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Dec 22, 2018 - Family Get Together

Hello! Guess what, I did not fall off the face of the earth and Santa did not take me back to the North Pole with him! Just was tied up with holiday doings that I did not get to blogging. On Dec. 22, 2018 we did the family  get together at my oldest brothers home. He has the most room and it is so nice of him and Lori to host us every yr at there  place.  We had 23 there. The biggest hit was my great nephew Colton. This is a pic of me and both my sweet great nephews. Cole who is 8 and Colton who is now 2 months old.  Auntie Pam was enjoying her time with  Colton! This is my daughter Amber and her first time to see the baby. Also Aunt Kim's first time to see him also. Kim is my brother Mark's wife. I love Christmas decor so I went around with the camera taking some pics. haha...had to take this pic. I made this for Lori many, many, many years ago.  All noses light up red but...apparently

Smoky/Wood Burning/Mirror and This and That

This is Smoky, brother and sis in laws babe. If you remember I told you that he was a drop off and after hanging around outside for about 8 months they took him in. I took  him a couple times to the vet. Well he was having some skin issues so Auntie Pam took  him to the vet Wed.  The above pic was taken in the vet room  waiting on the vet and he was already ticked at me cause he would not look at me at all. I played last night a little with my  wood burning tool. I took some stencil and traced off the letters and then took the tool to it.  Getting a tad better at it.  Today I ran in the Dollar Store to pick up a couple of things and found these. Only a dollar but they were already marking things down, got these for 50 cents.  I also made a stop at the pet store...and saw these for the fish! HAHA....even your fish can do  Christmas! I went to my brothers place today and  checked on my girls. Zu and Zora! While

Cake/Wood Burning/ Hat / Who I Am

HAHA....was on FB this morning and here is a  memory that popped up from my days at the TBI. I was not only wearing my Santa hat but under it I had deer antlers.  Check out that chucky face! My angel. She adorns my tree every yr. She came into my life at a sort of  wicked time for me.  I was going through a divorce, ex would not leave the house so we were still living together and I needed to get out of the house. With that, I started selling Christmas  Around the World - House of Lloyds.  She was in my starter kit to show as a demo. That was in 1992 and like I  said, she goes up every Christmas on the  top of the tree. When I was selling CATW I had stickers on each piece so that the price and all the info was there for me to go by. Look what is still on  my angel. There was also in my kit a clown ornament. I love clowns! Same is still on him. I think I have pretty much gotten rid of the res

Hats, Hair and Ornaments

Been trying to make it a point to  wear Santa hats when I go out. I was going out last night and I had to decide on which one to wear. I like the bling shine of this one. I think Lily liked it too. But I like the red one the best. The point of the hat hangs down the side more. I was going to hear hand bells last night. I think this makes the 4th yr I have done it. They come to a church in the next town, 15 minutes away. They play free and you just drop off a donation. They are amazing. When I was a baby I had straight black hair. As I grew and it grew it became curly and lighter. As a toddler I had curls all over my head.  But, when I grew more, it got straighter. Now, I have a natural wave after having  straight as a board hair. I am trying to learn to embrace that look. I hate taking selfies....haha Not sure how all you feel about this.. But I for one think there is a place and time for a phone and i