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Cooked, Getting Projects Done

Tuesday I went wild... I cooked! / I fried up the ground beef, 90/10 fat content. I made two bowls of spaghetti for later in the week using some of the beef. Then I made tacos with the rest. I put some spaghetti sauce in the freezer. Taco meat  put away in the fridge for later. But check out the tasty looking taco's! YUM....YUM....YUM... so good. I only wished.... I have even clicked my shoes together three times!! Have you been crafting? Pam

Working, Eyes, Sunset

While doing a wedding at TN  Tiny Weddings James got some pics of me setting things up. It's been two weeks, one day (when writing this post) since I had surgery. Eyes have done GREAT! Here I have on my eye liner and mascara and still see eye lids! Yay.... This tree in my front yard is BIG. My younger brother says this is one of the original trees to the property. It was here  54 yrs ago when we moved here.  It is looking a tad rough at the  top so I am planning on  getting a tree service out to look at it. I hate the thoughts but if it is dying, it is going.  I can't afford to let it come down in the storms we tend to have. I also have one in the back, at the corner of the house that needs to come down.  Like I said, I hate to take down trees but the damage they can cause when they are dying can be bad.  Saturday evening on the  way home from feeding  the babes I felt like I  was driving int

Paint Party, Plants at the Lake

Paint party fun! Julie has a bday coming up next month and she wanted a paint party. I was about to break James hand having that camera up in my face! lol We kept the group small. But we still had a blast. Down below my brothers home I spotted this .... There is a mix of several different plants growing in this one space. These little yellow flowers. These Rose of Sharon blooms. Cat tails. Whatever this dead plant is. I just thought this one was  cool looking. Such a pretty spot. This is Tuesday that I am writting this post. This makes one week and  one day that we have had rain, storms. I am liking, not having to water!! How is the weather where you are? Pam

Alexis and James - Wedding

Wedding ~ Saturday July 25, 2020. Alexis and James.  Here are a few behind the  scenes pics with my cell. Bride and father of the bride. Marriage in front of the LOVE Shack which was the Flower Shack. A tree sapling from the property. The grooms two sons poured the glass containers of dirt around the tree, the joining of the two families.  I have been either shooting  weddings or assisting at TN Tiny Weddings for two years now. Not one wedding has been the same. We try to not stick to the standard  weddings, if a bride and or groom would like to do something a certain way we go out of our way to do  just that for them.  We love our clients.  Pam

Wedding Renewal

I assisted in a wedding  last Tuesday. It was actually a renewal.  Here are some pics behind the scenes with my cell. The bride had been planning this since January. She had been wanting to do it but when she found out her hubs had leukemia she formed this plan in her head. Planned it and their church family was involved,  however hubs did not know till  he arrived at the ceremony.  This is Karri the bride. Check out the wedding shoes! I love them. Being walked to the ceremony. Hubs was so touched he was  in tears. That is their daughter with them. They were all lighting the candle.  At Tennessee Tiny Weddings we try really hard to make the day  all about the bride and groom.  Try our best to make it simple and as less stress as we can.  In events like this where there is someone who might need extra watching over we are on it.  Before the wedding group  arrived we discusse

Update, Renewal, House, Rock Wall

Yesterday I told you about  my luck with the SUV. That was written on Sat. but just got around to posting on Friday.  UPDATE~ So it was hauled in on Sat. It was late and dude at the  auto shop told me they would look at it on Monday. However they did not look at it till Tuesday. Called and told me it was the fuel pump. I told them to fix it. However they did not get to it on Tuesday. It was late Wed. when they got it in to fix it and had it ready. I told them I  would pick it up Thursday cause I had to find a ride there. Problem was when they put the pump on  it worked, stopped, worked, stopped. They went over it for hours to find a burnt wire. All fixed now and running great. They went ahead and no charge fixed my tire. It had a 3 inch screw in it.    Worked a small wedding on Tuesday. Vow renewal. Married 20 years but when hubs was told he had leukemia the bride wanted to do the renewal.  Home across the