Painting Rocks

Many years ago I found a website
for a woman who painted on
rocks. She does some great
I was inspired to paint a rock.
Not fancy like she did but
a rock to express my feelings
at work.
It is my paperweight
that is not used for the purpose. It
just sort of sits here on my desk.
This would be my version of a 1/2 moon.
And if the day is bad you will see
that paperweight flipped to reveal
a full

But I have been seeing on PINTEREST
where it seems to be a big thing
now. I saw these on PINTEREST
about a year ago and painted them.
The BEE!

and another LADY!

So the other night I had a burst of energy for
about 5 minutes and this is
what I came up with.
Nothing special.
These are really little so
so I think I will put magnets on

My aunt Donna likes this one so
I will fix it up to send to her.

And NO this 1/2 moon does not
have a full on the flip side!

Thanks for stopping in,


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