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A Different Look

Trying to organize me life, or better yet my home. I have decided I just have way to much stuff, so with that, I have not been crafting or doing any photography.   Due to those reasons I am posting about a pic I found on PINTEREST.   All my doors are white and I am going to do this!       Wow....what a difference! These are done in black but I have decided to do mine in a cocca brown. The reason I decided that was because of this~   I had painted the cabinet white before I had the new counter top put in, then I decided that the white was just not going to get it! But with a paint chip sample I was able to see that the cocca brown would be the best.   To make life a bit easier, I decided that the same dark brown would work on my doors.   More pics to come later.   Thanks for stopping in and please come again, Pam

The Generations

Thanksgiving and Christmas seems like the only time you get the whole family to together for family pictures. At Thanksgiving we tried to get all the families together to do that and forgot one important picture, me and my brothers. Thought we could make up for that on Christmas Eve but one brother was home sick. But with that, we did get a 4 generation picture. My mom, my oldest brother, his son Chase and Chase's son Cole. Now that is really something nice to have. I need to get the same thing done with mom, me, Amber and the three boys. Maybe soon! Thanks for stopping in and come again real soon, Pam

Christmas Eve and Family

Time with the family on Christmas eve was great. We use to it all at mom's but the family has sort of out grown mom's house so my nephew Chase and his wife Susan started having it at their house last year. Nice, lots of room to move about and we all bring a dish or two. This year we had a fantastic tasting Honey Baked Ham, cheese taters, mac and cheese, rolls, baked beans, pasta salad, green beans and desserts! We started out by eating. Some of us in the dining room and the rest in the kitchen around the table and breakfast bar. And we chowed down, talked and chowed down more. Family pic~ (left to right-back row) Lori (sis in law), Ray (brother), Jessica (niece),  Sean (nephew), Cobi (nephew) (left to right-front row) Me, Cole (great nephew), Kim (sis in law) Mom, Holly (niece), Paige (niece), Susan (niece in law) and Chase (nephew)   My youngest brother was not able to be there cause he was not feeling well at all. My daughter and the three boys

The 45's and Memories

  This is why I have trouble getting things done.... I start to clean out something and I run across something and I get lost in the memories by sitting and looking through it all.   Cleaning out a closet in the hallway and I ran across a box of these~     Yes, the 45! Who remembers these? These are my old ones, in that stack you will find Osmonds, Grand Funk, Debby Boone, Cher, The Righteous Brothers, Bo Donaldson and the Haywoods. That covers songs like Puppy Love, Paper Roses, We're An American Band, Rock and Roll Heaven and Billy Don't be a Hero.....and so much more.   Now the stack below holds some of my Dad's old 45's. Like The Four Aces with The Cockoo Bird in The Pickle Tree, Bill Hayes with The Ballad of Davy Crockett, Tennessee Ernie Ford with Sixteen Tons and Webb Pierce with In the Jailhouse Now.   The memories of laying on my bed and listening to my music on a recorder player. Dancing and singing to th

Christmas Card 2012

Every year I paint my Christmas card on an 8x10 flat canvas board. Then I either scan or take a pic of it and set it up to look like a card with "Merry Christmas" on it. From there, I take it and have 4x6 prints made which is a deal and a lot cheaper than it was when I was having them printed. I got my cards this time for 9 cents a piece for an order over 50 prints. Not bad, cost more to mail than it did for the prints! Well, here he is~ Isn't he just adorable? What do you think? Thanks for stopping in and come again, Pam

2012 Christmas Ornaments

In my post titled I told about the tradition that I started years ago with my kids, family and friends. Due to taking on more than I could handle I stopped doing it and started buying my kids an ornament a year. Just last year I started the tradition back for my grandson's and added my great nephew. In the other post I posted this pic of last year's ornaments. I was running a bit late in getting them ready, but I did get them done and on the trees where they belong last weekend, at least they will have a week to enjoy them this year. Many years to enjoy them from here on out. This is the ornaments for my boys and for Cole my great nephew. It is fun to go back and look at the trees and see the ones I made years ago. My nephew Chase, Cole's dad had several on his tree that I had made him. My daughter has a lot of on her tree. One of my favs I made for my daughter, I to

