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Scribble Picnic Theme - Spicy

Morning Blog friends. Today's theme in Scribble Picnic is  SPICY. I went straight to peppers with this theme.  Oil painting of spicy food and spicy woman! Enjoy! You can see more scribble art at ~ Jump over and check out some neat artwork. Thanks for stopping by, 

Bday / Toys/ Animals / Lotion

Yesterday my aunt, my mom's youngest sister turned 64.  Hoping she had a great day. Look at these toys you are  get for your dog... Yep...13 bucks for your  dog to chew up. Dakota would have a hole in that in a matter of mins. Cute....this is for the pets food. Looks like a Mason jar. My baby girl. These are the two newest horses at the barn. Scout and FedEx.  Scout is the black and white. So pretty. This is my friend Tim's baby. I am sort of splitting time with Tim's neighbor in taking care of him since they are keeping Tim in the hospital till Friday. Surgery went well but being that Tim lives alone and can't  change his own bandages they are keeping him. He has to remain pretty still anyway for the graths to take. I had a friend asking me on  FB what I mix for my lotion. I purchase this at Dollar General. 3 bucks to bottles. Great thick lotion. I s

Stealing From Sandra and the H and J!

I threw this together the other day. My daughter is getting married in April  and will be taking the name Howell when  she does. They recently moved and needed something for the front door. I had made this one about a yr ago and  gave it to Amber. But with the wedding/ name change thingy coming up she gave this one back to me. It hangs on my front door right now. Which reminds me that I need to hang my Valentine one up on the door. Will do that  later  today. This morning I am picking up a friend that I have known since high school, he is having a skin graph today on some burns that he got a couple weeks ago. He was cooking hash browns on  the stove, left the room for a few mins to come back to a  flame. Grabbing the skillet and  running to the front door. Burning his hand and  thigh really bad. I went over the other day to check on him. I learned (he has no siblings and parents  are gone) that a cousin was

Death/ Weight/ Reunion/ Bday

Mrs. Bettye Mossack the mother  of a classmate. Mrs. Mossack left this world the other day. Two friends and I went out to the funeral home to  be with Pam, her daughter for  visitation.  Remember this pic. Well this is after I left...I mean I  lost 70 lbs! But of course the whole 70 did not come from the belly area! haha Some came from the face.... and that chin! My journey started just at a yr ago. I weighed in at 210, lost 11 before surgery. On Feb 18 I had the gastric bypass  and dropped the rest.  Another 15 to 20 lbs and I will be happy.  If I couldn't feel any older I attended a meeting this  evening to help plan my class 40th reunion! OUCH! So it is set for July 14 which gives us a few months of planning. A lot of the class members  are on fb so Danny posted this pic as a teaser for all of our classmates! Back row is Charles, Danny, Me on my knees Teri and the lady holding t

Morning Blogland!

Meet Scout.  He is one of the new horses at the barn. He is just plain BEAUTIFUL! Black but he has those amazing  white spots. Him and FedEx are still getting used to their new home and still learning me. I love it when they stop to smell me, like they are taking my scent in. This morning I am on the deck with Lily and Dakota.  Lily is across the deck watching for squirrels and birds. and Dakota is trying to stay warm curled up under the throw next to  his mom.  Rule of thumb, Lily is allowed on the deck if it's 50 degrees or above. Since it was 59 Dakota and I decided to join her.... I had my coffee inside earlier this morning and took my oatmeal out to the deck. Only issue...its a cool 59 degrees with the  wind blowing so the KING and  I will not be lasting long. My oatmeal was cold by the time I finished it!! Yesterday I shared art painted on  tables and fences but today I am shari

Painting the World with Color and Fun

I have been up to just about  NOTHING  when it comes to crafting/painting but I have had two really good days (upping meds must have helped) and  I have been cleaning, sorting, moving  things around in the 2nd guest room. Seriously, no pics but take my word for could not walk in there. So since I am not showing those pics and I have not been  doing anything creative or been out to do anything fun...I  surffed PINTEREST for a blog idea. Check out these cute ideas for picnic tables. My mom is the type of person that don't like this sort of stuff, I on the other hand loves this stuff... and yes, have no issues doing something  like this in my yard.  Lots of work in the above pic.. Not as much work in the below pic. Cute, simple and does not jump out at you as much as the first one. This one is just so adorable (below) esp if you like watermelon! I for one don't have a picnic table for a few