The Christmas Pampering

Two friends and I decided a copy of weeks ago that we would go have a pedicure after the Holidays. While in the discussion mode it got moved to doing it before Christmas, leaving work early to do it and that being our gift to ourselves instead of buying gifts for each other. What a great idea!

Then other friend decided that she would present us with gift certificates for a free manicure! Yay….

Yesterday was our day out. We went to Nail Bliss and just got comfortable while our feet got pampered. We had our chairs laid back and the massage turned on. I found a massage that worked on the shoulders, upper back and neck……..oh…..that felt so good!

Cindy watching TV as she is pampered.

This is Deborah having her feet pampered.

And lets not forget me. See that smile!

Now didn't they turn out so good.

Nails came next.
I keep mine short. Never been able to
grow long nails.

Loving that color.

The finished product!

Cindy and I wore our own flip flops in to the store.
Deborah did not.
So when our toes were done, the ladies put
our flippers back on us but Deborah had
to wear their to go flippers.

Headed out to the car, on the rain covered
drive this is what happened to Deborahs
to go flippers!

I think this will become a tradition for us girls.
Sounds great to me!

Thanks for stopping in,


sounds like a perfectly wonderful "new" tradition! hahaha funny about the "to go" slippers.

I've only had one pedicure in my life. lol

Merry Christmas Pam!
Lorrie Brewer said…
sounds like a wonderful day! and a wonderful new tratition!

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