Thanksgiving and Family

The time to be thankful and to spend time with
family. My brother has the most room so we
had dinner there.
I made a homemade carrot cake.
And homemade cream cheese icing!
It was yummy.

Every year I make the stuffed or deviled eggs.
My brothers and nephew love these.

I have the HUGE jar of HUGE pickles.
I prefer dill instead of sweet. So this
baby got chopped up.

The finished product.

This is one reason why I do not cook. I mess up
so much and I don't like cleaning it up.

But I did clean. Looks better now.

Turkey, ham and all the fixings.

The last of the turkey that remained in tack.

Then it was time for family pics.
My younger brother Mark and his
beautiful wife Kim and my sweet
niece Holly.

Course they love to mess around!

My handsome nephew, Chase, his pretty wife, Susan
and my adorable great nephew, Cole.

My oldest brother, Ray and his kids, Chase, Cobi and
the only girl my pretty niece, Paige.

Ray's wife, my lovely sis in law, Lori with her
two children, my niece and nephew Jessica and Sean.

This sweet couple is George and Eva. Lori's mom
and Dad.

My mom.

Ray and Lori.

Ray and Lori with their only grandson, Cole.

The two graduating seniors for 2013!
Holly and Cobi.

And look at this face. This innocent face is what
Thanksgiving is all about.....
A face to be so truly thankful for.

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