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From Ugly Rock to Cute Design

Rocks, Rocks, and more Rocks... Easy to find, pick them up just laying around or do like I did with these, buy a bag at Lowes! Last night I wanted to do something crafty but since its been a while I really did not want to dig a lot of stuff out so I decided to paint on rocks. I love the Dream one.
Oh alien!
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

House Sitting Part 3 - The Birds

I have covered the dogs, the horses and now THE BIRDS! TJ A bigger bird. Mouthy to say the least. He was sitting on his cage in the master bathroom. And yes, my brother told me that he was flying again and would not have his wings clipped till the next week. TJ is usually really vocal, but being back in the bathroom he was not. And I loved it.
He stayed back there all day Saturday till Saturday evening. I had friend come out to hang on the deck with me for awhile. That is when MOUTH came into the great room and started being vocal. LOUD screams! And he got the other bird Lola all stirred up. He sat on the top of her cage and I really don't think she is fond of him. Opps, that is Dakota my dog messing with Lola. All of the bird pics are older pics since I failed to take any of the birds pictures while I was there this last time.

Anyway....Lola was upset and TJ was enjoying. I tried to get him to jump on my shoulder so that I could take him back where he needed to be and h…

House Sitting Part 2

Two more of the buddies I had hanging with me Saturday while I house set for my brother Ray. This is Jack. Jack is 30 years old and hanging in there. He wandered up to the house while I was sitting outside and decided to drink out of the birdbath. Do cute looking up from the birdbath and around the birdfeeder. This is Misfire. She wandered up behind Jack and came over to see if I had anything to feed her.
Isn't she pretty? Course I notice that Oakley and Moose made it in this pic also. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

My Weekend House Sitting - Part 1

If you ever have read any of my earlier post you will learn that I use to do a lot of house sitting for my brother Ray. They traveled a lot when my nephew raced and then after that I would sit for family vacations. I have to limit that to weekends now and not through the week, working and driving out there and dealing a lot of time with fibro pain I just can't do what I use to do. I went out this past Saturday, early and stayed the night till around noon on Sunday. Here are a few of the buddies I had hanging with me during my stay. Maggie, the newest addition to the family. Maggie was the only pet to a guy that worked for my brother. He was in a accident about a month ago and died, Maggie was taken in by my sis in law. She is shy and still adjusting. The other dogs accept her with no problem but she is somewhat intimidated by them. MAGGIE

Isn't she so pretty? Now this one kept me laughing. He would be the youngest of the bunch. Still a puppy at 2.5 years old. OAKL…

Painting Rocks

Many years ago I found a website for a woman who painted on rocks. She does some great work. I was inspired to paint a rock. LOL... Not fancy like she did but a rock to express my feelings at work. It is my paperweight that is not used for the purpose. It just sort of sits here on my desk. This would be my version of a 1/2 moon. And if the day is bad you will see that paperweight flipped to reveal a full moon!
But I have been seeing on PINTEREST where it seems to be a big thing now. I saw these on PINTEREST about a year ago and painted them. The BEE! THE LADY!
and another LADY!
So the other night I had a burst of energy for about 5 minutes and this is what I came up with. Nothing special. These are really little so so I think I will put magnets on them.
My aunt Donna likes this one so I will fix it up to send to her.
And NO this 1/2 moon does not have a full on the flip side!
Thanks for stopping in, Pam

The Old Do and the New Do

When I was young I wore my hair below my shoulders. It was after having my first child that I think I took to wearing it shorter. Over the years, that shorter has gotten even shorter! Until June. I started to let it grow. Finally it was at a length that was driving me nuts. And since I don't like to spend time on it I was debating on cutting it off again.

Course you have to keep in mind that once upon a time it was not as thin, or gray for that matter. 1981- Spring Curls and there was not anything called a spiral perm. This was full kink!
Oh to look back on that is so funny. Last Thursday I headed to Heads Up where Kelley works. She has been cutting my hair for a couple of years now. It had been 21 years since I had curl in my hair.. The internet was not even around then. LOL.... wow....things have changed! So, here I am with a loose curl in my hair.

Was still wet in this last pic.
At first I was not sure if I had done the right thing....but the way I look at that is... if not, …

Rings and Things

A month or so ago I found that someone I went to school with was now a silver smith. Yay Tracy. I had her make me this amazing ring... (pictured below). After wearing it a couple of times, I bent it getting in the car. I think that when the I must have squeezed my ring finger with another ring on it into the middle finger where I wore this... Did a pretty number on it. Thanks to Tracy she was able to fix it so I will not be wearing it next to another again... I had also ordered a matching pendant and earrings. Don't they all look great together! I love it. I love wearing black. Awesome job Tracy. Thanks for stopping in, Pam

You Light up My Life.....

I love roaming around in antique and thrift stores and seeing all the cool things that people make lights out of these days. I pulled all these from PINTEREST. I think this one would be cute in a girls room. How about the kitchen or the laundry room?
I have a couple of bird cage like things I am planning on using in the garden this year but you know, this is cool looking.
A bushel basket. That is so cute. Could even stain the wood the color you would like.
Kitchen for sure. This one has the added forks which I would leave off I think.
Kind of like this...looks better without the forks.
I really like this one.
And here they added more.
This is cute also, not lined up like the others.
I want this, only maybe one row over my kitchen sink.
And if you have the space or better yet a tall room this would be amazing.
Also cute.
I see this in a formal dining room. But other than that, I am not really drawn to this one.