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Yesterdays Doings

Weather was amazing yesterday,  a tad cloudy but perfect at 70 degrees with no rain, no humidity. 
I was able to get the stool out and seal the painting on it. I am funny about using certain things cause if you are not careful, what you  apply will turn the painting yellow. I decided spraying on a sealer was the best. I got about 5 coats on it. 

One project done and finished.
Had a discussion on FB with  Darla at about making holes in your cabinets.. If you have solid wood cabinets, new cabinets I can understand not wanting to put holes in them. Me on the other  hand have builder grade cabinets that I painted years ago.  Putting holes in them is not an  issue for me esp if it makes my life easier.
I was tired of digging in the cabinet for measuring cups. I have 3 sets.  So a few weeks ago I decided I  needed to hang them.

The 3rd set is stacked in the cabinet....I ran out of doors that was the best  to hang them on. 
This got hung years ago due to the fact it kept getting lost in the  cabine…

Neat Ideas

I am always looking for new ways to help me out around the house.
I don't have an island or room to  install one in my kitchen... I envy you that have one. Here is a really neat idea for plug ins.

But if you don't have that island like me here is another neat way of having that extra juice!

Got that useless space under your cabinet... I have a space like this under my sink.  When I redo the kitchen I hope to add this and get my paper towels off the cabinet. 

Speaking of wasted space in the cabinet. This is the space under your cabinet.

Great idea for cookie sheets.  You can go out and spend lots of money on something like this or pick up a rack like this at Goodwill. Divided racks like this are usually what you find on a desk for dividing  papers....

Or you can invest in having this done  above the oven or microwave. 

Quilts and Stones

Now isn't that the most BEAUTIFUL quilt? I love it. 
My SIL is self taught and does a great job every time. 

These are some she made for  Christmas gifts for her  family. 
This one below is a large piece  of material with the  pattern already printed on it, and Lori has backed it, and quilted it. 

This one she made for her cousin that has breast cancer. The hearts on there are for  Shelia (cousin), Sherry ( Lori's sister) and Lori.  How sweet!

I love Lori's work. I love that she taught herself to do this!
Update on health issues. Yesterday I went to the doc, an apt that was changed from Tuesday to Friday due to the snow. 
I had to talk to her about the pain I have been dealing with this cold winter. 

I have had fibro for 12 yrs now and with each passing year the pain gets more intense.  This winter being the coldest in yrs...the pain


Evening folks... It's still cold around here today but we are having a  HEAT WAVE of sorts,  we made it in the mid 40s!
I had a doc apt that got canceled Tuesday due to snow, rescheduled for today.
I took these pics of the pond at the hospital.   I really love this area.

On FB I ask questions to get others involved. They range for questions like  "what is hanging from your rearview mirror" "What's in your desk drawer" to the on the other night, "if you were to get married now what  would your wedding be like, colors,  themes etc?"... With that question the reply on someones comment was where I told the colors my daughter would be using and how I was having an issue finding a lavender  dress. On that discussing my daughter said I could wear cream. At that point my aunt said she had a dress that was darker than cream.
With all that said and done I rec'd a package in the mail today. It is a beige dress but it will work  perfectly.  Fits great and it's the type of crepey mater…