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The Thief

It is so hard keeping the birds fed at my house, the squirrels can clean out a feeder in no time at all. Yesterday I put a piece of bread and oranges out for the birds. But within 10 minutes this guy was at the feeder. I have to wonder, does he just sit in the tree watching for me to put something out or is his smell that good?

I managed to cracked the door open without causing him to run and was able to take these shots of him robbing the feeder. Very skilled thief I must say. After taking a few pics, I must have made a noise that he was able to hear, cause he took off down the deck rail, to the ground, across the creek and up the tree where he sat chewing on his bread.

I was in the kitchen cleaning and doing some things, I tried to keep an eye open for him to come back but he never did. I went off into the living room to clean and in just a few minutes time I went back to the kitchen, only to notice that the little thief had come back and robbed the feeder cleaned!
Poor birds, don'…

My Find

Monday afternoon while driving through my neighborhood I spotted this on the side of the road by the trash. Cute little plant stand. Sturdy and looks good except the top.
And even this is not bad. I have some ideas for this piece but first since it is a cherry color I thought I would see if my Mom wanted it since cherry finish is what she has in the den. If not...we will see what I can do. Thanks for stopping in,

Another Outing Today

Today my friend Theresa and I headed out to go to the ReStore in Nashville but apparently I did not listen to the message correctly on the recording....I did not hear them say they were closed today! Whoops! MLK day. But we found a few things to get into. Saw this as we were coming off the interstate. Just thought it was cute. Since the ReStore was closed we went in this antique store. I love to just walk around looking. I see things that I remember seeing at my Grandma's and it brings a big smile. I took this pic for my brother Mark. He makes really neat things and I saw this and thought of him. Really cool lamp.

Another cool lamp. Amazing the things you can make with other stuff. This one made me laugh out loud. My dad would take us fishing and when we caught a fish, we could put them in a thing like this and lay them over in the water so they would not die.
Never would I have looked at that basket and thought lamp. Bottle....My mom has some old ones like this. Another memo…

My Outing

HELLO! I have been out of commission for a little bit and I owe it all to the FLU! Wow, wicked stuff. I had my flu shot in October and as always I was thinking I was in the clear. NOT this time. I was at work on Friday when it hit.....right out of the clear blue sky. Sunday I went to a walk in clinic and had the SWAB done. It was positive.
Monday the fever was gone. I thought I would be fine then. Tuesday, felt fine, just Iweak. So then on Wed. I went to work. MISTAKE. Two hours later, I was on my way home. I took the rest of the week off. Today is Sunday, I ventured out. Weak, but feeling well. I went to two indoor flea markets. The last one about done me in. But I enjoyed being able to get out. 50 degrees and sunny. Love this, but there is no way I could do my laundry on this. Butter anyone? Make it yourself!

And I am thinking that is way to
much work for me.

                 I would love to have one  
                     of these in my kitchen.

Rig this baby for electric and that would be so cool. When I was grow…

Chocolate Brown Cabinet

Back in the summer I had some remodeling done in my bathrooms. Changing out counter tops, faucets and lighting. This is what the faucet looked like upstairs. This is what it looks like now. Awesome change. This was the counter top and sink before the change. Course if you notice, the cabinet has been painted white. I did that before I decided to change the counter top. I love the counter top but.....I was not so crazy about the cabinet being white. I decided that it needed to be changed. But more on that later. margin-right: 1em;">
This was the light in the bathroom.  And the light now...and yes it looks better with a bulb in that center light! lol With this work done, I just kept looking at that white cabinet and thinking how much better it could look if it was painted to match the counter top. To Lowes I went, grabbed a lot of paint samples, threw them on the counter top and bam it hit me, I had to go with the dark brown and pick up the specs in the counter top.
I am lovi…

The Past and Memories

Do you ever find yourself going through old pictures and from there the memories just start rolling in? Yep, I do it every so often and it just so happens that I did it just the other day. I took this picture many, many years ago, standing at the bottom of the steps looking up to my grandmothers porch. Even at a young age I loved the ivy that was allowed to up and over. I sat on that large porch a many times, gliding on grandma's glider. This next place was where my great grandmother lived for as long as I can remember. My great grandmother left us when I was in the 9th grade. But I do remember her as being so gentle and sweet. Mom and I was in her hometown of Cedartown GA. once, alittle over 20 yrs ago. We drove by great grandma's house and I got out to take a pic. My cousin was there in November of 2011. She took this pic. Love this pic. This is a 4 generation picture of my grandmother, my mom, me and my daughter, Amber. This was taken in spring of 1981. We lost my gr…

The Jar

I read about this on Pinterest a month or so ago, then the other day on Facebook, then yesterday a woman in the office was talking about it.

I decided to do it after reading about it on Pinterest. My jar is ready and I am waiting.

To fill it with my marbles I seem to keep losing? No….

To fill with some sweets I can't seem to get enough of? No….

Now you are probably scratching your head wondering what I am into now. Well I think it is called a memory jar; at least that is what I am calling it. It is where you take an empty jar and fill it through the year with pieces of paper that has "good" things written on it. But it can't be just any ole good things.... This is how it works~
At the end of a given year we will usually catch ourselves saying, "hope next year is better; this was a rough year; next year can't be any worse than this one was….etc". But we have a hard time remembering the good things from that year and the older I get the worse that beco…