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A Bit of Halloween and Christmas

My daughter finally got the boys name paintings hung. I plan on doing the older boys theirs too. Getting a lot of painting done  while away from home... I not only cook a home coming meal for my brother and sis in  law when I stay there, I usually leave gifts. This was painted on 5x7 for the house. But this however was painted for me. I painted one like this last yr for my home so this yr I did this one for my sis in law. I wanted to do one for my daughter but then this thought hit me.. ⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊⇊ One that names all the  folks in the family... Her own little (BIG) Brady Bunch Family. Then I painted one for  my other sis in law. Just realized that I need to  hit that ball with  a touch of white to look like a reflection  of light. I have gotten 3 rocks painted. Of course I finished the last two for my niece that I blogged about the other day.  BUT the  BIGGIE is that I

Paintings, Cups, Morning Glories

Pulled out my Halloween coffee cups out the other day. Then I was at the Dollar store the other day and I  picked up one with autumn  leafs on it. Here I am drinking coffee in bed yesterday. The weather turned cooler and I was  COLD. Remember the cow... The pig... The rooster... That I painted for my nieces baby's room?? Here are the last two. Goat. And horse. this at the dollar store the other day. I got it for the  house but I took this pic to send to my brother before sitting time is over.... going to send to my brother  and tell him that this is TJ... he would not stop squaking  so I starved him! Growing next to the porch  at Ray's. Yep...its a given, I have to have a purple one next yr.  Hi..its me! Don't do selfies often but  had to take this shot. I had curls all over as a babe. Then the better part of my life it was STRAIG

Braden - La Jolla

Happy Bday Braden. Nana loves you. When I travel I try to bring back rocks that I can decorate to place in my garden. This is the one I picked up in La Jolla Ca. on the ocean. I did not get one for La Mesa where my son lives cause I have one from before but I did get one for Mt. Palomar, just not painted it yet. I place these in my garden so when I do the walkabout in the yard or water I look down and see these painted jewels. Headed to my older brothers later today after I feed the  horses. Dakota  will be staying at mom's till Sat. afternoon and Lily is going with me. Hoping you have a great day,


Pumpkins out at the market right down the street... It's beginning to look a lot like fall! I have been painting. My niece is due anytime in the next couple of weeks. She is doing the babies room in farm animals. She owns a farm and the animals I have painted are what she has on the farm. Mr. Rooster Cow And a pig. I have a horse head and the head  of a goat to paint, apply hangers to the backs and get them to her. I have also been working on rocks to drop in our area. You can see what this area turns out on facebook at 615 Rocks. Not sure how much I will be on during the next nine days. Older brother and sis in law are heading out of town and I am heading back there to house/animal sit. Last weekend while there I learned that his Wifi was out. Not sure what that is all about so I will not be able to blog like that. I will however be  coming home off and

Garden Petering Out

After crying my eyes out for  this little girl....guess who showed back up yesterday! I panicked I guess... But in my defense, this girl is  always there. She never ventures far from the barn and I called and called... I walked the pasture and there was not sign of her. I went to the barn early yesterday morning to clean and after being there an hour I heard the fimilar sound of Tigress' meow. Here she comes walking across the beams in the  barn. BRAT. I wanted to wring her neck but instead I loved on her. I had stopped watering outside due to my health issues and not having the get up and go to go. My Egyptain Bean plant had not been producing blooms and  seeds but after rain decided to give it the ole plant try again! If you look you can see a black seed nestled between the  two pink blooms. Yay...I actually found two! Once the blooms die back there will be more seeds. Ye