Chocolate Brown Cabinet

Back in the summer I had some remodeling done in my
bathrooms. Changing out counter tops, faucets and
This is what the faucet looked like upstairs.
This is what it looks like now.
Awesome change.
This was the counter top and sink before the change.
Course if you notice, the cabinet has been painted
white. I did that before I decided to change
the counter top.
I love the counter top but.....I was not so crazy
about the cabinet being white. I decided that
it needed to be changed. But more on that later.
margin-right: 1em;">
This was the light in the bathroom.
 And the light now...and yes it looks better
with a bulb in that center light! lol
With this work done, I just kept looking at that
white cabinet and thinking how much better
it could look if it was painted to match
the counter top.
To Lowes I went, grabbed a lot of paint samples, threw
them on the counter top and bam it hit me, I had
to go with the dark brown and pick up
the specs in the counter top.

I am loving it.
The doors are painted and new hardware
 ready to put on and to hang. Plans were
derailed when I came down with the FLU
Friday. So what you see is how it still is.
Until I kick this stuff not much will get done.
Thank you for stopping in and please return anytime,


whoa... the bathroom is looking fabulous! love the light fixture.
gosh, I hope you feel better real soon! drink LOTS

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