Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Note and Art - Major Hall

Good morning all.
I was working on cleaning out the
craftroom a couple of weeks
ago and I ran across this...
so glad I save this stuff.
Written in 1998 by my son!
Blogged showing you my candy dish a few weeks
ago, well here it is on my desk, full!

Centennial Park Art Fair shows twice a year.
Spring and Fall.
I have also blogged in the past about
Major Hall.
This man is amazing with his art.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Just Shooting and Soaking in the Beauty

It's in the air
The crisp mornings.
I love the fall and it is
just now getting started.
Took this pic for my son. He lives
in California and unlike
Tennessee where he came
from, they don't have colors
like this with the changing season.
Now away from the beautiful colors to
a weed I think!
But how amazing a shot this weed
If you look really close you can see a
cluster of Boxelder Bugs on one pod.


I think one of these might become
a framed pic.
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Silver Piggy

It was Braden's birthday last Saturday
and Nana got him a bank for his
Plain silver bank, $5 at Dollar General.
Taped off a section, painted it black and
with white sticky letters for scrapbooking
I put his initials on the black.
Turned out so cute.
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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Christmas Candy Dish

Clay pot...
Paint it brown
Then using...

white and black craft paint,
paint some really cute eyes.
you will see in a minute
what I did with the pipe
The red pom pom.....

These items make the most adorable
Christmas Candy Dish for
my desk.
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Red Days Before Christmas Plate

I took a charger plate like
this one, only red and not
Sprayed the center of the plate with
chalk board paint.

Plastic crafting Christmas lights,

Some E6000 glue..
(love this stuff)

Gray paint.

And the finished project.

But how would my daughter and the
boys keep up with the chalk?
A box on the back to hold it....

This should work great!
I have a plate holder to sit
on the counter.
Entering Catch as You Can over
on Gail's blog,
My Repurposed Life
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Tis the Season......for Birthdays for Me...

Those birthdays for my
range from
Sept - Braden
Oct. - Caleb
Nov. - DJ.
My daughter and mother
have birthdays in Dec.
But for me the boys are
the ones that
I work the hardest..
I started when Caleb was born
in making his cakes and decorating
them specially for him.
When DJ and Braden came
along I had to do the same for
This was the 3rd (since Braden is the
youngest) request for a Spongebob Cake.
Spongebob was excited for the birthday
so he jumped out of the water!

Braden loved his cake.
Waiting for the gifts so he
could start opening them.
DJ wanted to help.
Both peeking in to see what
nana got him.
His own little piggy bank.
On to the next.

Nana also got him some
movies since he is home
during the day while
the other two are in school.

Over to the play ground.
DJ just came off the slide.

Oops....Braden on the ground.
At 4 he is still in that running stage,
no walking for him!

Caleb showing me how stronge
he is.
My fellow saying he can still do
that at 52 and
me telling him to get up
there and prove it!

Not bad for an old man!
The toys...
a dragonfly!

Isn't he handsome?

Of course he had to take my
pic too.

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