Smoky/Wood Burning/Mirror and This and That

This is Smoky, brother and sis in laws
babe. If you remember I told you that he was
a drop off and after hanging around outside
for about 8 months they took him in. I took 
him a couple times to the vet. Well he was having
some skin issues so Auntie Pam took 
him to the vet Wed. 
The above pic was taken in the vet room 
waiting on the vet and he was already
ticked at me cause he would not look at me
at all.

I played last night a little with my 
wood burning tool. I took some stencil
and traced off the letters and then took
the tool to it. 

Getting a tad better at it. 

Today I ran in the Dollar Store to pick
up a couple of things and found these.
Only a dollar but they were already marking
things down, got these for 50 cents. 

I also made a stop at the pet store...and saw
these for the fish!

HAHA....even your fish can do 

I went to my brothers place today and 
checked on my girls. Zu and Zora!
While messing with them I took some
pics of my nieces old room.


This is a painting I did years ago that Holly
fell in love with so I gave it to her.

I did this one esp for her.
She loves Wicked.

I made her this for her college dorm years

Well, here are pics of my car mirror.

Was backing out of brothers driveway 
a few weeks ago. I have done it many, 
many times....thought I had that Crepe Myrtle
bush cleared. It sats right on the driveway...and 
I did not have it cleared.

So the only thing holding it to the car was
the wires that adjust the mirror from inside.
I came home and E6000 glue on it...
taped it up and with that said, I have not 
taken the tape off to see if the glue is 
doing the job. I don't think it will cause there
was not a lot to glue too. But....I should at least change
out the tape for gray!

So you probably ask why not just replace it? replace anything on a Prius it cost
an arm and a leg...or two. I am having an issue with 
the passenger headlight. It goes out when it gets hot 
in the housing it is located in. Not normally an issue but
the bulb is old and weak. The bulb runs 150 to 200 bucks.
A whole new headlamp is close to 400. Just afraid
to check into the cost of a mirror. But I hate it, I feel
so white trash red neck with lepord pattern tape holding on 
my mirror.....


With all this said, Wed. I started to have 
a little crampy feeling. Felt like the bladder was 
about to start having spasms. Something I have 
aquried this past yr. It only happens from time to 
time but it is very uncomfortable. It was slight, not
really bad. Yesterday was another story. I laid around
all day till time to go to the barn and feed. I took one
of my pills for the bladder early in the day and had
no relief. My script only said take one a day but I
looked it up on the internet on the pills site and found
I could actually take 2 in a day. I relief.
That should have been a clue but I don't read clues
easy, things have to be spelled all the way out for me!
This morning, it was worse. I felt like I was having 
labor pains and according to how close they were
 needed to be headed to the hospital! As it was as
soon as the doc office opened I called and made 
an apt. Ten mins after making that apt, I had the urge 
to go again and I felt like I was being ripped apart.
Like I said, the pills not working should have been
a clue was a stone and not the bladder.
Yep, there it was. Not sure if any of you have
had those but once you pass it, all is good.
Problem being, a stone, a spasm and an infection
all feel the same. 
Seems like I can't get a break....
I ....
LAUGH it all off!


Ann said…
You are getting good at the wood burning.
Yikes on how much things cost to fix on your Prius. I'm curious now how much a mirror would be. I could live with leopard print tape over spending an arm and a
Sorry about all that pain. I've never passsed a stone but heard it's very painful
Christine said…
Gosh keep us posted!
Brian said…
I sure hope you feel better soon...and Smoky too.
Darla M Sands said…
I'm thankful that stone passed when it did. But you must have been in agony. Lucky me, it's not something I've experienced. Our vehicles, a Chevrolet diesel Cruze and Chevy Volt, are also expensive on upkeep and repair. But they sure fit our lifestyle, whether taking a longer trip with the Cruze or bopping around town in my electric Volt. Be well! I hope the kitty is better. You're so kind to help care for so many family members, furry or not. ~hugs~ Be well!
Pilar said…
You did a good job with the wood burning Pam! Wishing you Lily, and Dakota a Merry Christmas!
Liz A. said…
Yikes, I'm sorry. I hope now that it's passed, all is well. Take care.
Sally said…
ooooooh I hate that you've been in pain like that, Pam. It hasn't happened to me, but to others I know.

Hope you're feeling better now!

Red Rose Alley said…
Oh Pam, I'm so sorry you're feeling so awful with this. And I'm glad that they found what the cause of the pain was. I've never had stones before, but I heard they can be so painful. I hope you feel better, and you know how much I love your "this and that" posts. : )

Rain said…
Hi Pam! Merry Christmas!!!

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your car mirror, I think you should leave it that way lol...the artwork is just gorgeous, you have lots of talent! Congrats on practicing with the wood burning set! I need to get mine out at some point to practice too!

OMG a bladder stone, painful!! I hope you're doing better now!!! xxx

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