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Christmas Pics of the Boys

HAHA....I have a family session coming up next weekend so I picked up  some Christmas props and I wanted to try them out.  My grands were the perfect kids to play with. They enjoyed it, even the 19 year old.  I have an old suitcase I  use sometimes in  photo sessions so  I just stuck my Christmas stuff in there and put it  in the back of the SUV. Inside was also some other props, the teddy bear being one. Braden loves stuffed animals so he ended up with that as his own..haha I love that the kids were having fun playing along with Nana.

Downtown Nashville

I worked Monday. Off Tuesday, photographed the  Patriot War 1812 event. Went to work on Wed. day D before Thanksgiving. The drive in was great, easy.  Driving through town the streets looked dead.  Worked a tad over 3 hours then I  was heading out to go home. I stepped out of the building and laughed when  I saw the site below...... No parking should have just said,  PARK HERE! When I got to the parking lot I took this pic of the Tennessee Tower. This is the building I work in. And on the way out of town I  drive past the state Capitol which is  actually across the street from the  bldg I work in. As I drove past I realized the  Christmas tree is up. Figure decorating will happen next week. Several radio stations jumped the gun early this yr and started playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Course the Holiday actually falls later this yr.  I for one will be glad to see 2019 end. 

Happy Thanksgiving

Above our interstates on my drive home yesterday. .

Honoring a Patriot of the War of 1812

Yesterday I was honored when  I was asked to photograph a ceremony honoring a soldier from the War of 1812. Captain Henry Compton. What a cool event.  I love history and learning about others family history was so much fun. You see I went to school with the 3rd Great-grandson of Cap. Henry Compton's, Mark Compton. The ceremony starts in an old family plot on what was once the farm of Cap. Henry. The farm consisted of 400 acres back in his day,  there stands a sweet little cemetery surrounded by a handmade stone fence that has stood the age of time. Some of the markers were so worn that you could not read the names or dates that was craved into them many, many years ago. Within this stone fence rest Cap. Henry Compton and some of his family members including his beloved wife laying next to him. Captain Henry was a soldier  in the War of 1812. Standing there leaning upon his mar

Photo Bomb / Cakes

So I have been checking out photo poses to see what is going on  with photographers lately.  I ran across this one!!!HAHA LOVE THIS! Holidays are here which is the time a lot of folks bake. I made this first cake years ago when I worked at the school.  It was amazing, might need to bake it soon. Boston Cream Poke Cake When I was newly married I found out that my then hubby loved  Boston Cream Pie....there used to be a box mix for making it and it was good. I have not seen that  box mix in years but then like I said, I found this....yum. I have also been checking PINTEREST for decorating cakes. My daughters bday is coming up.  This is the only poke cake I have made. But a few years ago I also found dump cakes....something so  very easy. My mom loved the cherry/ pineapple dump cake and I would make it for her and would take it to Thanksgiving. I have made several cherry dump cakes this yr but not one with pi