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Rains Art Day - Halloween

Good morning.... today I am playing along with Rain and friends at Rain's Art Date - Halloween. Pulled some old Halloween pics I painted.  Check out more at~ Don't forget to go back one  post for my regular post  for today. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

Me and the Past

Wednesday I took the day off from  work. Going to work Thursday and  Friday (not my normal day). Friday will be the last day of one of our photographers so I am going in  to work then go with the girls out to lunch to say goodbye.  I needed to run in the Dollar Store to pick something up and I saw the cutest winter hat, that of course I had to  put on. I love when I am in this sort of mood when shopping. I have been known to do silly things.... I saw that, I saw your mouth drop open at that comment!! haha Anyway, after my day yesterday  with the memories and crying spells and after locating the  pics of my daughter in her ballet outfits, I proceeded to look through some pics. I had stuck this in my pics years ago when mom gave it to me. Now I don't know about the size of babies heads but I would say that 12.5 is good! Nice size for covering this awesome brian. haha I kept digging in the pics. Thi

Surprises and Tears

What a day! Had a pretty decent day, no headache. ~UNTIL~ but let me start at the beginning.. A couple weeks ago Mark and I  located 6 plastic large bins of clothes. I have to question why mom thought she needed to hold on to a lot of my nieces clothes. I think she thought that maybe Amber would have a girl so she held on to them. They ranged from 3 months to maybe 12 to 13 yrs.  Question was what to do with them? I did not want to take them to GW. I located a church about 10 mins from my home that said they would take them and what they did not pass out they would send to the mission.  I headed home from work and for some strange reason I cried when I past the hospital.  I have not cried in a couple of weeks so I  don't know what sat that off. I headed to  moms to pick up the bins  but first I opened them just to be sure I was getting what I needed to get. I found baby clothes that I  took out for Everleigh.

The Hermitage - Part 2

If you ever make it to Tennessee you really need to stop in  and visit The Hermitage.  If you like touring old historical homes then you  will love this one.  The below pic is from the  internet. Since we visited at night I  was not able to get any good pics of the outside.  Pic below is of the backside of the house. Both the front and back have really long porches. HAHA...hard to believe I am a  photographer with the blurry pics I put on my blog that I take with my cell phone. Anyway, the blurry pic below is the side of the house that faces the garden and tomb. Here is the grave of the  only non family member  buried in the garden. This  is the grave of Uncle Alfred, a slave of Jackson's.  He was born and raised at the Hermitage and was  a big help in later years to Andrew Jackson.  He was 96 years old when  he past.  When tours were started  at The Hermitage, Alfred conducted them.