Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall Sunsets

Evening all~
I love the fall for the colors of the trees and the crisp
smell in the air....
But, in the fall and early winter Tennessee has
the most colorful and beautiful sunsets.
This one was taken the evening before Thanksgiving.
Old Hickory Lake over near the dam.
The ducks flying into the sunset made the photo.
Took this one on my way home yesterday evening.
It was taken on Percy Preist Lake right at the
dam. (I live between both lakes).
Check out those colors.
I got this
as I was driving home. I looked up just in time to pass
the tree in front of those beautiful colors....
AMAZING colors!
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Christmas Photo Shoot

Every year I try a photo shoot with THE KING....
Dakota, and every year he just
will not play along.

Mom really? Do we have to
do this?

Okay enough, I am bored.

                                  I have had ENOUGH!

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holly's Senior Pics niece Holly is graduating from high
school this year. was time for her senior
At the start of doing them, Dad wanted in
on the adventure!
This is so much better. I love it.
Holly and I ventured to the barn. My oldest
brother has the best area for shooting pics
like this. I have done several photo sessions
out there.
Look at that beautiful smile.
This is just aunt Pam messing around
with a pic I took. I set it up in
color pencil. I think it looks so neat.
I love the black and whites.
Isn't she just so pretty?
Lots of props to play around with at
the barn.
This was taken at the edge of the woods where
the wild flowers and weeds had died. Thought
it made an awesome shot.
Just the beginning. We plan on going downtown
to do some shooting next. I will also
be doing some for my nephew Cobi who graduates
this year also.
Congrats guys.
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and Family

The time to be thankful and to spend time with
family. My brother has the most room so we
had dinner there.
I made a homemade carrot cake.
And homemade cream cheese icing!
It was yummy.

Every year I make the stuffed or deviled eggs.
My brothers and nephew love these.

I have the HUGE jar of HUGE pickles.
I prefer dill instead of sweet. So this
baby got chopped up.

The finished product.

This is one reason why I do not cook. I mess up
so much and I don't like cleaning it up.

But I did clean. Looks better now.

Turkey, ham and all the fixings.

The last of the turkey that remained in tack.

Then it was time for family pics.
My younger brother Mark and his
beautiful wife Kim and my sweet
niece Holly.

Course they love to mess around!

My handsome nephew, Chase, his pretty wife, Susan
and my adorable great nephew, Cole.

My oldest brother, Ray and his kids, Chase, Cobi and
the only girl my pretty niece, Paige.

Ray's wife, my lovely sis in law, Lori with her
two children, my niece and nephew Jessica and Sean.

This sweet couple is George and Eva. Lori's mom
and Dad.

My mom.

Ray and Lori.

Ray and Lori with their only grandson, Cole.

The two graduating seniors for 2013!
Holly and Cobi.

And look at this face. This innocent face is what
Thanksgiving is all about.....
A face to be so truly thankful for.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Surgery or a Cold

I had rotator cuff surgery on August 14, 2012.
I had a 100% tear in a muscle, and a 100% tear
in a tendon. Repair consisted of going in and cleaning
up all the trash and and worn areas, grinding of the spur
that had caused the tears, sew up the two tears, anchors
installed in the bone to attach the muscle and tendon
back to the bone. According to my doc's office, what
I had done was equal to a total knee replacement.  
Physical Therapy was to last from 4 to 6 months.
I breezed through major surgery, I breezed through
recovery and I was out of PT in 3 monhts.
The hardest part of it all was being limited
to this sling for 4 weeks.
And having to sleep here for 4 to 5 weeks.
But even 3 months of this was not bad.
I was released to go back to work at 6 weeks with 
the limit of only working 4 hours a day and not lifting over
2 lbs.
Two weeks of that and I am released to go to work
full time, limit 5 lbs.
November 6th, I was released from PT and
on the 9th from the doc's care.
But on November 7th, I woke with a scratchy throat, and
I was leaving that morning for a conference that was
2.5 hours away. After the drive, lunch, sitting in the conference
1/2 a day, dinner and sometime with co workers I was
able to settle down in my room with a really good
sore throat. With luck I was able to find some sudafed
in my purse, enough for that night, and the next
Next day, 1/2 day conference, lunch and drive home
the throat felt better but I had a major headache.
Come Saturday I was sick, coughing, headache,
ears stopped up, chest tight and hard to breath.
I went to Krogers Little Clinic to be told I had
an upper respiratory infection.
I was put on a 6 day round of predisone.
I just knew all was well after that..
I stayed in Saturday, Sunday and since Monday
was a holiday, I stayed in then also in hopes
that I was giving the predisone time to do its
thing before I headed out on Tuesday to the
mountains for another conference.
Tuesday morning, I was off.....and not
feeling much better. I was in the Mts. Tuesday,
Wed., and after a short meeting I was on my
way home on Thursday, which was my last morning
to take predisone.
Friday I woke and felt like CRAP. I stayed home.
Saturday I kept thinking that predisone stayed
in the body and continued to work after you
finished it.....but no such luck.
Sunday morning, I went back to the Clinic.
And only I can go from an upper resp. infection
to a full blown sinus and ear infection.
Antibiotic this time.
Monday, 3am, I woke with a terrible pain in my mid
back and having a hard time to breath.
I went to see my doctors office.
After taking all the vitals, chest x-ray and talking
with the doc we realized that it was not now
an issue with the lungs it was an issue with
acid. Yes, the predisone caused the acid in
my stomach to kick up and that in turn burned
the opening at my stomach and esophagus. That
is why I was having trouble breathing.
Now I am on meds for 10 days to heal that!
Now, let me point out.....I recovered from major
surgery in record time with no issues....
but I have to go through all this because of a
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Monday, November 19, 2012

Shopping with ME

Recently I attended a conference in Pigeon Forge, TN.,
in the Smoky Mountains.
The day hours were spent attending the conference.
But the nights were ours.

My two partners in crime (just a saying)...
the two women I work with love to shop.
I on the other hand do not like shopping!

But I tagged along, what time I was not sitting
in the van driving them from store to store.

I found myself in Kirklands! Oh yeah, my kind of

I try things on!

Like sock monkey hats!

HI there!

From there I went to the cool look...yep, not
doing much for me!

I did go in the dress store cause they told me the
Statue of Liberty
was in there...

Great photo op.
She was a tad short for me.

Loved this apron! Needed
a hat with it.
But it was cute.

I loved this one!

This next pic was taken a couple years ago.
I was at JC Penney's trying on clearance
shoes! Then I added the yellow
brick road.

Party City.

Tried this on at the Womans Show this
past May. Loved it!
Sexy ....

Was at Party City with my mom back a couple
of months ago and I put these on...
had my mom take my pic, I think she
thought I had lost my mind!

So this is what shopping with me is like...

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