Tis the Season......for Birthdays for Me...

Those birthdays for my
range from
Sept - Braden
Oct. - Caleb
Nov. - DJ.
My daughter and mother
have birthdays in Dec.
But for me the boys are
the ones that
I work the hardest..
I started when Caleb was born
in making his cakes and decorating
them specially for him.
When DJ and Braden came
along I had to do the same for
This was the 3rd (since Braden is the
youngest) request for a Spongebob Cake.
Spongebob was excited for the birthday
so he jumped out of the water!

Braden loved his cake.
Waiting for the gifts so he
could start opening them.
DJ wanted to help.
Both peeking in to see what
nana got him.
His own little piggy bank.
On to the next.

Nana also got him some
movies since he is home
during the day while
the other two are in school.

Over to the play ground.
DJ just came off the slide.

Oops....Braden on the ground.
At 4 he is still in that running stage,
no walking for him!

Caleb showing me how stronge
he is.
My fellow saying he can still do
that at 52 and
me telling him to get up
there and prove it!

Not bad for an old man!
The toys...
a dragonfly!

Isn't he handsome?

Of course he had to take my
pic too.

Thanks for stopping in,



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