Cooked, Getting Projects Done

Tuesday I went wild...
I cooked!
/Image may contain: food and indoor

I fried up the ground beef, 90/10
fat content.

I made two bowls of spaghetti
for later in the week using some
of the beef. Then I made tacos
with the rest. I put some spaghetti
sauce in the freezer. Taco meat 
put away in the fridge for later.

But check out the tasty
looking taco's!

Image may contain: food

so good.

Jawoll! Das mit der "Magic" kann zwar auch manchmal mal mehr "Tragic" sein - aber die Pasta - TADA! !

I only wished....
Image may contain: 2 people, meme, text that says 'when you open your eyes All your projects will be finished.'

I have even clicked my
shoes together three times!!

Have you been crafting?



Darla M Sands said…
That taco does look good. :) We cooked up an amazing beef roast - seared first in a pan, slow cooked with its wine de-glazed fond in a seasoned tomato base, and then baked with carrots to finish. But my creative juices seem to have dried up. ~sigh~ At least I'm enjoying my gardens. Be well, my dear.
Sandee said…
I got stuck on the tacos. Yummy. We love tacos. I'm going to make some now.

Have a fabulous day and weekend, Pam. Scritches to the babes. ♥
Brian said…
We need some Ruby slippers to get home to normal!
Christine said…
Food looks good!
Liz A. said…
I've been knitting. I'm always knitting.
Ann said…
The taco looks good. I haven't been doing much crafting. A card here or there but there's far too much space in between where I'm doing nothing
Jeanie said…
Looks delish! I love that pasta to pieces!
Rhodesia said…
I loved the series Bewitched, I so wish I could wriggle my nose and get jobs done in quick time. Keep well and have a good week, Diane

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