Honoring a Patriot of the War of 1812

Yesterday I was honored when 
I was asked to photograph a
ceremony honoring a soldier
from the War of 1812.

Captain Henry Compton.

What a cool event. 
I love history and learning
about others family history
was so much fun.

You see I went to school with
the 3rd Great-grandson
of Cap. Henry Compton's,
Mark Compton.

The ceremony starts
in an old family
plot on what was once
the farm of Cap. Henry.
The farm consisted of 400
acres back in his day,  there stands a
sweet little cemetery surrounded
by a handmade stone fence that
has stood the age of time.

Some of the markers were
so worn that you could
not read the names or
dates that was craved into
them many, many years

Within this stone fence rest
Cap. Henry Compton and
some of his family members
including his beloved wife
laying next to him.

Captain Henry was a soldier 
in the War of 1812.

Standing there leaning upon
his marker stands his
flint rifle. Mark has
had it remade for todays
standards, but the outter
covering rested in the 
hands of Cap. Henry.

In attendance was the Color
Guard/Riflemen, President General of
the Society War of 1812,  and 
even author Tony L. Turnbow who
wrote Hardened to Hickory, a 
story about our 7th President 
Andrew Jackson. 

Mark spoke of the life of
his 3rd Great Granddad.

Even had a friend from school,
another Mark come to the 
(blue shirt)

Mark's two young grandsons
were in attendance.

Wreathes from other societies 
were displayed at the marker.

This is Mr. Turnbow, author. 
He spoke a bit about Pres. Jackson
when he was a General in the war and
how brave, hard working men
like Cap. Henry helped to make
this country free.

One of the Riflemen bowing
in honor of Cap.
Henry Compton.

Mark Compton.

Then came the salute by
the Riflemen.

Taps was played.

The Patriot marker
had been laid earlier
in the day but it was
now time for the unveiling.
Mark helped his two
grandsons in what 
to do. 

What an honor.

We took some family pics
after the ceremony.

Then we wrapped up the 
events of the day. 

Thank you Mark and family for
asking me to be a part
of this and allowing
me to document 
this historical event.


Darla M Sands said…
Lovely! ~hugs~ Thank you for sharing.
Ann said…
How nice to be a part of this.
Christine said…
You did a great job!
Liz A. said…
Wow. To know your ancestors like that. Must be cool. And that looks like it was quite the ceremony.
Brian said…
How wonderful you had the honor of doing the photography and memorializing the event for this hero with your wonderful photos.
Jeanie said…
How fascinating and what a remarkable man and event. I loved the photos. Cemeteries are, I find, quite fascinating.
Rhodesia said…
Well done, I agree that is quite an honour. I hope you are well, Diane
Julie Tucker said…
Pam, WOW! What an honor for you to be a part of this Celebration. Thanks for sharing, it seemed like I just got to walk thru a part of American History. Love your work! Your words and photo's are priceless.

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