The Christmas Pampering

Two friends and I decided a copy of weeks ago that we would go have a pedicure after the Holidays. While in the discussion mode it got moved to doing it before Christmas, leaving work early to do it and that being our gift to ourselves instead of buying gifts for each other. What a great idea! Then other friend decided that she would present us with gift certificates for a free manicure! Yay…. Yesterday was our day out. We went to Nail Bliss and just got comfortable while our feet got pampered. We had our chairs laid back and the massage turned on. I found a massage that worked on the shoulders, upper back and neck……..oh…..that felt so good! Cindy watching TV as she is pampered.                                       This is Deborah having her feet pampered. And lets not forget me. See that smile! Now didn't they turn out so good. Nails came next. I keep mine short. Never been able to grow long nails. Loving that color. The fin


  Such a senseless act of a mad man in CT. To take things out on others esp children is a sick person. But I ask, why do we keep God out of our schools again? Does the church and state have to continue be separated? Think of these poor children, the families, the teachers....... come on and open the doors back up and allow God back in the schools instead of allowing the doors to be opened up by mad men like this! Please keep the town of Newtown, families, children, teachers and all in your thoughts and prayers.   Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Ornaments and Plaques

Years ago I started cross stitching ornaments for my children. Then I added nieces and nephews. Then brothers and wifes. Then friends... And it got to be way to much. So I stopped and started buying my children a new ornament each yr. Last year I started the tradition back with my grandkids and my great nephew. He is their ornaments. I always include their name and the date. Usually my PJ or Nana if it is for the boys. This year I have done theirs again only this weekend I need to finish them up with the lace and ribbon. A couple of years ago I was attending a craft show and I made these up. I think they are so cute. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Getting Old is Not For Sissy's

When I was a child I thought that 40 sounded so old. It was scary thinking that I would ever be that old and at the same time thinking that was so far off. Now, today, I have surpassed that, I am staring at 53 in a few months and I look back and wonder, where did all the time go? I remember in my teens thinking that my mom was so old and wondering how she could have gotten there and not known a thing. You know what I mean, when you are a teen mom's don't know anything. In my mid to late twenty's I said that I did not mind getting old, I just did not want to look it. I wanted to have fresh smooth looking skin, no gray hair and be just as thin as I was the day I graduated from school. So what is my thinking today, 40 is not that old. Even 53 is not that old, in my mind anyway. My mom was not that old and I think she was smarter than I gave her credit for. One reason is, I have been there as the mom, I was the one my children looked at thinking I was old and I knew noth

Christmas in the Sand

About 9 or 10 years ago when I worked for the Printing Division for the State of Tennessee as a customer representative I decided it would be so neat to have a Zen Garden on my desk. This was not only for me to mess around in the sand on a stressful day but the customers coming in to have jobs printed seemed to enjoy it also. My Zen Garden started out very simple, a cheap store bought one with a tray for the sand, really strange looking sand, actually more like powder, two racks and some rocks. It was very small also. This sat on the other side of my desk where the customers usually sat to work on their printing order with me. I guess I had it about a year when I changed jobs. Still part of printing but I was now in the Photographic side of the business. I was the administrative secretary for Photo Services. In the office was myself and two photographers who were usually out with the Governor or another department doing photo work for them. But on my move up the hill to the oth

The Arrival of Tink!

  Last year I started a new traditioin with my grandson's. They do not live with me but I take a pic everyday and post on facebook and their mom shares it with them.   Tink's arrival came after I got the Christmas tree up and went to bed.  This is how I found him this morning.         No telling what this little guy will get into this year!   Thanks for stopping in, Pam