbabes blog at

and check on Dakota.


Brian said…
Quiltcon sure had lots of pretty things!
Darla M Sands said…
I hate that you've scarred yourself. ~hugs~ Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and these lovely photographs.
wisps of words said…
Me! I loved your lace pics!

This outfit is great as well. Just change tops and you are fine.

So lovely, to have to give something away, because it is too big!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't know anything about quilts, except they can be beautiful and look like a lot of work!!!! :-)
Debbie said…
i do not wear sleeveless shirts either and so many of them are so cute, i wish i could. i don't wear them for a different reason...i develop a peculiar scent under my arms and they get very sticky. it's so odd!!!

the clothing you show is so cute, it reminds me of fleetwood mac.

i like the purple quilt!!! i was a quilter when my boys were little, my interests lie elsewhere now!!
Rhodesia said…
I do not like lacy things on me, they just do not suit my personality but I agree they look good on you. That zigzag quilt makes my eyes go funny!!!!!
Keep well and take care, enjoy the weekend Diane
Liz A. said…
Drawn to the purple quilts? You don't say...
Jeanie said…
The skirts aren't my style but boy, do I love those quilts!
Those lace clothes are so cute. I don't wear sleeveless either, not even at home! Your skirt from the cruise will be perfect for the wedding. Oh my....people are so talented!!
Ann Thompson said…
Quilting is something I haven't done but would like to learn how. Something simple though for me. I don't think I would have the patience for the really involved ones
Christine said…
I appreciate the detailed work involved in quilting, these are beautiful!
You look lovely in your pretty skirt on your cruise, Pam! And all the quilts are amazing works of art! I hope your day is going well and you have sunshine. Spring is right around the corner. ♥

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